Eyoyo 10 Inch Monitor 1024×600 Small Display HD TFT LCD Display Screen Support AV VGA BNC HDMI Video Input for CCTV DVD PC DVR with Speaker

  • 8 inch small hdmi monitor, high resolution (1024×768) LCD screen, the image is clear and exquisite, colorful
  • Support for BNC/HDMI/VGA/AV input, supports chromatic YPbPr input, color more vivid, the image more realistic, it also supports Raspberry Pi by hdmi port
  • Built-in…


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Eyoyo 10 Inch Monitor 1024×600 Small Display HD TFT LCD Display Screen Support AV VGA BNC HDMI Video Input for CCTV DVD PC DVR with Speaker
Eyoyo 10 Inch Monitor 1024×600 Small Display HD TFT LCD Display Screen Support AV VGA BNC HDMI Video Input for CCTV DVD PC DVR with Speaker


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Specification: Eyoyo 10 Inch Monitor 1024×600 Small Display HD TFT LCD Display Screen Support AV VGA BNC HDMI Video Input for CCTV DVD PC DVR with Speaker

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1024 x 600



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6 reviews for Eyoyo 10 Inch Monitor 1024×600 Small Display HD TFT LCD Display Screen Support AV VGA BNC HDMI Video Input for CCTV DVD PC DVR with Speaker

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  • Avatar

    Larry Westbrook

    Just perfect for kitchen, most of the time the least place we are..

    November 17, 2022
  • Avatar


    News and information before bed. This last one purchased has better volume control.

    November 3, 2022
  • Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    My initial review was a complaint that Eyoyo did not respond to my request to rectify a fault in this product. Since I wrote it, Eyoyo finally contacted me and offered to send me another monitor for no charge. I took them up on this offer, and so far there are no problems with the unit. Picture quality is excellent, and the input/output ports can accommodate a variety of connections. I am using the monitor as a small under-cabinet tv, connected by HDMI to a wifi tv box, and a better quality speaker plugged in as well.

    September 3, 2022
  • Avatar

    Robert L.

    Over the last two years, I have purchased three of these Eyoyo monitors. I use them with my security camera system so I can have visual access to my camera outputs in the three rooms in my house where I spend most of my time.They are excellent monitors. They produce very sharp images with vibrant colors. Furthermore, these monitors have all the input and output capabilities and features of a large, pricey HDTV at a very economical price. I very much recommend them if you are looking for a small, handy, quality monitor at an inexpensive price point.I am a big believer in Eyoyo products. Not only are they high quality but, also, they have excellent customer service. I wish all vendors would be as nice. They respond immediately to any questions which you might have and which you send to their e-mail address.

    September 2, 2022
  • Avatar

    Vid the Kid

    When I connected this to my Windows 7 computer via the included VGA cable and a DisplayPort to VGA adapter, I was surprised to see I could only set the resolution to 800×600 (recommended) or 832×624. Sure enough, at 800×600 the pixels were scaled exactly 1:1. I also noticed ClearType text was blurry and colorful, as if viewed through a glass prism; the subpixels are arranged BGR, not the usual RGB. I solved this by rotating the whole screen 180° and then using the monitor’s horizonal and vertical mirroring features to make the picture upright. I later realized I probably could have simply set up ClearType for BGR subpixels on that display using the Windows ClearType tuning tool, but I’m not sure how well that works, and I’d rather have my cables coming out of the top of the monitor than the bottom anyway, for clearance reasons. The image isn’t quite as crisp as it could be, with each pixel influencing its neighbor to the right to some degree. No fiddling with the timing phase will fix this; it seems to not be a timing issue, but possibly some fractional pixel error in the process of scaling an 800×600 pixel signal onto an 800×600 pixel panel. That sounds boneheaded, but the issue may be complicated by the fact that the firmware seems to think it’s a 16:9 panel (which is also kinda boneheaded). Setting it to display the picture at 16:9 will cause it to fill the 4:3 display with the provided picture, with no distortion (as long as the computer generating the signal expects a 4:3 display). Also, I had to adjust the horizontal and vertical picture position settings to avoid cutting off at least one column and row of pixels. Maybe that wouldn’t be necessary if I used a digital video connection.The screen is bright, the colors are vivid, and I haven’t noticed any viewing angle problems. There seems to be a kind of shimmering or dithering effect visible in areas of solid color, even pure white. You probably don’t want to stare at this screen for long periods of time, though.If you can accept this monitor’s many shortcomings and just need a small extra screen to refer to when something’s taking up the entirety of your main screen, you’ll probably find this worth the price.

    October 10, 2021
  • Avatar


    In a world of monitors the size of a bedsheet, it’s easy to overlook that sometimes small tasks call for small monitors.This is not a primary monitor for a thousand column spreadsheet or a CAD modeler. It’s great for passive monitoring like status indicators for a build or for carrying to setup servers that will spend most of their lives without a monitor.My favorite feature of the Eyoyo is that it has every video input that matters. HDMI is there, of course. but it also decodes the older analog input from RCA jacks or a VGA DB-15 connector. If you’re hooking up a “classic” gaming console or tiny computer (Original Pi, the C.H.I.P, or even a video iPOD (cable not included) having that RCA composite video input is super handy. It also supports HDMI, which provides sound and video on the contemporary connector. You can leave all the video connections plugged in and switch between them via the on-screen display.The unit is small enough to keep in your bag of tricks if you’re having to enter the pre-boot environment, such as BIOS for a server upgrade or backup recovery for a normally headless system.Text was clear and bright.As a bonus, there is a 5V/1A USB output for power. This is useful for things like an LED “ring’ light (not for the camera itself), powering Single Board Computers, or powering network gear. This is a power-ONLY USB-A.I could never really get the aspect ratio right when testing on my iMac. I think that MacOS just hasn’t had to support 4:3 in so long that it just doesn’t. Honestly, that’s a bit of a silly combination and I didn’t research it much. This monitor Just Worked in high resolutions on all the tiny computers (CHIP, Pi, Pi Zero, old desktop Linux, UNIX systems, game boxes and more. Text mode, though tiny, worked as well as all the respective GUI environments.It does come with a bracket that’s probably best mounted to a wall. The wires at the bottom edge can be a bit crowded when the cables have to exit and them make a right turn to miss the desk.In all, I appreciate the size because I share it between several systems that are USUALLY network connected. Picture quality was good and the variety of hardware connections is handy for a gadgeteer.

    March 10, 2021

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