Spiky Cropped Pixie

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  1. At first opening of the package, I was really disappointed that the wig looks NOTHING like the picture of the product. Not even close. I decided to try it on and play around with it a bit and in doing so I made the decision to keep it. I figured I could trim it and shape it and the color, although not what I was hoping for, wasn’t bad, and for the price if it didn’t work out–no big loss. I should have taken a photo of the wig before I trimmed it but frankly I couldn’t see the front was so long. I took A LOT off the front of this wig. I can’t stand hair in my eyes, especially synthetic hair, so I trimmed those bangs up. However because of the size of the wig, I can adjust the front further down making the bangs appear longer if I want.This wig is BIG. I had to cut the side tabs off–they should have hit at the temples but ended up covering my ears. Also the tightening straps are sewn in incorrectly so they don’t properly hook together unless you twist them. I found them to be useless as they made the back ride up the neck and back of the head because of the way they are installed on the cap. Not using those either. Instead I use a hair cap and a velvet band to hold the wig in place and they work best.The wig has far more dark hair than the silvery gray depicted but the coloration isn’t bad. I ended up washing (with a synthetic wig shampoo and leave-in conditioner) That made it a bit easier to work with but the hair texture is VERY inconsistent. The back is a very stiff texture and has a tendency to flip out away from the neck because of the way the wefts and neckline are made. As you can see in my last photo, the back is very choppy but only on the one side and I did not trim the back at all, YET. But I will be to try and make it lay properly.In the 4th and 5th photos you can kind of see the machine tease and the main cap center point that looks like really fake hair whorl. I will be working that area more to make the hair spikier and more natural looking.One reviewer said this wig is ‘thin’. Not at all. It has a lot of hair in it however the wefts are very widely spaced. Because of that spacing the wig hair tends to get inside the cap so it needs to be pulled back out before wearing. You would think the wig would be cool to wear given all that weft spacing but NOPE, it’s hot–even in an airconditioned house it’s hot to wear.Overall, for the price, not bad if you have the time, patience and ability to work on it, you can make it look pretty good. It is not high quality but it’s also not high cost.

  2. My whole family is impressed with this toy! My daughter has been playing with it constantly since she opened it. I saw it on an Amazon ad and knew she would love it.I did want to share some details to hopefully help out some other parents out there:1. The first time you use the cauldron, it should be charged. The toy doesn’t make a single sound, even when switched on, so we thought it needed to be charged, and only figured out the issue after: the sounds start once you pour the “potion” (jar of water) into the cauldron. The little receptors detect the water and begin the process. There’s no need to worry if you don’t hear a sound before that.2. The “create” mode always has 7 cycles, starting with the potion/water. Add an ingredient, stir until you hear the tapping sound, then tap with the wand three times. That’s the cycle, and after 7 cycles, the mist begins and the magical reveal happens.3. It doesn’t really matter if you add ingredients or not. Once the 7 cycles happen, the cauldron mists and reveals, regardless of whether you added the ingredients or not. The only thing required to start the cycling is the “potion” bottle of water, and you can just stir and tap without any other ingredients just the same. This is great! It means the toy has unlimited playability!4. Once the little magical mixie is revealed after the first use, you can keep using the cauldron to reveal other things. We told my daughter that the special ingredients were mixed into the magical mixie, who now has the magic to help make anything she wants. There’s a little pink box (a little larger than a deck of cards) that snaps into the bottom of the cauldron, and that is how you can “create” anything you want! My daughter has conjured rings, small toys, and even cash for her brothers! Just put the item in the pink box, snap it into the bottom of the cauldron, turn the reset key, and add the potion/water. The magic happens over and over!5. The “create” mode has a mist that helps hide the mechanics of the reveal, and the toy says the mist will work about 5 times. It comes with one mist refill, and you can buy more mist bundled with other spells. The cauldron is just a fog machine, and I am pretty sure regular fog liquid will work in it. I haven’t tried refilling yet, so I’m not sure how difficult the process will be without using their special refill bottle, but I’m going to try. If regular fog machine liquid works, there’s really no need to buy extra accessories at all. Simply refill with fog machine liquid and follow the 7 create modes using the potion/water bottle only.6. The cauldron also has a “spell” mode which is just for adding potion, ingredients, stirring, and wand tapping. There’s no mist and no reveal, and the play continues as long as the child wants. That mode also won’t require any additional refills, though they do sell them and I bought one set. My daughter has not used that mode yet because the “create” mode is plenty long with 7 cycles of mixing and tapping, so she hasn’t felt the need to just do the stirring and tapping alone. She really loves the reveal!7. Lastly, I want to give a shout out about the little mixie toy that comes in the cauldron on the first reveal. It us absolutely adorable! It makes cute sounds, is not too loud, and has several fun features! Using the wand, if you tap the gem on the mixie’s head once, that’s “spell mode” and the gem turns purple. Tap twice with the wand, and it’s in “wish mode” and you can ask for a wish and it will turn green if the wish is granted. If you hold the wand to the gem for a few seconds, the mixie will go into enchantment mode which helps/interacts with the cauldron and is adorable. All that magic uses the mixie’s magical energy, so it can be “refilled” by nurturing/petting, or letting the mixie rest. What an adorable toy!In all, my hat’s off to the creators of this toy. They hit every mark, from originality, to playability, to cuteness. My daughter loves this toy and we are very happy with it!

  3. Fun toy for kids but the menu is hard to run for a child.

  4. Very cute and versatile. They run a little small so I suggested going up a size. Definitely what you pay for, already lost a student but was able to replace family easily

  5. Top section was too brown than I expected, but the ash blonde highlighting was heavier in the lower half, which was pretty. Too little volume on top for my liking, so I’ll be returning. Another negative was some wefting could be seen right side 1-2″ above ear.

  6. I bought this for a holiday party outfit and was beautiful. I didn’t want to wear heels and get tired, but also wanted to wear something cute. Runs a little small. Maybe go half a size or a full size up. If you need a statement piece to your outfit but want to be comfortable, this is a must!

  7. I got this as a Christmas gift for my 6 year old daughter who had seen some kids playing with it on YouTube. It was a huge hit for her and for us, honestly. I had done some research on the toy before purchasing and it really helped when it came time to play so here’s some tips for any of you looking to buy it:It had to be charged BEFORE you can play with it. According to the directions, it takes 2 hours to charge. (It can also run off of batteries if you don’t have time to charge).It will leak! It doesn’t lead a tremendous amount, but I advise setting it on top of a towel because there are holes in the bottom of the cauldron and water does trickle out during the process.The cauldron doesn’t make any noises until you start the spell. This was confusing for me, I thought when we switched to “create mode” it would start lighting up or talking but it wasn’t until we poured the water in and started stirring that it did anything.Hope this helps and hope your little one enjoys!

  8. I have one of these for such a long time, could it be that I did not get a princess phase when I was younger? Possibly. So when the opportunity came for a Halloween costume, I had a idea of being a glamorous night sky, and knew that this was exactly what I wanted. Normally headbands give me a headache, this one did mildly. It was a great quality for the price. I also may or may not be wearing it around the house from now on.

  9. I have been wanting a gray synthetic wig, since I am unable to go gray. Sounds a bit crazy, but I love the new gray styles people are wearing. I really like this wig and have gotten a lot of compliments on it. Some have even thought I was my real hair. Its a little bothersome around my ears as the sides are not cut out enough and if I am not careful it makes my ears stick out. I can wear it all day with ease and it styles very nicely with product.

  10. My daughter and I had fun playing with this as soon as we got it, it’s a little hard to learn at first but does come with easy to read instructions. She really enjoyed catching the different colored fairies. I would recommend catching the first few fairies with them so they can get the hang of it. Does get repetitive pretty quickly though and my daughter seemed to lose interest pretty quick. But all in all my daughter still was really excited to play with it.

  11. I decided to be an angel for Halloween and this headress was gorgeous 😍. I added another band to get it more height. The diamonds dazzled in the lights it was more gorgeous in person. Only downside is be careful where you place it on you head it can make your head sore . So adjust throughout the night. Hope this helps 🙏

  12. Go a size up!!! The shoe is beautiful

  13. It is a bit tight but I have a large skull and tend to be sensitive to pressure headaches so that may be a ME problem. People wouldn’t stop complimenting how it brought the look together. Such a cheap price for something that made the outfit feel really special.I didn’t wear the earrings but they look great.

  14. I bought these for my nieces (14 yrs and 12 yrs). The day after I gifted them their mother sent me a video of the girls using them. They loved them! They enjoyed the music tones and “show” of the creation they made. The girls had actually invited their friends over for it and everyone was laughing and having a great time. They were able to do it without the help of their parents. For younger kids I’d advise some parental supervision and help. Highly recommend for a different kind of gift that is quite enjoyable!

  15. i purchased when it was on clearance at a great price. i got it for a birthday present for my daughter. sadly someone stole it off my front porch. so someone else is enjoying the present and i cant ask for a refund or anything because the card i purchased it with i had to cancel because it was hacked. im sure my daughter would of loved it though.

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