Side-Parted Quick Weave Style

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  1. I loved the quality of the hair, since the last batch I used (wet and wavy) was a weave from hell…. frizzy, tangled, dull, just horrible. I appreciated that it doesn’t tangle, and is easy to style. The biggest problem I have is that the bundles are skimpy, and you must use all four bundles to get a full head of hair. My hairdresser used three bundles and it’s very thin on the ends, without much bounce or body. I have done the best with it, but will definitely use my four bundles next time.

  2. This is my second time buying this particular unit. The first one was so nice, but I was new ai handling the delicate type of lace. So I decided to get another to try out my new skills. But unfortunately though the unit is same one had I brought previously it’s not the same. You can’t part it anywhere you like because the rows are so crazy, plus a lot of was sewn in such a way that a lot of short hair pokes out in different spaces. Another issue was that the neck on the unit was super long so that it comes way down on my neckline. Therefore now I can’t wear it in a updo because it looks crazy in the back. I wished I had looked at it right after my purchase, but often I buy a new unit way before I need it. So now even if I could return it for another unit it’s too late, because I altered it just to make it somewhat wearable. So customers beware, always check your unit right after you receive it. Thanks.

  3. The media could not be loaded.  I love it I would use it again but due to customer service I wouldn’t buy…..if u tryna get a bouncier look I suggest flexy rods 🥰 beware that the sellers will literally bug u and try n convince you to do a review with a video and offer to send u more hair… they will even let you pick the hair …yes they sent hair but not what they told me they were sending..they will send you free hair that absolutely nobody would want nor can they do anything with and after u leave the review they ghost you. Evern begged me to change my 4stars to 5 n I had to explain I’m a honest reviewer n the hair is not 100% human. It was frustrating but the hair is fine …I tried putting heat in it n that didn’t wrk out so no it’s not Brazilian however it’s ok for a quickweave.

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    Amanda Blackmere July 5, 2022 at 00:00

    Good quality, quick shipping, looks cute! No complaints at all

  5. This hair is great!. Great quality, smooth and soft and easy to manage. Definitely worth the money!

  6. The media could not be loaded.  This is definitely a wig u can wear multiple times only thing is I misread it I thought it was human hair but other than that I loved it!!

  7. Hair was soft came with 4 bundles. Bought it for my 13 yr old . Turned out good.

  8. You really get more than you pay for with this wig. I just received this unit so I have not done anything to it, just tried it on and it’s not bad. The hair looks natural and a good find for what it cost. It has a natural looking part and lays flat on my head dispute my fat cornrows. I can’t really leave a full review because I haven’t worn it yet but so far I like it. Better so far than the other ones I bought for more money.

  9. I didn’t like that the closure. The texture was course and no curl pattern was dull also. I will have to make my own. The rest was wonderful, will buy again.

  10. Perfect wig for when I want to have hair (lost mine to chemo). The waves on this wig look a lot like my natural waves. The only thing I don’t like is that I feel that the part doesn’t look very natural. But to solve that, I just wear hats with it! Just makes me feel a little more normal until my own hair grows back! If you’re looking for something on a budget I highly recommend it!

  11. I love this hair

  12. Easy to use

  13. Love the hair soft putting a 27 piece in your head is work so be ready to take yo time trust it is enough hair for your head no matter how big or small you think you’re head is it lays beautiful so trust the process I love it

  14. Love this hair. I would buy again just in a longer length.

  15. The wig is extremely gorgeous, but you CAN tell it’s a wig from the top. I purchased this to wear with a beenie, and thank goodness I did. I don’t think you can wear this without some type of head covering, but it does turn heads. So pretty!

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    Glitzy girl's momma January 23, 2023 at 00:00

    This hair is very soft and gives a natural look. The curls last through rain and humidity. I am very pleased with this hair.

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