Super-Long Quick Weave Ponytail

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  1. First and foremost I am not sponsored for this review I purchased the hair with my own money!So far no tangling snaggling shedding or clumping together at the ends there is only one very small comb on the pony tail you will need a bobby pin to secure it before you start wrapping the ponytail you’ll also need to bobby pin the wrap around the ponytail or it will unravel on youI honestly don’t have any consThis is better than standard ponytails because it doesn’t have those two combs that can pull your hair out the style is ready for you to do in minutes unlike weaving hair where you have to do all of these techniques to make it layThe hair really looks like some expensive bundles no smell out the packOne thing though if you have really thick hair like 4c types you will have to straighten your hair to the T if you want that slayed look for me personally I used Eco style Argan gel tresseme mousse an got 2 b holding spray my hair is a little thin in some areas so I was able to lay my hair without using a scarf also when your pulling up your hair into a bun make sure that you get it as small as possible for longer hair put your hair into a braid when you secure the ponytail on get a piece of ponytail hair from the back and Bobby pin your braid to the piece of hair this will make it very seamlessThis pony tail can last up to 3 weeks it’s a really good grade of fibers so it won’t get ruff too fast5/5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Get it now before it’s gone

  2. This was really cute and I love how long it is. It fits really nice and was quick and easy to put on. It didn’t last long tho, like 2 or 3 nights. The curls was really pretty tho and it was easy to put on.

  3. I found this to be a good value, BUT, the bangs do not match the poof. I didn’t return the set, I have worn them individually, but I was disappointed that I couldn’t wear the style I had in mind. Even after washing and conditioning, the hair did not match. (sad emoji)

  4. Great if you want something for a special occasion. Hair does frizz after numerous wears BUT it looks great until then. It comes in 3 pieces, 2 small for bangs and sides and 1 large for pony tail. All has clip combs but the sides are very hard to clip due to poor quality of the tiny comb so use bobbie pins to clip. Also pony tail your natural hair pony tail with a thick pony tail holder and not a rubber band so that you may receive a tight fit with the combs and draw string on the ponytail. The mixed pony tail is blonder that it looks and the darker part is more to scalp. Overall I was completely satisfied with the look. Even with the frizz, I still wear the pony tail when I wantnthat afro centric look. I would purchase again in same and different colors.

  5. It’s very soft and have a natural look

  6. My hair is to thin won’t hold on good

  7. I loved the hair. It gave what it needed to give

  8. I did not like the fact that the ponytail the extension sold to the piece you could see the parts it wasn’t for

  9. Versatile and cheap

  10. Good

  11. The Best ! Perfect ❤️

  12. Muy útil para mantener el cabello lacio

  13. This piece is exactly as shown, soft, bouncy curls, good coverage.

  14. I love that I can do work or party with it. I can be elegant as well

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