Original Nokia Lumia 1020 4G Wifi NFC 32GB 41MP Dual Core Unlocked Windows Phone

Nokia Lumia 830 / GSM Unlocked / Black / 16GB

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Original Nokia Lumia 1020 4G Wifi NFC 32GB 41MP Dual Core Unlocked Windows Phone
Original Nokia Lumia 1020 4G Wifi NFC 32GB 41MP Dual Core Unlocked Windows Phone


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Specification: Original Nokia Lumia 1020 4G Wifi NFC 32GB 41MP Dual Core Unlocked Windows Phone

Product Dimensions

5.1 x 3 x 0.4 inches

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



Microsoft Windows

Wireless communication technologies


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Rear, Front

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Adapter, USB Cable



Date First Available

September 27, 2016


Dual Core, Octa Core

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    After watching some youtube videos, I was convinced to purchase the Nokia XR20. It’s nice not to have to worry about your phone. This thing is indestructible. The videos show all kinds of abuse, and as Timex used to say – Takes a Lickin’, and keeps on Ticking.

    November 26, 2022
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    This is a great responsive little tablet for the money. They would have hit the perfect mark for the price had they considered the live wallpaper option in the firmware which is not included. That seems like a pretty obvious oversight since every Android device I’ve ever had in the last 5 years has had live wallpaper support in the operating system

    October 19, 2022
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    M. J. Frideres

    It’s a rugged phone, so that’s a bonus, the battery has good life, and it seems to get decent 5g reception. The screen is large and has a good display.My biggest issue with this phone is the camera, it takes great photos under good lighting conditions, but terrible photos under anything other than ideal lighting, and the flash is really pathetic. I’ve tried different settings, but it just doesn’t take good photos. I’ve had rugged phones from Cat, Ulephone and a couple others, and this phone has the worst camera by far.

    October 11, 2022
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    Paul J. Weiland

    This tablet has everything you need. It does everything my Samsung S20 phone does and it does it big enough that I don’t get eye strain or “fat-fingeritis”. It loads sites and games fast connected to my wifi similar to the load times of my Ryzen 9 5900X with 32GB of RAM server unit. The screen is crisp and clear and the camera works very well for video calls and normal photography. The colors are very true to life and the touchscreen is incredibly responsive. I have recommended this tablet to many friends and family as an alternative to Samsung and other name brands that are selling for 3-4X the price. You can’t go wrong with this gem.

    September 30, 2022
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    After lots of research on rugged phones, I chose this primarily due to Nokia’s two year free warranty, free OS and security updates for three years, and brand reputation.Battery life is excellent, and it is not as heavy as some other rugged phones. Android One software is awesome, but the reason I decided to return it is important. Any time the phone is in my pocket, whether it be at the grocery store, walking to the car, and riding my bike, the phone unlocks and starts dialing numbers. The last straw for me was it dialing 911 while grocery shopping. Since I have a sim card lock code, and a screen lock code, I have to assume that the touch screen is too sensitive.If you don’t need to carry it in your pocket, I highly recommend, but my two previous Motorola’s did not exhibit this behavior.

    September 4, 2022
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    Emanuel mkonyi

    This phone is not working, no network at all

    August 8, 2022
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    I bought this to replace an older Nokia Windows phone I have been using as an MP3 player. That phone was awesome. It had inventoried all my songs. It kept a complete list of artists, albums and individual songs. Not only that, but it kept a list of about fifteen of the last played selections I had listened to. Sadly the charging port of that poor phone had become worn out and it no longer charged. I bought this one which is a newer model than that one, thinking, “Hey newer is typically better right?” Regrettably, no, no it is not. This one will not inventory the songs, or when it does, it seems to lose that information within a couple of days. This phone likes to spend a lot of time resuming. Luckily it does keep the albums, and song, but not the artists for some odd reason. And there is no played history. As far as the phone goes, I have no idea, I did not load it with a working sim chip.

    August 5, 2022
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    No body uses that phone any more. Still working fine. New battery replaced. Excellent Camera.

    June 20, 2022
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    Donovan Daley

    The phone is essentially nothing but a digital camera at this point. You can’t sign into your Microsoft account for apps or any type of syncing.

    May 11, 2022
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    Likes: This tablet is very fast and very responsive, light weight, it has plenty of GB for apps and a Micro SD expansion slot for up to 512 GB. It has a long-lasting battery per charge. It has a built-in radio tuner that uses wired earbuds for the antenna. This could be important if you’re in an emergency situation and need to know what’s going on around you. It has a USB Type C charger/connection but it lacks fast charging.Dislikes: For as many speakers as this has, the sound/speakers should be better. The cameras are so so. Some people like stock Android, but being used to Samsung tablets, I like more functionality for more personalization. The Night Light feature is too beige/green. It feels awkward to always press the power button at the top of the tablet to awaken the screen. It’s hard to find good cases for this tablet. Get a case directly from Nokia…they make one with a lid and one without a lid that are very nice. Otherwise the Fintie brand case for this particular tablet is decent. I wish an origami-style case existed for this tablet. I’ve searched just about everywhere and there’s not one to be found.Overall: It’s a very good tablet. Use Honey to be reminded of price drops. I got mine for $174.99.After using this tablet for a few months, I can say that I’m very happy with it. I later bought a Fire HD10 Tablet to compare it to the Nokia t20 and I like the Nokia t20 much better. The Nokia t20 is super fast. In one of the paragraphs above, I mentioned that being used to Samsung Tablets, I like the functionality that allow for more customization. Well, I’m over that. This tablet is very customizable. One just has to learn how to do the desired customizations on this tablet which is different to what I was used to.

    April 6, 2022
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    Amber Guy

    I HATE THE ITEM i was going to use it for work but i cant because it deos not have a sim card and to do anything you need a sim card

    February 24, 2022
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    Screen came on. Wouldn’t let me put email addresses in it. Sent back.

    April 6, 2021
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    Benjamin Hernandez

    If you don’t bother windows phone, this is the best cellphone ever created.Update 11/5/2018The cellphone is working great. Gorilla glass has an amaizing quality, I have never pasted any protective sticker and it has no scratch on it, I use it roughly every single day. The battery is still charging almost completly. Hardware is working perfectly on this one, but I have seen there some refurbished phones sold, I got one of those previously, it is a shame they are very bad quality.Windows phone is still functional for my academic purposes, but Facebook, Messenger, and Twitter no longer works, I use all of them with the explorer browser, it’s ok for me. Hopefully Whatsapp is still working, though it doesn’t have all the functions Android version has. UBER core functions work propperly. For me Windows apps are just enough for my needs.The 41 mp camera had been just the best ever till Hauwei 20 pro, I might migrete to this one once my Nokia 1020 dies.

    May 17, 2017
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    Over the last few weeks I’ve been using the Nokia Lumia 920 as my daily phone. Initially I was somewhat underwhelmed with the 920 due to the increased weight compared to the 8X. However that issue was adjusted to within less than a couple of hours and then the enjoyment started. With the Lumia 920 it is the little things that tend to mount up into an inescapable love for the machine. For me these were items such as; increased battery longevity, rock solid construction, sunlight readable screen that can be operated with gloves on (very useful for winter out door ebook reading), large storage capacity (32Gb).I do feel that there are issues that still need to be addressed like the lack of a queued notification system, but if Microsoft can address that in the near future then the OS is fully viable.Windows Phone 8 as an OS continues to be a joy to use. It’s fast in operation and so much smoother and better integrated than Android, with no concerns as to being infested my malware or applications going rogue. The Live Tiles always keep me up to date with critical information and the system offers a common interface which looks good. Yes there is still the issue of apps that are not available on the platform, but for me that is now down to only one app – Instagram – and a third party viewer meets most of my needs for that.The social integration native to the OS means that I’m actually keeping more up to date with friends and family than I was when using Android and the system feels much more ‘together’ with a better flow of information.The camera on the 920 is good enough for me to stop carrying a compact camera on family outings, as it is more than sufficient for my photographic needs.

    May 11, 2017
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    _A Foufkin

    This is my third Nokia Phone. I just like Windows Phones, they do a great job for what I need, and the apps/programs that I need work very well.The screen resolution is very good and the camera is amongst the best (probably the top 3) cameras on any Phone.As for the size, I was a bit concerned however I got used to it in no time. There is nothing bad about that phone except the photo zoom which does not track very well, in that when I zoom in it works great, when I pan the zoomed image it drags and returns to the original zoom view.I would recommend this phone to any one who wishes to spend a third the amount you would for an I Phone 6 Plus Or the Samsons 5 and 7.

    November 28, 2016
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    Non_Profit Pres

    Phone delivered on 2/14/2016 and developed unexpected problem on 8/2/2016.  Nokia Lumia 920 32GB Unlocked 4G LTE Windows Smartphone w/ PureView Technology 8MP Camera – Black  Great phone and appreciate the many features that make it a pocket office. I run a Hotmail, Outlook, Outlook Exchange (Business), OneDrive, Business OneDrive Dropbox and personal Cloud server. A It has a Great Wells Fargo App and can do encryted VPN. Internet sharing is available but blocked by reseller Tracphone. (They want you to buy their Straight Talk WiFi hotspot. Tracphone and StraightTalk same company). This was a replacement for an annoying Android phone that lasted less than a year also. Only real drawback is the lack of applicatons that every Windows Phone user should let their favorite stores or site know are needed. Amazon does not have a Windows phone either and biased toward Android (Goobgle). My only reason for the low rating is the unexpected screen blanking problem. It appears the phone still thinks it is charging or doesn’t have enough power for screen. It also only blanks the main screen area and displays the header (signal bars, WiFi, battery level) and bottom navigation keys. My wife liked mine so much she wanted one also. Hers is still working fine. As another customer complained, after the screen times out, neither the double tap wake-up or pressing the power button returns screen. I found that applying power brought screen back and as long as the screen is up there are no isses. Otherwise a four star rating. I will be contacting Nokia on any warranty as phone is needed for work.This is the Breed reseller’s, fulfilled by Amazon, response when it comes to warranty:”Please check with the manufacturer as for any U.S. Warranty is voided. Furthermore, once you purchased your device, you will be given 60 days for a refund and 90 days for an exchange. Any physical or water damages void your warranty with us.”

    August 3, 2016
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    S Taylor

    NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ALL USA LTE BANDS !!!Beware!!! This device will not give you an LTE connection on AT&T in the USA.The add that linked my to this purchase indicated it would work on US bands, don’t be fooled.You’ll need to get an unlocked AT&T brands version to get it to work on LTE in the USA, and then have to deal with the bloatware.Phone is Great, the camera is AWESOME, and unlocked with little or no bloatware is incredible. if I could only get one like this with the US bands. . . it would be perfect and a 4 – 5 stars

    March 3, 2016
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    I bought this phone to replace a 928 (that I love, love, love) because I broke my screen for a SECOND time in six months. It’s cheaper than replacing the screen ($130) and a cheaper and a better Windows Phone than what Verizon is currently offering (in my opinion). I really wish I had thought of this before I had the screen replaced six months as I was never completely happy with it. It never really ‘sat’ right and and I had to get it adjusted a couple of times to fix the problem of not being able to hear anything on phone calls.Anyway… the phone is brand new in the original box. It is unlocked. Registering and activating it with Verizon was a simple process and rebuilding it to where my old phone was was just as easy. I was going to go into the store to do that, but I’m glad I decided to do it myself. It is a Windows 8 phone, and I had to do two updates to get to 8.1. My photos from my old phone were backed up on One Drive, and I can access them quickly directly through the app. That doesn’t work as well using the One Drive icon in the Photos section. Also had my texts and contacts backed up so transferring them to my new phone was also much easier than I thought it would be.I also bought a better case so hopefully, I won’t have to do this again!!It’s a great deal. Buy it!

    December 10, 2015
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    Your Best Interest

    I’m not the greatest at organizing things, but I try to touch on things in order of personal relevance and I think I touch a little on everything. I hope this helps!I have used androids for five years. My entire family used Galaxies and then moto x’s from day one. However, android lacked the Microsoft flare and efficiency I had come to appreciate from their computers – so this last summer, I took some of my saved up money and bought an unlocked version because I would be living overseas in the near future. I bought the phone and it actually arrived approximately two weeks before the estimated receiving date (very impressed!)Mind, I had done a fair bit of research over what to expect from this phone running Windows 8.1 and the app selection as well as the camera performance. There ARE conflicting sources saying that you can use this phone with Verizon. Please do not listen to them. They are the worst trolls imaginable. When I received this phone, it took me several weekends of nonstop speaking with people at Verizon to see if they could find a way around their GSM incompatibility but to no avail. After 13 long years as their customer, I waited for my contract to wear out and went to straight talk for the remainder of my time in the US.It worked flawlessly on the AT&T network (don’t bother with T-mobile, many other reviews have already explained why) and I can receive – for those who are unfamiliar – E, H, H+, and 4G network bands. It has been difficult to differentiate between them, but from what research I’ve done, it appears that E corresponds to 2G (garbage, but rare), H is essentially 3G, H+ is the oddball and can be as quick as 4G or about as slow as 3G depending on signal strength (personal observations: don’t take my word for it) and, well, there’s 4G. I can barely tell the difference between 4G and LTE, so don’t worry that much about it. Most anywhere in Wyoming with buildings will receive H+ or 4G, and the AT&T data map suggests that it is significantly better in other, more populated states.The interface is very — and I mean /very/ — polished. The GUI and OS in general are clearly a labor of love. The battery life is astounding: 30 hours on a single charge while on automatic screen brightness adjustment settings and with regular (albeit brief) texting and reddit app use. Which brings me more specifically to the app market; whereas you will find just about everything that you would ever want these days, with the notable exceptions of snapchat and chromechast/google applications in general, you will have access to all else (sometimes through the use of 3rd-party apps like audiocloud for soundcloud which has a slightly older-looking interface but functions just as well.) Given, some apps like the one for Facebook are remarkably ignored (no updates since march of last year besides inclusion of Messenger) they will certainly be present and usable. Further, google announced at yesterday’s (10/6/2015) tech conference that they would be bringing several of their apps (chromecast included, supposedly) to the Microsoft store, so improvements are always being made.The camera is extraordinary in that I’m used to Samsung’s standard 10 MP or moto’s 5 MP and rear either .8 or 1.2. I am able to take some incredible pictures due to the exceptional quality of the lens and pixel count. Audio is also incredibly customizable — Groove Music may not be as good as google music in offering free mix stations, but it is certainly organized better and prices are generally comparable and the audiojack plays well with all headsets. In fact, I would say that for a phone, the performance is phenomenal. Unlike my galaxies or moto x (’14), I can tell the difference between 124 kbps and 320 kbps. External speakers can be VERY loud if you want them to be and songs are crystal clear as long as they aren’t 75% bass. The only thing I might be disappointed in is the generally too-quiet external speaker for when you’re using your phone as, well – you know – a phone. Even maximizing the volume does little. I highly recommend using the free earbuds that come with this phone and the integrated speaker. It’ll save you a lot of stress trying to hear people (but really only is this ever a problem when you’re in a crowded place.) Speakerphone works, too, and the phone’s mic seems to have very acute hearing even from a distance of 5 meters.Being the clutz that I am, I had dropped it several times before the case arrived (for the love of everything good, order the case before the phone arrives) on a hard, cement floor at work from approximately four feet up. Nokia still lives up to its stereotype of being nigh unbreakable: not a dent or scratch anywhere on the darn thing. That being said, get the darn case or you /will/ eventually break your phone. Gorilla Glass only goes so far. I bought a hybrid hard plastic / gel case with a little flip-out stand, the Amzer Double Layer Rugged Hybrid Case Cover with Kickstand for Nokia Lumia 1520 and it has saved my phone at least a dozen times. (Remember when I said I was clumsy? I meant it.)I don’t actually own an xbox, but my room mate does and he absolutely loves the integration between windows phone and his console. He can walk on into a room with groove going and as long as his bluetooth is on, it will automatically start playing the same song from where he left off if he fiddles with the settings a little. Finally, a comment on Cortana: if you live in the US or UK (I think? If it’s only the us, just set your region to the US when you first set it up and it’ll work fine, assuming your accent isn’t too severe) then your always-listening personal data assistant is pretty much exactly what I’d want in a science fiction world – it’s making its way toward quasi-sapience. The voice actor is great and reminds me of EDI of Mass Effect or, well, Cortana of Halo, obviously.If you have the money, buy this phone! Assuming you don’t feel like shelling out double this price for a 950xl or just waiting for any potential successor. Still a great buy, especially with WP10 coming out so soon. All pictures included were taken directly following the last time I dropped it without a case.

    October 7, 2015
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    Tim Collins

    I have read many of the reviews from others about this phone not being unlocked. I ordered one anyway and mine was unlocked. I believe this is a seller issue. Now onto the phone, this is a fairly powerful phone for the price and it has expandable memory which is quite nice. Mine came with AT&T branding and of course their bloatware. The bloatware is easily removed and the phone is working just fine. I also read some reviews that stated the phone wasn’t new. Again, I think this is a seller issue, my phone came in mint condition in with a charger in a Nokia 635 box with instruction book. The wrapping over the phone even included the unlock code just in case something should happen and the phone should lock.Pros:Cortana is great, helpful, and funny. She is more robust than Siri and features a more natural sounding speaking voice. She still has some hiccups, but she is very useful. If you are bored, ask her to play the movie game. Need some entertainment? Ask her to sing a song.MS Office integration is a huge plus especially when it comes to revising reports on the go.The Store has some nice apps in it. I shied away from Windows phones for quite some time after being told they didn’t have many apps, but I am impressed with the selection offered.Fast phone for the price. This phone won’t compete with the latest Galaxy S6 or IPhone, but if you don’t need run multiple windows or apps at the same time, then this phone is perfect.Connect with your Microsoft account. You can connect with your Microsoft account and access documents that you have stored in the cloud, very useful if you are trying to work on the go.The battery life on this phone is impressive, but it can vary depending on what apps you are running. Nokia is known for their battery life and this one doesn’t disappoint. On a normal day, this phone will last all day and late into the night. This is based on moderate web usage, media streaming, and phone calls.Cons:5MP camera isn’t bad, but it lacks a flash. No front facing camera for Skype.The Store, some apps are good, but others are downright ugly. There are a few apps that it seems like developers forgot.Screen seems to scratch easily. I had the phone in my pocket and it managed to get a few minor scratches. They don’t affect the display, but they look bad in the light.If you are looking to upgrade to Windows 10 when it comes out, you need to make sure that the phone is running Denim not Cyan as this one does. Depending on your carrier, you can upgrade to Denim immediately upon receiving your phone. Ask your carrier about this or do a quick search online.The Bottom LineIf you are looking for a phone that is like old faithful, then this is for you. If you need the latest and greatest hardware and IOS, then this isn’t for you. This phone doesn’t offer the customization of an Android, so if you like the idea of playing around with the design, skip this phone. For the price, this phone performs above what I would expect. It’s a shame that these phones haven’t quite caught on because they certainly have earned their spot in the market.

    September 28, 2015
  • Avatar

    J. Pearson

    Nokia Lumia 635 is an okay to good phone for an entry level Windows/Smartphone. This had Windows 8.1 on it and functions well. Allows for basic needs of calling, texting, email, internet, and apps. Only issue is to beware of the seller in the marketplace even if it is fulfilled by Amazon. The listing here mentions “Unlocked GSM 4G LTE” but some sellers just send AT&T GoPhone which are locked to the AT&T network. If the seller sends a genuine UNLOCKED mobile/cellphone then it will work on the 4G LTE networks in the USA. The 4G LTE network in the USA usually is the 1900 band which this phone is capable.Pros on the phoneA. Fast boot upB. Apps are fairly niceC. Feels sturdy in the handsD. Not a gigantic feel like some phonesCons of the PhoneA. Cortana keeps popping up even if you don’t want to use it (This depends on your preference)B. Transfer Data from old Nokia phones requires an app, simple bluetooth transfer/sync didn’t work with our older Nokia phones.Overall, mostly satisfied for a basic Windows Nokia phone. The main point is beware and conscious of the seller in the marketplace, even if it is “Fulfilled by Amazon”. The seller that was fulfilled by Amazon was “Reliable Communication” and it was an AT&T GoPhone not completely unlocked.EDIT: As I continue to monitor feedback on my reviews and the comments I left on seller, I noticed my seller review was deleted. So this confirms my advice about being cautious on who you choose. “Reliable Communication” seller I would steer clear from completely. Very shady seller. Choose a seller who has had good feedback and a long positive history even if “Fulfilled By Amazon” is there. Phone still works good as a basic entry level Windows phone. Nothing more.

    September 12, 2015
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    Be warned: you are not buying a “new” phone here. I bought mine from the seller named “STEWART MARKETING”. The phone was advertised as new, in sealed packaging. What I received was generic Nokia packaging with no mentioning of the actual device model (the box just says “Nokia Mobile Device” on it, and looks nothing like those nice boxes you see in YouTube “unboxing” videos for this phone). I then entered ##634# and saw the Lifetime counter at 1:50:34, meaning my device WAS ALREADY USED by someone else. I can see no scuffs or scratches as the other reviewer here, but the power supply I received with the phone is worn dirty, and the USB cord is covered with a messy white substance. All this makes me think it is a factory refurbished device (it looks like a factory refurb and not like a repackaged used unit), but what it certainly isn’t is new.Also the listed specs are wrong for this phone; it does NOT support the many LTE bands advertised, and ONLY works at 3G speeds with AT&T SIM card.Now the device itself is another matter; it’s nice and dandy. The Windows Phone 8.0 OS is just meh (can’t even adjust brightness quickly without going into the app menu and settings), but the latest update should bring it to WP8.1, which is very nice and very usable.

    August 30, 2015
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    Ehab Helmi

    Lumia 1520 by far exceeded my expectations. To date, it is the most powerful smartphone hardware developed. Windows Phone snugly fits my needs from a smartphone OS, mainly because of its seamless integration with Microsoft Office suite which my work depends on, unifying the same look and feel across all the Office suite.

    July 31, 2015
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    This phone, in and of itself, is a great phone. However, It’s an unlocked phone from Verizon that I wanted to use with my AT&T service. Everything works great except I cannot send or receive mms texts (picture texts and group texts). So words of warning to AT&T users who want an unlocked phone – don’t purchase a Verizon phone – unlocked or not. I have searched through every forum trying to find apn codes that will work, but nothing has. I’ve handed over my phone to my IT folks at work, who end up try the same things that I’ve already tried so they don’t get anywhere either. I took the phone to an AT&T store and they couldn’t get it to work, even after giving me a new SIM card.Now I’m looking at spending more money on another new phone … sigh.But other than the issues above, the cameras are great, flash is great, web browsing is great, and I love Cortana on the 8.1 update.

    July 30, 2015
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    Evan Oliver

    This review doesn’t involve the seller, it involves the phone. Yes, it’s beautiful. It looks better than any other phone out there, in my opinion. Camera is great, speakers are loud, dedicated camera button is a wonderful addon…. BUT: THE phone can’t do much. It screams out “media consumer,” yet netflix doesnt work (just google netflix +windows phone), doesn’t read my sd card’s music each time, must reboot for that. Apps suck, seriously, there is hardly anything available for these phones. I mean that, it’s not “oh well, I won’t have instagram.” No, hardly anything you DO download isn’t even an app: it just takes you to mobile version of site. If this was an android phone, they couldn’t be bought because they wouldn’t be able to keep enough in stock, but with Microsoft behind the wheels now, it’s just not something most people can use productively. What I would suggest is buying a Lumia 1020; you get the best camera on a phone, same speedy os, but you don’t feel like you are wasting the chance to use your huge 6 inch phone that can’t really do much more than use office, play a few games, and text (which I had a hard time doing, the screen isn’t as sensitive as the note 3 I bought, and it feels like you are slamming your fingers into it.) Just don’t get it, buy a cheaper windows phone instead if you really want to try out the os. That’s what I wish I had done. And I really wanted to like it, but the app support KILLED IT.

    March 27, 2015
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    Being an android user I, was really leery of buying a windows phone. Man was I ever wrong. The Nokia 1520 is a beast. Awesome Pictures, Superb call quality, The huge screen is beautiful. All my favorite shows are crystal clear in 1080p. There are some things I could nitpick at, but they do not affect the use of the phone. I happen to remove my sd card a lot, so the access to the card is a little tedious, but in all seriousness it’s not a deal breaker. I read a lot of reviews were people are complaining about the Windows Store is lacking. I’m not a huge app user so, it doesn’t effect me. I use Facebook, a weather app, listen to music, watch movies, and shows on my phone. Talking, texting, taking pictures and video are my thing and this phone has the hardware to get this done with ease. Also, the phone is upgradable to WP8.1 out of the box. I also read that we would be receiving W10 update here soon, so that is exciting.

    February 9, 2015
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    Tivaun Cooper

    This is amazing

    October 21, 2014
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    Agrippa of Queens

    So first things as this is an Amazon partner purchase – I got exactly what I ordered, a new, black, unlocked Nokia 1020. (With ATT logo – which i don’t care about.) So bravo to BREED for selling me what was in the description. I had to go this route because the good folks at the AT&T store would not sell me this phone unless I bought a monthly plan. I was willing to pay the full price even! They did not want money so c’est la vie. Amazon and BREED are the beneficiaries, plus I got the unlocked version.I have an AT&T pre-paid plan – Upon opening, I inserted the SIM and bingo, all my stuff was there, no problems for those inquiring about the pre-paid plan SIM usage. I confirmed the unlock status by inserting a foreign carrier’s SIM – boom! It worked! Unlock status confirmed.Now for the fun stuff…. Hands down, in my opinion, this is the BEST windows phone as of October 2014. Why? It has 2GB of internal RAM to handle the processing of data from the 41MP camera. I actually did not buy this phone for the camera, I was after the 2GB of RAM! If you are a heavy multi-tasker like I am, that extra memory comes in very handy. It is not uncommon for me to have on WAZE, Skype, Spotify and 3 mail clients running. Often, my Kindle and or Audible app are also on and of course some sort of web search. My old Lumia 520 would die under this load so I finally decided to make the upgrade.Yes, the camera’s awesome. You can read about it on any of the other many reviews for this phone. But if you want a real performer, this phone is it. It runs smooth as silk. No stuttering, lagginess or delays. Just straight up performance. The new Lumias 735 and 830 both have quad-core processors which on spec are better than this phones dual-core but they have only 1GB of RAM each which I know I will consume and then get the dreaded “resuming” status while the apps and OS do all kinds of primary memory to 2nd tier memory swapping. 1GB will not be enough for my power usage pattern. But it’s only a dual-core CPU right??? Well – the dual-core on this is no slacker, it handles 41MP images with no issue. It does image editing with no fuss and the switch back to apps is smooth as butter, even when I have my usual complement of 5+ apps running.The only other Lumia that matches this in horsepower is the “flagship” 1520 which is an awesome piece of machinery but just simply way too large. It’s really more of a phablet – thus the reason I say the Lumia 1020 is the best Windows Phone right now. It still has the aspect of a phone!I really like this great device and kudos to the wonks and geeks at Nokia and Microsoft for keeping their chin up and producing something in the marketplace that is not just another device with a boring grid of icons. Listen to your user feedback and you’ll get that market share in time! I really like the new Lumias 735 and 830 but they in my opinion don’t have enough memory. Maybe the 735 can get away with 1GB but the 830 should have at least 1.5GB.Regarding the OS – it came installed with Windows Phone 8.0. I made the phone go through three updates (maybe four, max?) to get Windows Phone 8.1 with the new Cortana… and let me tell you, she’s better than the Siri and Android assistants… and it’s only still in beta.FYI – One of the best enhancements for the phone is the 8.1HD Tiles App.Con – The ONLY con I have is the weight. Coming from the 520, it’s a huge change. But I also get the power that I want so it more than makes up for the heaviness. And the truth it, it’s really not that heavy. In fact, if it were any lighter, I’d think it too fragile. This thing looks to be able to take a bruising.

    October 15, 2014
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    The Nokia Lumina i1029 s fine. It was delivered quickly and worked right away once I charged the battery and inserted the T-Mobile SIM card from my older camera. It does take a while getting used to but has not caused any crashes or malfunction. Even though I taught photography for 36 years I am gradually learning how to operate and edit images having already posted on Instagram and Flickr.There are more than enough apps for my use. One issue is that the phone is a bit slippery to hold steady and secure. I took care of that by purchasing a textured case for it and protective display shield.I feel comfortable with it and have no problem carrying it in my pockets. It recharges much faster than my older Blackberry and Nokia Lumina 810. In the past I have worked with Leica, Hasselblad, Nikon, strange Russian copy-cats, Polaroids, stereo and even vintage 4×5/5 x 7/8×10’s plus assorted homemade cameras. I started with an early Kodak Pony and developed my own slides when I was 13 in the early 50’s. The transition from film to digital was a non-event.So far in the past months the 1020 has worked very well for me as phone and camera, though hardly not with the quality of rugged builds and images of the past , but I was not expecting professional images or outstanding sound. I like the Lumina for what it serves me. As with my former students I would suggest the the buyer should first figure out what he wants from a phone/camera, research it, check the reviews and blogs, and most important, get one in the hands . If it ‘feels’ right it is probably the ‘right’ one. Don’t get trapped by all the gimmicks or apps and do consider getting a textured case and protective display shield.I certainly would certainly recommend the 1020

    September 29, 2014
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    I received the phone a few days ago. I have always been an Android user with my last phone being the Samsung Galaxy S3. Because of a Bogus charge sprint was imposing on my account I decided to go to AT&T because this phone looked awesome and the reviews were good. I mean a 41 mp camera, WOW. I can honestly say I am so glad that I did this. I love this phone. It’s just so fluid in the operating system compared to my Galaxy. It’s fast and responsive, I like the live tiles. So far it seems simpler to use. I know that a lot of people complain about the lack of apps in the store compared to android but so far I haven’t been disappointed. Yes, there are not as many apps but there are still more than enough. So, I may not find exactly what I was using on my android but I have been able to find comparable one to use on this phone. I’m sure more are added all the time. Really, how many apps do you need?The call quality has been extremely clear. Syncing it to my computer has been great. Being able to see the screen in the sunlight has been a nice feature also. Of course there’s the camera, enough said. With all the raves about the camera out there I’m not going to repeat them here. Lets just say that’s it AWESOME!!!. I had wanted to purchase a new camera but with this camera on the phone it works out great. No need to get a new camera here.Battery life. There are always comments about battery life on all the smart phones. They do use quite a bit of juice, this phone is no exception but as I read and have done. Adjust your settings in the battery saver and it’s great. Better than my Samsung. All the people that complain about battery life just need to put their phones down once in a while. Understandably people use their phones to stay in touch with work and the world, but remember, using ANYTHING THAT RUNS ON A BATTERY will drain, and drain faster with more use. A laptop is exactly the same way. So tired of hearing about hearing people complain about battery life in today’s smart phones. They have come a long way in the last few years and yes, i’m sure they will get even better.Accessories. I will agree with the comments from people that finding accessories out there for this phone are hard. To be honest I haven’t found a one in any store yet. Let’s face it Samsung Galaxy line and Apple Iphone are dominating the market. But, Amazon has a GREAT SELECTION of accessories for this phone, as well as searching the web, I will jus have to order online for my accessories and I’m quite fine with that.I’m just an average smart phone user and am very happy with this phone. Give it a try and I’m sure you will be happy with it to.

    September 21, 2014
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    Outstanding phone… Best windows phone… For now. I think HTC is releasing one soon so there should be some serious competition.

    August 31, 2014
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    Nick H.

    An excellent phone – now especially with the new Windows Phone 8.1 OS and Nokia Cyan firmware, things are really looking up for this platform.The 41-megapixel camera (38-MegaPixel effective) is one of the best in the business and the Pro Camera application suites for shooting, editing, etc., and the multitude of ‘lenses’ available for various special effects are really unique.There are several third party apps available from the Windows Store that take full advantage of the high-resolution camera as well.Another nice thing about this phone (and other Nokia phones) is that it is very ruggedly constructed, yet really quite lightweight, considering it’s counterparts that are made out of various metals and metal alloys.The entire body (the lower chassis) is a one-piece, seamless, cast silicon-doped polycarbonate tub – there are no gaps or lines or anything – the whole phone is just one monolithic unit.Apparently, the way that they got the electronics (the PCB, the buttons, the battery) into the phone during assembly, was from the top side – they insert everything from where the screen assembly is, then when all is in place, the final pieces of the digitizer and the glass is glued into place. This makes for a very sturdy and dent-proof design – unfortunately, I have actually dropped (and had the phone fall) from a fairly high distance, a couple of times, and I am happy to report that there is not even a single scratch on it and everything (including the motorized 3-axis autofocus) and the dual flashes, LED and Xenon) still work perfectly.I would have expected a metal/alloy phone to get dented or at least scratched in some way, after a fall onto concrete.All in all, this is a really good phone to own – the Windows Phone OS (v.8.1 and the upcoming updates) just keeps getting better and better and integrates so well with other devices.The real standout is the hardware of the phone – it is just about one of the best designed phones out there, in terms of features, construction and durability, battery life, and of course that incredible camera with the 6-element Carl Zeiss lens array!

    August 16, 2014
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    Amazonn Costumerr

    I enjoy the windows eight interface. It is smooth and everything runs very quick with no lag. The phone is ATT&T unlocked, but I am sure you can use any sim card on it. I am currently using a Straight talk. I got the straight talk starter kit and used the ATT&T sim it came with and it works amazing. This model is RM-877 so I get 4G,LTE easily. Everything is compatible and working smoothly. Camera is amazing at pictures and 1080p video recording. Windows 8 runs very smoothly. Battery could be better over all. With a 2000mAh, you would think that would be enough, but I think windows 8 phones have general problem with battery life, because I think the OS is such a power hungry operating system. If you use this phone heavily it will drain, and it will drain quick. I watched a 720p show that lasted an hour streaming it via Wifi from Youtube HD with my wireless cellular data turned on as well. I went from 98% to 80. When being on Skype for 45 mins, the phone went from 80% to 54%. So some of these applications can drain the battery. There is all these tips and tricks on conserving battery, but by the time you do all these tips , you pretty much will have turned off everything that makes the phone a “smart phone” and turn your phone into an useless brick.Talking on the phone itself doesn’t really drain the battery. The main thing is the camera and when using this phone and taking pictures using the 41 megapixel camera, it doesn’t seem to drain the battery that much all. And come on, if your buying this phone, one of the main things is going to be for the camera. I don’t use flash, but I can imagine that the flash will drain the battery more if on. The hump that the camera produces on the back really isn’t that big of a deal, but setting it down on a solid surface and trying to type on it, you will have to use your other hand to hold and stabilize the device while you type, because the hump adds a tilt and will cause the device to move around quiet a bit while typing. If you buy a case it will help to minimize this. Windows 8.1 STILL hasn’t came out for this model in the US, it is still in the works, which is a real shame because I want to use Cortana.Now, a major FLAW that everyone should know is the screen. I noticed it ONLY in when your screen has a black background or if you are in a dark room looking at your screen while it is displaying a dark background, ex: looking at your glance screen while in a dark room. You will notice that there is spots imbedded behind the screen, sometimes you will see what looks like scratches or something in the screen. You can only see it in the conditions stated(Black layout, usually dim or dark lit room, or looking at your “glance” screen in a dark room). My first phone had it really really bad, it was so bad that I thought it had gotten damaged in shipping, so I replaced it with another. My second one still had it, but it was less noticeable and the little blemishes was small. I still thought it was a problem so I ordered a thrid one from another seller and guess what? It had the exact same thing. Upon research, I found out that this is a manufactoring problem with the AMOLED displays. Some of the Galaxy’s had the same problem in the past. Here is a quote from a Windows Phone Central forum. Google Nokia Lumia 1020 display screen artifacts. also google “AMOLDED Mura Effect””That’s typical of all AMOLED displays. When the display is dark artifacts tend to be visible, and manifest themselves in the form of blobs or lines. I don’t remember the specifics now, but it’s related to manufacturing limitations in properly aligning the various layers. Not all pixels get consistent voltage applied because they’re not always making full contact. It’s a problem that’s evident in low voltage mode, hence why you see those artifacts on a dark screen.Numerous companies have tried to improve the process but I don’t think anyone has hit on a consistently good solution yet. AMOLED still has numerous drawbacks, short life expectancy and risk of burn-in being the most significant, at least for the end user. It’s why you still don’t see them used for much more than smartphones which generally get tossed within a year or two “Anyways, the current phone I have now has the blotches but it is small and only noticeable if I look closely at it while in the conditions i mentioned up above. It may not really bother everyone. The AMOLED display is beautiful too, good colors and good sharpness.So I give it 4 stars because the camera takes great pictures and videos. Windows 8 is fast, smooth, and fluid. But one star off for an subpar battery and also this design flaw of having the “mura effect” on these screens.

    August 6, 2014
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    It’s a fantastic phone. Let’s be real. I use my smartphone primarily to:1) Text2) Take pictures3) Look up infoThis has one of the best cameras I’ve ever used on a smartphone. It does have a learning curve, as the automatic settings are often too “yellow”, but you have control over all the camera settings you can wish for and can compensate by changing the white balance, though there is the minor nagging issue that the camera won’t save your manual settings, except whatever settings you had set the flash to, in between uses, so I’d still love to see Nokia (I suppose it’s Microsoft now) fix the overzealous automatic white balance issue, so when taking quick “auto” shots, I don’t have to quickly swipe the WB to a non-auto setting first.Now, I’d love to give the phone 5 stars, but what drags this excellent phone down is the Windows Phone operating system. While it’s easy to install the “developer’s preview” of Windows Phone 8.1, which drastically reduces the gap in functionality between the Windows Phone OS and iOS/Android, it still lags behind a little in terms of polish and features.Messaging is basic SMS like yesteryear, which will be a stark contrast to iMessenger or Hangouts if you’re moving from one of the other two platforms. The native email client is pretty basic and retro as well, and you’ll likely yearn for a more modern/competent one that can easily be found on iOS/Android. The third party email clients on WP are largely pretty horrible and/or slow. If you are heavily invested in a calendar, such as google’s, the good news is you can sync them to the native calendar. The bad news is the native calendar can’t deal with all day events correctly (it’s a timezone issue), and unless you live in 0 GMT, all your all day events will span two days. The further bad news is that all the third party calendar apps apparently are just skins of the native app, as they all exhibit the same behavior (and many were so lazy even in the skinning process that they simply open the native app when you actually try to edit/change an event). This is actually a pretty major negative that I’m somehow managing to live around and largely become numb to.LiveTiles are a great concept, but only if an app developer actually takes advantage of it. Only about half the apps I have pinned to the home screen actually have LiveTile functionality.The app store. Well, I always roll my eyes when Apple and Google make some statement concerning the # of apps in their app stores. After all, the vast majority of those apps are likely rarely used. Unfortunately, what is important is whether or not an app store has the apps you actually want to use, and the Windows Phone app store is sorely lacking in that critical area. Also, if you’re a google user, you’re in for a very rude awakening if you move to the Windows Phone platform. It’s very obvious that Google has intentionally not supported the platform, and even actively tries to suppress workarounds by Microsoft. It’s rather bratty behavior from a company I mostly admire (only children use the “but they did X” excuse).Still, I’ve slowly adjusted to the app selections/limitations, and the barebones messenging client. I love the camera. Love it. Considering the bulge that is the lens, I imagine the camera has to be the main reason anyone would buy this phone. It’s just a question of whether the sacrifices-through no fault of the actual phone, but of the operating system that resides on it-are worth it. It’s taken a few months for me to adjust enough where I’m at peace with those sacrifices. It could have easily gone the other way.Let me finish this review by mentioning a few things I love about Windows Phone:1) Glance screen – The phone has an AMOLED screen, which allows it to display pictures while sleeping/locked. They’re pixelated, but still cool. The notification aspect of the Glance screen could use some beefing up (think what the Moto X displays, as an example), but it’s more native support for this type of thing than most Android phones (there are third party apps that can emulate the types of display that the Moto X gives you).2) Tap to wake. Holy crud. This one feature is the type of feature that makes using any other device I own difficult. Who’d of thought it? Being able to tap the screen to wake the phone is brilliant. I am constantly, by reflex, attempting to tap the screen of my ipad and Nexus 7 to wake them, and grousing to myself when I then reach for a button. Such a seemingly small thing, but it is-hands down-the single largest interface decision that I’ve seen on these platforms that actually makes my life easier.3) I’ve already said it, but the camera. It’s fantastic. In the end, the vast majority of my time on my phone is texting and pictures. I think I average about 11 minutes of my unlimited voice a month. :/Oh, yes, AT&T’s plans are absolutely ridiculous in terms of pricing. But, T-Mobile’s incredibly poor coverage (for my needs) have always sort of forced me to use AT&T. I love T-Mobile’s pricing. Always have. But, I can’t help but wonder if there’s a direct correlation between their shoddy coverage and low pricing. If so, I suppose I can’t begrudge AT&T (and Verizon, for that matter, but this is a GSM phone, so not terribly relevant) for their prices. If not, then what the hell, T-Mobile. Expand your coverage and save us from AT&T. 😀

    July 2, 2014
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    Amazon Customer

    A little background on me. I am legally blind or to be somewhat politically correct, visually impaired. My eyesight is such that I can’t see much of anything on a white background. It is like try to read tiny print on the glass of a 100w light bulb. Back in 2007 I got my first iphone and I bought one every year with the 4s being my last one. I wrote, emailed, and called Apple trying to get them to address users who visually impared that needed help with color schemes, larger fonts, etc. In other words, more control of the phone’s on screen visual appearance. During the Summer of 2010, I finally got a reply from Apple telling me that they would not address the needs of the visually impaired having done all their work with the totally blind and that no more work would be needed to meet the needs of users who were not totally blind.Next time you turn on your iphone or mac try changing the black on white to white on black option in settings then accessability. You will quickly discover how awful the results are. All the photos become negatives. All the pictures and graphics in Safari and other apps become negatives as well. So in the end I add enough of that and moved to Android.Android unfortunately had most of the same issues. Google insist that all their apps from the Play Store to Google+ to Gmail have only a white background. Talk about more frustration. Fortunately for me, a group of guys calling themselves Team Blackout came along and did exactly what I needed done. They literally changed the white background of many Android apps to black…. Yay! For awhile it worked. Problem was, Google would quickly do updates to all of their apps and bingo, I would be right back to using white versions of their apps. Team Blackout being a team of volunteers would come out with an update to make the apps black again, but sometimes it would take awhile as they have a lot of apps not only from Google to change, there are literally dozens of other apps they convert. I looked at my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which is running 4.3 (4.4.2 breaks most of my black apks that aren’t Team Blackout related) and there are still many apps still waiting to be updated to Black. I don’t blame the Team as I am sure it takes a lot of work coding to make these changes and with Google and others frequently updating their apps… Well you get picture. Enter Window Phone OS 8 & 8.1So now to my current phone…. the Nokia Lumia 1520. Specifically, the international unlock version( RM-937) with 32gb onboard. I am a T-Mobile customer and the one drawback due to my location (Central Kansas) is that I am mostly stuck on 2g edge when I am away from the interstate or the larger towns in my area. When I got this phone I really wasn’t expecting a lot of good things, but I thought I would give it a chance. A chance that I am very glad that I did. This phone is big with a 6 inch screen. It is slightly longer and thicker than my retired Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It is a little heavier as well. The SLCD screen to me is not as bright as the AMOLED screen on the Note 3 but, neither is it dark and hard to read and see. On the contrary, it has a great screen that has taken my eyesight a little while to get used to and now that I’ve had the 1520 for a month now, I have no regrets. Originally the 1520 came to me with WP OS 8.0, but shortly after getting it, I signed up for the developers program and my phone updated to WP OS 8.1. Very quickly I discovered that I could use the accessability options to do high contrast black color scheme that worked almost throughout the entire phone with exception so far being Microsoft Office and some third party apps like Facebook. Kindle for WP on the other hand works great allowing me to change the background from white to black and giving me basic text sizing changes. I am still waiting for Kindle to update the app to the same level of features that are in the IOS and Android versions of Kindle. The camera on the 1520 is among the best out there and I would say the only one better that I know of is Nokia’s own 41mp shooter on the 1020. Camera and phone wise, this is truly an amazing camera and Nokia has produced a number of stellar apps to back it up. Within the next few weeks all Nokia Lumia phones will be getting the official 8.1 update known as Cyan. this update will also be introducing many updates and new features to the camera as well. I can hardly wait. The Sound quality of the external speakers is pretty darn good for a phone. I have no trouble hearing and understanding calls, music, videos, etc. The earpiece speaker is also loud and clear. This review is mostly my viewpoint in dealing with my journey from iphones to Android to Windows Phone OS. I feel that the popularity of the Windows Phone platform will only get better and better with more users realizing that this is a great alternative to those other phone OS’s. For those of you who are visually impaired and have great difficulty in seeing on a white background, give WP 8.1 and the Nokia 1520 or the Verizon version Nokia Icon which has a five inch screen but otherwise very similar to the 1520 a shot. I think you’ll be very happy you did.

    June 26, 2014
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    This is a very nice Windows phone; was upgrading from a first generation phone (windows phone 7.5 mango). There are some new features in Windows phone 8–and better processors etc., but the real beauty of this model is the camera. Excellent photos and video. Popped in a T-Mobile micro sim card, activated it with them and was off and running on 4G/LTE in DC metro area. Very happy with the purchase and it was exactly as stated (By the way, I’m not sure how the other 1-star reviewer thinks it is possible to unlock an AT&T phone without opening the box first. It was resealed of course. The cost would soar if one bought the international version–which isn’t necessarily the best choice for U.S. use. An unlocked AT&T model works just fine and would work in the EU with a prepaid sim card….and if you are on T-Mobile here in the U.S., they don’t offer this phone as it is exclusive to AT&T)

    June 8, 2014
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    Sue M Boston

    I ordered this phone for my lithe brother, he is a big fan of Nokia. and because my brother lives overseas he needed it factory unlocked, so money-wise, it is expensive when it is unlocked. But let’s think that you can use it worldwide.Received the phone before the estimated shipping date, found a bit of trouble turning it on, as I plugged it to charge it was frozen on a page that shows a string icon with a lighting symbol I thought the phone was defected, i tried few times it didn’t work, then I went online to Nokia website I found how to turn it on when it freezes like that, it said hold the power bottom simultaneously with the lower volume bottom for 15 seconds and release, it worked.Great phone, very smart features, and most importantly a very great camera 43 mega pixels, my brother is so happy wit it ;)Will definitely recommend this phone. love amazon.

    May 24, 2014
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    It will be hard to go back to regular digital cameras after using the camera on this phone. Quality of pictures in tricky situations is simply amazing.

    May 19, 2014
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    At first I was a little scared to switch from the android market to Windows phone. But I must say that I’m extremely happy with the switch! I was going from a Samsung galaxy S2 to the Nokia lumia 1020. I also own a Mac and an iPad. So I have had the chance to shop and each market and get a feel for how they all work and features they bring. To be honest with you the windows at market has everything that I need (apps). And actually I like shopping in the windows market better because there’s less junky apps to have to go sort through. I feel the phone is very intuitive and it’s just as easy for me to get from one place to another as it was on my galaxy. Actually, probably easier, but I am comparing to an older galaxy so that’s probably a given. I’ve had the phone for about a week now so I’ve had a chance to really play with it a lot. There are only a few things that bother me about phone. This phone drains the battery! Granted I was on it a lot playing on it a lot in the beginning, but it would not last me over five hours. I searched for how to extend the battery life and changed some settings and it seemed to help a little bit. But, I can usually go at least two days on my galaxy S2 and I can usually go about three days on my iPad with the same amount of usage without having to recharge. I definitely have to recharge this baby everyday, sometimes twice a day. The only other complaint is the voice feature, I always used voice a lot on my iPad and galaxy for search engines, commands, texting etc. Windows phone does a pretty decent job and it picks up my voice relatively well. Actually it probably does better than the iPad 3. But I miss being able to use punctuation while I’m talking. I haven’t found a way to add commas periods or exclamation points. So after I use voice to say my sentences or paragraphs I have to go back in and add my punctuation. I will say that it usually knows and I’m the end of the sentence and will add the period, however it does not get the rest my punctuation. This is really annoying to me because I’m trying to be hands-free. Hopefully I can find a way to change this but I haven’t found a way as of yet. Otherwise if you are leaning towards a switch from android or I phone to a Windows phone, I do not think you’ll be disappointed. By the way I’m writing this review on my iPad using voice to text. I should’ve done it from my phone so you could see what I’m talking about with the punctuation.

    May 8, 2014
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    Juan Garcia

    Seller sold me a bootleg Nokia Lumia 1020, that was actually an Android GSM phone. The software looks like Window mobile but it is difficult to use and you cannot download any apps. Even the color was wrong, I was shipped a yellow bootleg phone!! I returned it 2 days later after realizing it was a bootleg version of the 1020, and I now have the real phone as of yesterday.The real phone I received through another seller gets 4 out of 5 stars.Pros: Camera is easy to use, voice recognition better than Siri.Cons: No case fits if you have the camera grip connected.

    January 7, 2014
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    Arun Kalluri

    The title is wishful but fingers-crossed. One thing I believe is this phone will help Nokia and Microsoft to gain(regain) some level of credibility in mobile/consumer market and of-course lot of work still has to be done by Microsoft in terms of apps quality in 2014 for mass acceptance.My criteria when shopping for a new phone-1. Video streaming on internet – I have been getting good signal and wi-fi quality is sturdy. Though, I hate video streaming on this OS since I could not figure out a way to slide the bar to appropriate time of the play. IPTV format videos runs for 10 seconds and then quits with an error. I have to hit fast-forward button multiple times which annoys me. There are 30 levels of adjustments for speaker. Some videos work well as expected on volume adjustments but then there are multiple videos where level 0 is mute and level 1 is loud. These videos worked as expected on volume adjustments on iphone and Android devices. (2/5)2. Maps – ‘here’ built-in app has been handy, bus routes and nearest shopping places- 5/53. Good quality camera since I did not want to carry a camera and phone in my pocket – I love the Nokia app and the camera wide angle shots. It has all the manual options I use – 5/54. Basic Apps – FB, Yelp, bank apps, YouTube, skype, whatsapp, waze, etc.- I love in-built Nokia Radio, it has better collection than Pandora for me on foreign music. Bing search is handy. I found all my apps and more though the FB app sucks on WinOS. I cannot seem to hit the ‘see more’ on the post and continuously seems to fumble on using this app. My friend sent a sticker on New Year, but the FB app could not open the sticker. Another thing- My Skype was showing red and green colors on video chat. Atleast you would expect Skype to be a better app on Windows OS! (3/5)5 User Interface – I love the concept of arranging tiles. I also downloaded another app called ‘Cool Tiles’ that customized some of my tiles. Very smooth to navigate. It took me sometime to get used to the keyboard. (5/5)6. Ergonomics – A littler large for my small hands and my thumb cannot reach to all the tiles..said that I am getting used to this size from a iphone4. (4/5)7. Quality – signal reception seems to be good, dropped flat on my laptop cover other day and the screen survived. The screen has finger smudges all over. My iphone earplugs are working but the mike signal is feeble.(4/5)It has been a week I started using..I will provide another one after using for a longer time.Hope this helps.

    January 3, 2014
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    When I first got this phone I was really excited after hearing so many good things about it and all the nice features it has. However it’s had a lot of problems and the store I bought it from on Amazon made it out to be a product made for the U.S. but it wasn’t. As such there was no warranty on my phone and when it started having a lot of problems I had to return it. Amazon was really helpful in this as it was a couple months past the return date and they still gave me a partial refund.Nice Features:Camera: I love this camera. Takes beautiful pics especially up close photos with the macro setting. Colors always come out perfect in the daytime, but in any low light the colors come out really off.User Friendly: I do really like this about the phone. The tiles are fun and easy to use. I really liked the ability to shrink some of the tiles so that you could fit 4 in the place of a big tile, but this quit working on my phone after I was forced to restore it.Dislikes:Windows ”Marketplace:” As windows is just starting out there aren’t really any good apps. There’s no good map app for one.Cold weather: This bugs me to no end. Any temperature below 60 degrees causes the phone to black out on the bottom half of the screen. If it’s anywhere near 60 dark lines show up on the screen. You can still use the phone if you know where to click, but the blackened part is all pixely and it takes forever for it to go back to normal.Text/Pic Messaging: I bought this phone to use with Net10. I had to search around everywhere to find the correct codes to enter to get text and pic messaging to work but I finally found them. It worked for a couple months but then it just stopped working. I could send and receive texts, but I could only receive pics, I couldn’t send them. It was really frustrating since Net10 technically doesn’t “guarantee” pic messaging so they wouldn’t help me.Overall, I was really looking forward to this phone, but it’s really disappointing how much quit working. I don’t know if just my phone is defective or if this has happened with a lot of people. But it really wasn’t worth the money I just wish I would’ve figured it out while I could still get all my money back.

    December 31, 2013
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    Thomas Potter

    TL: DR: awesome phone, I enjoy WP8 platform, I question how “new” this phone was when I received itI really enjoy this phone. For reference I’ve had an iPhone before making the switch to a Samsung Focus Windows phone, and then replaced that with the Nokia 920.***The pluses for Windows Phone 8***+ Live tiles are great and give loads of info at a glance. I considered getting a new iPhone or Android phone but the lack of a Live Tile analog killed that idea. I’ve come to depend on them. Basically each app icon is a tile, occupying space on the main screen. Those tiles display bite sized bits of info so you don’t have to open the program to see new info. For example, new emails show the first couple sentences, meeting info shows up on your calendar tile, etc+ Great phone for business users – MS Office integration, Live Tiles+ Cool xbox live integration+ Good social integration if you are into that. A continuous feed of Facebook/Linked in updates in one place+ Tile UI is cleaner, more usable than the iphone/android phones I’ve compared. I liken those UI’s to a desktop computer cluttered with shortcut icons.+ Separate inboxes for all my email accounts***The Minuses for Windows Phone 8***- The marketplace is not nearly as robust as the iPhone or Android market. However if you are like me, you only use 1% of the stuff you download – the important stuff – and that is fully represented on the marketplace.***Pluses for the Lumia 920***+ Feels sturdy. Looks big and bulky to carry in pocket, but I don’t notice it when I do.+ Beautiful display. This was a standout for me in the ATT store doing comparisons with other phones.+ Stunning night pictures – this aspect of the camera really impressed me. Very high detail photos+ Runs fast – apps open fast+ Decent battery life. I’m a heavy user and I can usually get away with charging it when I get home at night and having a day’s charge the next day.+ Gorilla glass prevents most scratches+ Good call quality+ Speakerphone is pretty good, but volume perhaps a little low+ Infinitely better than the Samsung Focus I had.***Minuses for the Lumia 920***- The Nokia Drive app (think Google maps navigation) is really hit and miss sometimes.- Day shots with the camera can look blurry on occasion- I never had a protective case – dropped it many times without issue – but one drop smashed the entire display. But like I said, I did not use a protective case.AS FOR THIS SELLER: I have to question how *new* this phone was when I received it. This is actually my second 920 since my cat knocked mine off the table, hitting it just right and smashing the display. I was searching for a way to get a new phone without paying a ridiculous amount of $$$ since I was not ready for upgrade discount. When I pulled the laminate off the screen I noticed a number of very small micro-scratches. A brand new factory-sealed phone would not have these scratches. I wonder if this was a used phone that could pass for new, and then someone cleaned it up for resale. I’m speculating here, but the micro-scratches seem suspicious to me. But I did get this far below what my carrier would charge me.My advice, get the phone, but buyer beware when using this seller.

    November 26, 2013
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    Mr. Evolution

    I’ve had my phone for about 3 1/2 weeks now, so I think it’s time to write a review let me be the first to say I would give this five stars. If I didn’t have to deal with as zune application constantly telling me that my phone is not connected so onto the phone review the phone is solid. It’s it’s a great phone. It’s true what they say it does not have this many apps as the Google play store . But before you go and look for another phone from me saying that this phone. The apps that they offer for this phone actually work. They have some really fun games apps that are really useful not just a bunch of apps take up space on your phone. The icons are large to start with, you can make them smaller. If you want you can pen things to your start screen like you would any other phone because zune does not seem to want to work and I’m not the only one that seems to have this problem to the oxidation because a lot of people have the same problem. What I had to do was make my phone into a USB mass storage device that way I can drop my music over to it. I can use my phone as a music player while I’m at work. The speaker is more than decent in the battery seems to last for ever. Or I should say it will last a lot longer than most cell phones. I play with my friends iPhone just to see if I would like it before I even bought this phone to be completely honest with you I am more than happy with this phone, and I highly recommend anyone who is looking to get a solid phone that will make phone calls of course take beautiful pictures respond quickly and not have to stick it on the charger every night, then this is going to be the phone for you. I read reviews where people were saying that they didn’t like the pictures that the camera took to be completely honest with you I don’t know what they’re talking about the pictures that my phone takes their really nice. They even have a little apps in the App Store for free where you can add light little special effects to your pictures a flashlight app calendar apps that are built into the phone already. This is a functional phone into be on you is not going to be for everyone. There’s a lot of people who are canis dock on the iPhone craze that will quickly shy away from you know, a Windows phone, but I think this is phone puts iPhone to shame. Even people I work with that have iPhones keep asking me how much did my phone cost and where did I get it. And these are your iPhone is the best thing ever type of people. The one thing I’m still try to figure out and if there’s anybody who can help me with this, please do is how to update my phone without using zune so once again I have to give this phone a solid five. Given that the music player application Zune doesn’t seem to like to connect to computers, but I can still move my music over to my phone, so it’s not enough for me to drop a star off of it . And if there’s anyone who is looking into getting one of these go to your local AT&T store and grab one in touch it , fiddle around with it to figure out if you like it or not

    November 9, 2013
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    Marc C

    Let it be clear: the camera in this phone rocks. As a photographer, it’s the sole reason I picked this phone. It allowed me to combine carrying a point-and-shoot, AND a smartphone (with a plain lousy camera). The quality of the photos from this phone surpass my Pentax Optio S12 that I used to carry around in an Altoids case. I love it for that reason.But that’s about the end of the photogrpher’s benefits. Keep in mind as you read this that my last phone was a 3-yr old Android, that was FREE back THEN (i.e. I wasn’t using anything great). The 1020 has DEPLORABLE photo management capability. Yeah, there’s plenty of ability to edit photos on the phone. But catch this…you can’t move pictures between albums without a USB connection to a computer. You can’t sort them in anyway other than picture-taken date (from EXIF data). You can’t create new albums without a computer. You can’t rename pictures without your computer. All features that my Android did with ease. I’m not sure if there is an album access restriction on the app developers, or if no one has bothered to create an app to complete these seemingly routine steps. Regardless, I think Microsoft/Nokia needs to consider the needs of photographers past just the camera aspect of this phone.As is likely no shock to anyone reading this, the app selection is severly limited at this time, although (aside from photo organizing) I have been able to find equavalent apps for most of what I need to do with my phone. So keep that in mind if you’re coming from an Android or iPhone…might want to check the Windows Phone app store first.I am pleased with the sound quality, screen quality, and processor speed. What the 1020 does do, it does it well. Live tiles are great, but I’m not too pleased with the fact that they’re all on one big, vertical, scrolling screen. I used to like separating apps by type on different side-by-side screens on my Android.Other things I miss from my Android: Assigning speed-dial to the numbers on the dial keypad. Applying a unique ringtone to many contacts at once (had to go through my whole contact list and pick the same ring tone each time). The ability to create a live tile that will instantly dial a contact. The ability to create a live tile that will directly toggle wi-fi, airplane mode, blue-tooth, etc (a shortcut tile will only take you to the section in the settings area to turn these features on/off). Having more choices for calender reminder times (it jumps from a 1-hr reminder, to an 18-hr reminder!) Holding down a letter key on a keypad to get numbers or special characters (a separate keyboard toggle is required for the 1020). Having a contact picture next to text messages (helped avoid embarrassing messages being sent to the wrong person…oops!)My 3-star rating can be broken up as: 5-stars for the camera, 1-star for file/photo management, and 3-stars for the rest of the phone.

    October 28, 2013
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    Dr Einstein Von Brainstorm

    soooo … I had this phone for about 6 months …compare to my previous android phone, it is simple and easy to use. Windows Phone operating system seems to work more flawlessly than android. (really??? how??)this phone uses a single core processor (supposedly 4 times slower processor), and 512MB RAM (again supposedly 4 times less RAM), but still works more flawlessly than my older android phone (which had better hardware) and android tablet.I am an engineer and a computer geek, but not a phone guru … I am not a code or application developer 🙂 All I want is a phone that does not get stuck, allows me to check my emails, some simple apps and perhaps games. For all these purposes it works just fine :)Sure it is not an iphone, but it works fine and cost much less :)I have been a big nokia fan for a long time. I would prefer the old symbian OS, but it is very old … does not have a lot of applications etc.Would I recommend windows phone to others? definitely!!!Android phones need quad core processors, and 2GB ram because the operating system is not coded/written elegantly … thus it needs more processing power to run it, and will probably use more battery power.Why most phone companies go with android then??? well … it is an older OS … they simply go with what the most common OS is …Anyway … I highly recommend windows OS … sure it does not have 800 billion apps out there … but do you really need 10 different versions of angry birds on your phone 🙂

    November 10, 2012

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