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  • Avatar


    I bought a Samsung TV in 2009 and it still works today. Unfortunately this TV lasted only 13 months before developing several issues. Initially I was blown away by the picture. It was unbelievably colorful and crisp and just a huge improvement from 1080p. I’m old school so all the things I could do with it were amazing as well. I have one of the first apple tv’s and paid a few bucks for it but this tv has it built right into it which amazes me. I don’t have home internet so I really didn’t even use most of the bells and whistles on this TV but using my Hotspot I was able to check some of them out. When I turned the TV on the startup image alone was absolutely amazing and everything else followed suit but now here I sit watching you tube videos trying to decide if I even wanna bother fixing it. My old Samsung had an issue with the main board that cost me around $60 to fix and it was well worth it considering I paid somewhere around $2000 for the TV. This one was considerably cheaper and I’m just not sure I want to be bothered. I guess I most likely will end up trying to fix it though because I can’t afford another TV.So here’s what happened. I noticed black horizontal lines near the bottom of the screen. Than a few weeks later when I tried to turn the TV on I had trouble getting it to power on. When I did there were black inky looking spots on the screen. From there it got harder and harder to get it powered on and sometimes that black inky look would go across the entire screen. The picture quality has suffered overall when it does work. At this point those are all intermittent issues besides the horizontal lines which are constant. So yes the TV is usable for the most part but since I doubt it’ll fix itself I guess I’m left forking out the money and time it’ll take to fix this thing and it’s disappointing at best.So it’s a tough call for me as to whether I would recommend this TV or not. The picture was great, it has some nice features, it’s extremely lightweight and compact compared to earlier models which explains why people aren’t afraid to mount them on their wall or ceiling, and the price would be great too if it worked like it should. Maybe I just got a bum TV and if that’s the case I’m not surprised but that’s why I guess I gotta say you get what you pay for. If you want something you can depend on your luck and your money will probably have to invest in something with a bigger price tag.Eventually I will be digging into the problem with mine and I’ll update this review with what I come up with at that point.

    November 26, 2022
  • Avatar

    Deepak Mohanty

    During Black Friday 2022, I bought the 43″ variant to mount in front of our elliptical machine. The price was $210 + tax. It has apps for all the streaming services we subscribe to. The sound is loud enough. The picture quality of the VA panel is not drool worthy, but is adequate. The processor keeps pace with the software. I noticed no lag.I used a “killawatt” meter to measure the power usage. I found that it sips power when the screen is turned off.1. Turned on, at home screen, idling: 80 W2. Turned off (in the first few minutes) : 8W3. Turned off (afterwards, in deep sleep mode): less than a watt (My meter is not granular enough and I did not spend enough time to average out the power.)Overall, it is hard to beat given the price.Updated the review on Nov. 28, 2022 to include power consumption in deep sleep mode. If you do not see any more updates, it would mean that the TV lasted for more than 2 years / Amazon stopped selling it.

    November 26, 2022
  • Avatar

    G. Clough

    I can’t say enough about this SAMSUNG 43-Inch Class Crystal 4K UHD AU8000 Series. The colors are vivid. The smart features are more than what I would have expected it would have. The TV comes with the Samsung TV Plus App which has Live TV, On Demand Movies, News, H&G, Crime, etc…. and the list goes on with over 200+ free channels. All you need for this is a router with either a network cable and or Wireless 2.4g or 5g. It comes with 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. A 5v & 1v No matter what you connect to the tv, the Smart Remote learns the function whether a Blu-Ray, Firestick or Surround Sound Receiver. I upgraded my remote to the solar remote and don’t have to worry about batteries anymore. I’ve got HBO-Max, Showtime Go. Starz, VUDU, Amazon Prime, Paramount and the list goes on with enough room for several more apps and 1.7Gb’s of space left. One of the features I really like is being able to access the portable WD-5T wirelessly. I have it hooked up to the router via USB where I have 100’s of movies stored. For a entry level television priced at under $400.00, it has a high end look & feel. It can be bought right now for under $350.00 here at Amazon.

    November 24, 2022
  • Avatar


    almost the same as my original LG remote, worked great out the gate with some recharged batteries, can’t say anything about longevity, but if it lasts as long as the original, for price paid, i’m golden

    November 24, 2022
  • Avatar

    C. Brent Robinson

    I bought this TV to replace and older 720p LG I had as I use it mainly for gaming (Xbox). I will say that the jump from 720p to 1080p was great!! The TV setup itself was pretty easy and didn’t take long to download what ever updates were needed (I use Google WiFi). As for some reviews mentioning having to sign up to Samsung, I just skipped that part (which you can) and all woks fine. I typically stream through my Xbox but tried it with out and it worked with no issues. Since I didn’t do the Samsung app sign up I can’t use Samsung Wallet to by things but I don’t do that anyway regardless so, no big deal.

    November 22, 2022
  • Avatar

    Yitzhak B.

    It come with the android tv.The OS is not so smooth and there are some lags. But it worth the price.

    November 21, 2022
  • Avatar

    T. Jackson

    I’ve had this TV for about 5 months. I wanted to use it before I wrote a review emphasizing the obvious, great picture and size. Most everyone who sees it is impressed by the image and presence. It arrived quickly and was pretty easy to set up. Before you purchase, please read on. LG missed the mark in several ways that will disappoint. The sound is good, too, but sometimes it’s hard to pick out voices and understand. I read it doesn’t support bluetooth headphones. Two more functionally significant disappointments are the remote and ESPN+, or lack thereof. The remote is poorly designed. It has an arrow that often shows up on the screen, but it’s not really perfected. Also, the Alexa button is between the main control circle and the mute button(above). I probably use mute more than anything and if you’re not careful you hit Alexa, which takes you down a rabbit hole to get back to where you were. Last, but not least, you CANNOT get ESPN+ on this TV! They do not offer the app and you can’t install it like, Hulu or YouTube. In theory you could use the TV web browser, but it’s nearly useless and doesn’t provide acceptable streaming. To watch games, I end up hooking my laptop to the set, which is barely acceptable.Do not buy this model if you watch ESPN+One final nitpicky point, the TV’s weight is not balanced, if you use a wall mount, the right side is heavier and tends to tilt down.

    November 20, 2022
  • Avatar


    I’ve ordered several remotes from this seller and will continue to! We have a puppy that is in his chewing faze always seems to get his little paws on our remotes. All you have to do is switch the batteries over and the remote instantly works! No programming needed!

    November 19, 2022
  • Avatar


    When we have meetings and we are throwing up a drawing on Teams or Zoom, you can be one of the few in the same room and pour around a laptop OR, shoot that drawing up on a massive TV.For the price, we are super happy. Samsung makes one of the best TV/monitors out there and as far as I can tell you, you can’t go wrong. There are a few tricky things.- If you are looking for a stand, wall stands were abundant but we could not use one for the location needed has a window. The mobile stands get crazy expensive, but we still found one at a decent price. Note the weight of the tv, it is not terrible.- Ours is in our office, but we make concrete products and sometimes this material is brought in through shoes, clothing and what not. We ordered a cover as well. Not a lot of options when you get up to 86″ but we found one for around $90 that also had a small pocket for the remote and weather suited for outdoor covering.Many people who walk through our office area ask how much; many swear they are buying one for home.

    November 14, 2022
  • Avatar

    Sheri L. Tracey

    While I am not using this monitor for gaming, I think it would be amazing for that too. I got this to take the place of two monitors for work. I work from home and having two monitors on my desk was causing issues. This is the perfect solution. Lots of space, ability to snap open applications into windows within the monitor. I can see everything. Love this !!!

    November 10, 2022
  • Avatar

    Garry Riggs

    100% worth every penny!!! The picture is absolutely amazing. There is absolutely nothing to complain about with this. If I had to find a problem I would say the remote could have more features but I didnt buy the tv for the remote. Everything is absolutely amazing. Everyone whos seen the tv is amazed by the picture and the size of the tv. Dont pass on this TV if you are in the market. I searched for months and this one hands down is amazing!!!! JUST BUY IT!!!

    November 10, 2022
  • Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    There is an big annoying red light on the front bottom that is only on when TV is off and it stays on. Also super annoying Google set up. You should be able to skip that garbage and run off the inports. Sound is tinny. All in all you get what you pay for. OK tv

    November 9, 2022
  • Avatar

    Stevie B.

    So here’s what I learned a very long time ago… You can get caught up in all the hype with the latest and greatest in technology. Right now, all the rage is about OLED and QLED TV’s. Are they worth it? Maybe. Do they have better picture quality? Maybe a little. But ya know what? You won’t have them side by side in your home to compare them. Unless you had this TV side by side with an OLED TV, you’re not going to be able to tell the difference (if there is any).This Samsung TU9010 86″ TV has a gorgeous picture. The colors are vibrant. It has a super clear picture and there is no motion blur that we can see (and we watch a lot of sports).Don’t get caught up in all the hoopla. Save some of your hard earned money and buy this TV. You’ll be getting a great bang for your buck and you’ll be super happy that you saved yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

    November 7, 2022
  • Avatar

    Ben Blanchard

    Our original remote broke within a year of buying our TV. Initially I went with the cheaper replacement that had nearly the same buttons. It worked okay but the buttons soon wore out. I then bought this remote and it is an exact replacement and works right out of the package once you insert new batteries. All the buttons work including the streaming apps button and its very sturdy

    November 5, 2022
  • Avatar

    Living Wage Advocate

    I got this for the price and the reviews I’d read. Given the price , it’s a really good performer. I purchased this specifically to serve as a very large computer monitor. I don’t have to wear readers while sitting at at 50 inch screen and I’m at a screen for hours. It works as such great with a modern computer. You get a giant desktop to boot–with lots of space to keep open windows etc. I tried gaming on it with an Alienware computer (not laptop)–2022 Alienware and it’s been good. I’m not an avid gamer but the graphics are great. I used newer HDMI cables to insure good quality. I’d say it’ would be fine with an Xbox or PS3 as well as a cheap but very respectable alternative to a stand alone monitor of this size. Professional gamers should go elsewhere for myriad reasons and simply would not choose a TV as a monitor but everyone else–you might be quite pleased given the price.I’ve read so much about it being an Amazon TV–true, that’s the interface that’s the main screen when you turn it on– but it’s as simple as pushing a few buttons, going to inputs and there’s the computer as an input. I have the signal for the TV as an internet driven TV using a cable directly off my router but I did try it on WIFI (I have a very good WIFI system at home) and it was fine and generating high quality images.Yes when the screen goes to sleep, you must push the home screen button, toggle over to inputs to your computer input and wake your computer from sleep via keyboard and mouse-it’s been fussy–I have to usually hit the keyboard a few times, jiggle the mouse but again we’re talking 4 seconds and given the price I can live with the jiggle when that happens. Waking the computer first , then going to the inputs seems to be more reliable but this is no deal breaker by any means.I will say that the settings menus for the TV is confusing. You don’t get global settings (where you it a settings button for the TV as a whole, for all things connected to the TV and apply to everything–much of your picture settings is dependent on what you are watching. So if you are watching a very high quality Netflix or Amazon Prime Show, the settings give you a broad range of options and you see the impact of those settings as you tamper for that programming. If I’m using it on my computer, I have to tweak those settings when the computer is up to insure the settings are what I want. If I am gaming (as an option) under the computer , I readjust for gaming. If I bring up any of the HD Youtube stuff for 4K–the picture is marvelous, that pristine wow picture you see on screens on display at a big box store.I do notice with scenes that are night , on Netflix or Prime, for some night scenes some issues with shadows or darkness (meaning you will see a kind of clouding abstract dark patch on the screen). You can adjust settings to get rid of this and lose some picture quality, sit further back etc. Given the price, I’d not sweat it.Other reviewers have mentioned 120hz–this is a 60hz machine (though it may do things up to 120HZ)—I’ve not scene specific settings that suddenly let you deal with or designate that the TV should generate 120hz. I’d welcome a post talking to that matter, be great to unlock all that but I fear on this model it’s not there.Someone used the word Vivid in another post. The settings that pump out color on this machine are referred to as DYNAMIC, then there’s natural, movie, standard, game PC–basically ignoring those labels–pick and choose what looks best for you and fiddle with the associated settings under those labels. There is also a custom setting for the very brave.Getting at settings is remote dependent, so that’s where the action is, learn the remote. Not all remote features will work unless the content has that enabled. There’s vague references to that on some of the main TV settings under the Fire settings menu on the main screen. Customer support won’t tell you that and you may end up unnecessarily resetting your TV (per their directive) when in fact it’s working fine.So I’d say this–if you want a cheap 4K QLED that will impress with many things, but not all, go for it with this 50 inch TV. I did for my purposes–got a great monitor, much better movie viewing in my office when I so desire and it’s not really hard to operate and handle many inputs. I’d buy another HISENSE as a main TV on their upper tier.If you’re thinking you’re going to get OLED or some competitors quality at a steal–not quite but very close .

    November 3, 2022
  • Avatar


    I was excited to purchase this Amazon Fire TV from a very solid tech company. Picture quality is fine and is what I expected. After having it for a few months I have discovered many software issues that are quite frustrating. First off, I’m fairly tech minded and can do basic troubleshooting. This problem is absolutely shocking to me that Amazon has not fixed it yet with one of the most popular streaming apps out there: Disney+. I have tried everything I can to get Disney+ to work and I’ve failed. I’ve cleared cache, uninstalled and reinstalled many times, but it gives me the same error and even has trouble just downloading the app let alone installing and launching it. Now, I know internet speed can be an issue. I tested the internet speed under the ‘Network’ section in settings, but even that doesn’t work for me. It gives me an error saying I need to update the software on the TV, but when I go to update it, it says up to date. So I downloaded a 3rd party wifi speed test app on the TV and that proves that my 65mbps “should” be fast enough. One very useful feature is the ‘Restart’ option under settings and devices which reboots the TV like one would a computer. That seems to clear up other issues I run into like FUBO not launching and just spinning the endless circle. I gave it some months time before I wrote this scathing review because I assumed Amazon would get their act together and rollout some software updates to fix these bugs, but nothing has been done. Hate to say it, but I kinda miss Xfinity and how it just worked, like all the time.***Update*** I have to say, after I posted this scathing review, Amazon actually called me with a live person the next day to follow up and offer suggestions on fixing my problem. I ended up doing a factory reset and it fixed the Disney+ issue. Disney works now! After going through multiple app-sign-in hell, the tv is fully functional. I’ve increased my rating from 1 star to 4 stars because of Amazon’s customer service.Thank you Amazon.

    November 2, 2022
  • Avatar

    Daniel G.

    The picture is very good, I have a Sonos sound system and that’s a bit of a pain thanks to the OS trying to run the tv more like a media server. I don’t like that it comes loaded with a bunch of crap programs that I am not going to use, the remote needs a way to turn off that pointer, it’s ignorant and I hate that it auto starts all the time. It was a good deal, I will work out the kinks, wish the manufacturer could be happy to sell the device without all the spam built in that you delete and they put back with each update. stop that.

    October 31, 2022
  • Avatar

    R. Hanley

    Product was delivered a day early, driver knocked on the door and rang the bell to ensure that I knew product was delivered. The TV itself was well packaged and well documented. I am using it as a monitor for a MacBook Pro and a Linux box via HDMI. Plug and play work instantaneously with slight resolution weirdness when it came to the MacBook Pro connection, but then again, last night, Apple pushed out an update, so I have a feeling it’s Apple’s fault since the Linux desktop what’s perfectly. Other than that, it works out of the box without issue. Although it’s only one day in, totally satisfied for the money.

    October 27, 2022
  • Avatar


    I was excited about the screen but it kept turning off on it’s own or it wouldn’t turn on. I changed the HDMI cable but still didn’t resolve the issue.

    October 27, 2022
  • Avatar


    I bought this on sale and it was a great deal. Assembly was easy, it’s sturdy, and the picture quality is great. I use only Prime Video app, none of the (far too) many preloaded Amazon apps. I hate that I cannot delete those preloaded Amazon apps. Why? Because I have recently been getting error messages that my memory is almost full. Erm, what? I have installed only a handful (4 or 5?) apps like Xfinity, Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, Tubi so I can stream. It was a pain to find out how to delete apps. After I cleared out most of my apps, I STILL got the error message. I kept deleting and cleaning out cashes, etc. Finally, I no longer get the error message. Every once in a while, something blips on it and I have to turn off/turn on to fix. If you can put up with some little irritations every once in a while, then this is a great buy. Otherwise, might need to spend a little more money or buy something without Amazon apps that you can’t delete. 🙂

    October 27, 2022
  • Avatar

    Anna Simulis

    I have never heard of TCL televisions before finding this one on Amazon at 50% off. I just wanted a 4K television that was without headaches. This one is so nice. ROKU is built into it as the default, which I love. I just want to watch my streaming movies on VUDU, Netflix and whatever. Honestly, the only complaint (which may be old news) is that the internal speakers are meh. I had the option of buying the television with a sound bar, and obviously surround sound systems make the TV speakers unnecessary. I did not need any of that…I am going to watch this TV in bed with headphones. (Fun fact: listening to the TV with headphones can only be done through the ROKU mobile app…connect the app on your phone to the TV, use the “remote control” function, and there’s a headphone button on the screen. Connect headphones to your cellphone and you can watch TV while your wife sleeps (wearing an eye mask…it’s a bright TV after all)

    October 13, 2022
  • Avatar


    Not very smart. With terrible support. Even though I was an audio/videophile, when I could afford it, and even though this TV is not OLED, I am extremely pleased with the TV, picture-wise (plus I got it on sale for $299,which helps expectations). The sound is acceptable, until I can augment with external speakers. I can hear it just fine and there’s enough audio settings, esp voice enhancing, to set it to hear around my apt. I have it on its stand, on a table, so there’s room for the sound to reflect off the table. If you wall mount it, this will not be true, so may be6much quieter. But it’s much better than I thought and the sound approximates as home theater-ish as it can (not much, granted!). The preset EQ is terrible. There’s no separate bass, treble, mid settings.I have had no trouble running the TV with and casting from my 2yr old Motorola Android phone. From every streaming service app. Set up was easy, after I got the hang of a smart TV, and I easily downloaded the TV and phone apps and logged into all my streaming accounts.I was bothered that there weren’t many video settings but as of yesterday’s significant software update, there’s more. But if you don’t want to be bothered, it’s certainly acceptable set as delivered, or using the many video presets.The bad: I can’t mirror from my desktop computer to the TV. My research shows that only Intel Pentium 4th generation processors will reliably connect. I have a 3rd generation (Sandy Bridge) processor, and even though it did connect, with some issues, for about 3min, it hasn’t since. While Mirrorcast, included with Windows running on a Sandy Bridge processor, may successfully mirror to your TV, it *very* well may not. This is all Wi-Fi. I have yet to try using an HDMI cable and using the TV as a 2nd monitor. Or buying a Chromecast device, which is even more money. But gamers be cautious (I am not a gamer, per se, but I would love to run my Second Life virtual world on a 50″ screen!). I have to send movies I own or home video clips, etc, to YouTube, in order to watch on the TV. This takes forever, esp if HD or UHD. Like 12+hrs to process if UHD. I need to update my DVD player but why should I have to. Why wasn’t the info about the processors front and center on the sales info? I only think it’s recently on the TV support page. Not sure about AMD machines and don’t remember what it said about Mac, but I don’t think it was good. Check it on Amazon mirroring page for this TV.Even though I went crazy searching the internet for a cure for mirroring, most info is for a Firestck and not FireTV. Similar but not the same. The Amazon support pages are a brief joke.I finally, before giving up mirroring, called support yesterday. I’ve worked support (granted, developer support) and I was shocked. I knew way more than she did, and she was obviously using the internet or a database, for the simplest of questions, which I can do! Her TV simulator had a whole different menu than the TV! And it took me 5min to convince her (how hard is “My menu doesn’t have that.” to understand?). I was hoping to escalate the call to a more technical tier, but, after a ridiculous conversation all I could get was a supervisor. The supervisor was much *more* knowledgeable, but still not the TECHNICAL support I was after. I don’t want to be told, “The software won’t connect on your machine.” Which software? Why won’t it work? How do you know my computer and what’s on it? Plus it was a HARDWARE issue. I actually found the processor info while on hold while they Googled their answers. So I guess the call wasn’t a waste… TBF, these ladies were *incredibly* patient and nice. Even called me back when the call got dropped. If you have a simple issue, they would be ok, if you can get past the things I’ve mentioned. English was most excellent.I’ll spare you my rant about a big company like Amazon should be able to field at least minimal support. Esp for expensive and smart products. I will never buy an big tech Amazon brand again.Even though I am happy with the TV, only as a TV, I dinged 2 stars for terrible support, the hidden mirroring info, and the difficult software and user interface. As a former software developer, it’s like it was written by 12yr old interns. It’s really important that you are able to control and cast the TV from your phone, for the best experience.There’s also no way to display the time/date on the screen, without rooting the TV and running software! Even my 80s TVs and VCRs could do that, with one on/off setting, and reliably set sleep time! Setting sleep time, screensaver options, and such is broken, although I did notice that the quick sleep timer is working better since the update. Settings are very confusing. Nothing seems like it’s where it should be, esp on the big gear menu from the Home screen. The remote settings overlay (from remote) is slightly better but menus arranged differently. Oh, and the teenie, tiny remote really stinks, but I have a remote control phone app which helps, although not worth it just to do volume and other simple things. Again, if not for my phone, this TV would be far less enjoyable.As of this review, I’ve owned the TV for a month, with heavy use, with no malfunctions. Knock wood, and I hope it lasts as long as the 24 payments. I am a senior lady with health issues, but was able to unpack, screw on the stand, and set it up myself. It was very hard on me, but there was no one else here to do it. I was using it within 20min. Very A/V tech literate, though.I’ve been watching it with glee, coming from years of having to use my 24″ 1080p computer monitor. If I had owned big modern TVs before, this might be a 1star review. It’s far lower in overall quality, in every way, (granted, much cheaper) than my 90s Sony big screen TV, even with its limited resolution. Lighter and smaller, though, even though same size. Hope this helps someone!

    October 13, 2022
  • Avatar


    I bought this as a computer monitor for my Windows 10 PC and the image is excellent! However, here is a longer-than-necessary note about a BIG negative experience I initially had, thinking (mistakenly) that it was the fault of this TV. Several days ago I was shocked to discover that whenever a typical alert happened on the computer such as “printer out of paper,” etc., there wasn’t just a little chime that emanated from the TV, but an ear-splitting blast of sound! I’ve never experienced this before. My ears actually hurt from the sound blast. Looking for a solution online, my search brought up the “best” suggestion which was to go to Settings > Sound > Expert Settings > Sound Feedback > OFF. But… that did NOT shut it off. Then, when I hit the MUTE button to temporarily eliminate the problem, there was an annoying SPEAKER SLASH icon that continual flashed on the screen. Now, here comes my confession of folly, my big “duh moment.” I finally checked the settings on my faithful PC and realized that, for some reason, my PC’s audio setting had jumped to 100%. I’m so glad I checked this because it had never been a problem with my previous monitor — a 70″ Vizio that had to be replaced because of dying pixels that were creating large dark shadows. SO… after adjusting the PC’s audio settings, all is now PERFECT. It’s odd because I never tampered with the PC’s audio settings. Therefore, if you have this same problem of ear-splitting noise explosions erupting from your Samsung TV, maybe this story will provide your solution.

    September 23, 2022
  • Avatar

    Nick imes

    I like it personally just because it’s a bit wider than my other monitors. You can game on it but it’s not the best.you can even watch movies on it but again not the best.if you do alot of business work this monitor is great for that.

    September 22, 2022
  • Avatar

    J Part

    How I look at it is, you be cost effective (quality at the best price) for your small office, guestrooms, bedrooms, nooks, etc. and spend your money for the big entertainment rooms (Living, mancaves, she-sheds, etc.), where you would normally entertain guests. With that said, a TCL 5 Series QLED is the best cost effective decision you can make on a TV. I recommend getting the TCL soundbar that is suggested with it unless you are in a roommate setup and need to use RF Headphones. I also highly recommend buying a 4 year protection plan that Amazon offers as well…Then BOOM! You basically own a Samsung and still saved around $300+!Picture quality is excellent as well as the responsive time, and Roku is superb. Great for watching shows in your nook while cooking or on the wall right beside your bed. Bought two of these for those very rooms. I own a big 75″ Samsung Neo QLED and Samsung 700 soundbar for the living room.Again, spend your money where it matters.

    September 22, 2022
  • Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    I have been using this new replacement monitor for a month and have not had any issues thus far. The 24 inch monitor I replaced was just a bit too wide to fit properly in the tight space between raised shelves I have on my computer desk. This packard bell ultra-thin bezel fits perfectly in the space I have enabling me to have the monitor two inches lower since it can sit directly on the shelf instead of being elevated on a styrofoam block above the side shelves, making for a greatly improved viewing angle for me.The only minor design issue I have is that the control buttons are on the back of the monitor and difficult to reach within my setup, not to mention you don’t know what button you are hitting just by feel since they cannot be seen from the front.

    September 18, 2022
  • Avatar

    Lyman O

    This tv has a good quality picture if you are looking for full HD. I was glad to find it because I don’t like the look of 4K tv pictures. Too much detail doesn’t leave enough to the imagination and makes everything look fake somehow.My problem with this tv was there wasn’t any setting for changing the resolution down or up. And the output to a sound bar disable the TV;s sound control. I had to use the sound bar control to change the volume.Maybe a better quality sound bar would link up to it better, but the one I bought with it had to be returned because it only worked for about 10 minutes. It was another Samsung product that sounded great for 10 minutes, but then refused to power back on. Maybe it got dropped in the mail and something came loose inside.The viewing angel on the tv is good and the tv itself has pretty good sound, but lacked bass. That is why I bought a sound bar, because it had a remote wireless subwoofer. But that didn’t work out.

    September 17, 2022
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    B0N3 D4DDy

    As you can see from the picture, the FIRST TV I was sent was not an acceptable product. And honestly, I believe they sent this shattered screen one on purpose because I called & complained about a delivery hold up, so I believe they just grabbed a broken one & threw it on the truck because I suddenly & very quickly got it like the next day, strangely enough. Even more strange was that the two capable gentlemen who delivered this one had it strapped securely to the inside rear of the truck with absolutely nothing around it (in an empty 10ft radius) nothing that could’ve damaged it so badly, & these guys were not reckless or dropsy, so I’m still not sure how a TV shipped & handled that securely got shattered across the entire front of the screen while being handled by such careful pros. Thankfully the replacement was much better and I received a free, “DELUXE DELIVERY & UNBOX” which was a very misleading thing because when they got here w/ the TV, the young gentleman in charge continually explained how they could do nothing but take it out of the box, plug it in and ensure operation, which amounted to making sure it turned on, and then take the box and leave. That’s it, that’s all! They literally wouldn’t even help me lift it onto the table where it was to sit. I still don’t know what was “DELUXE” about this Deluxe Delivery & Unbox. Oh, & the same guy complaining about all they couldn’t do for me instead of focusing on what he could do? He also had to (quite annoyingly) repeatedly tell me that they weren’t even “supposed to deliver to you because of the construction” going on in what used to be our apt bldg’s parking lot. Yet Amazon delivers here practically everyday. But for some strange reason he was insistent that the construction out front was a definite No No for Amazon deliveries (or maybe he meant just for TV deliveries). I’m stil not sure. Either way, still makes no sense.So now to the TV. I ordered this 65″ Samsung Crystal Tizen for TWO MAIN REASONS.1) It had a voice remote & 3 voice assistants to choose from, but since I like Google & they were pushing this as a Google TV w/ Google Assistant, that was a big selling point for me. Actually the biggest selling point. I knew I could very easily connect my already established Google Assistant like I had done on a 4K Chromecast I bought from Walmart in 2020. But sadly, THAT NEVER HAPPENED! After speaking extensively to Samsung TV support, Google & Google Assistant support, Amazon support, & even some support chat bots & emails & community support forums & you name it, I tried it. The best advice I got to simply move forward from this nightmare fiasco was to go ahead & just use one of the other two remaining voice assistants that were still available on the TV, Samsung’s Bixby, or Amazon’s Alexa. Both of which I dislike. What I had seen of Samsung’s Bixby from interaction with it on my Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets was that it was fully advertisement saturated, and I dislike that immensely. Whereas Amazon’s Alexa is just one big speaking algorithm designed primarily for nothing more than selling more Amazon merchandise. I don’t need that on my TV remote & I’m also not buying another device to connect to it just to get it to work properly with the TV. Because of course if you select Alexa as your voice assistant they immediately try to upsell you into an Echo or some other unnecessary thing you don’t need to operate a voice assistant on your TV remote. Why do I need another device to make my TV remote work correctly with a voice assistant? I’ve been using Roku voice remotes for 3 or 4 yrs now & they work just fine w/ their system as is. No extra device purchase necessary. My Google Chromecast works amazingly well with its Google Assistant voice remote. Both of those items were less than $100 each. Buuuut, a brand new 65″ 4K Samsung Crystal Tizen has the WORST voice assistant remote I’ve ever encountered. And it WILL NOT HOOK UP TO GOOGLE ASSISTANT. So, on to the . . . .2nd REASON I PURCHASED THIS TV?Because it had 4K UPSCALING!!! What a huge feature in a TV this inexpensive! I’d purchased a Sony Blu-ray player w/ 4K upscaling and it was amazing. I fell in love with how old DVD movies were brought up to nearly 4K quality with doing nothing more than putting the movie in the carriage and pushing play. So when I saw that this Samsung Crystal Tizen had 4K upscaling in all picture viewing formats, BOOM, I was all in. That 4K upscaling & the 4K picture clarity in it’s Dynamic viewing mode have been the ONLY redeeming qualities in this entire fiasco of a purchase.Talk about a bunch of ridiculous false advertising, pitiful customer support & delivery inadequacies, & more difficulty & flawed merchandise than one person should have to endure in an entire year? But of course these are all avoidable issues that I somehow created on my own when I clicked, “Add to cart” & made a purchase, fully believing & trusting that i was going to receive what i had read & saw with my own eyes, in the time i was told I’d receive it.(Speaking of, did I mention the reason I called and complained about the delayed shipping to begin with was that my item, the broken TV in the picture, had been sitting in a little suburb about 20 minutes outside of town for going on 2 days and had not moved according to the tracking details? Which is why i personally believe that when I called to inquire about it, that my inquiry was taken as a slight & perturbed the heck outta whomever received it & because of it, this broken mess is what they sent me. Nearly 2 days in one spot 20 mins away from me? What would you do?)Oh, & apparently I’ll never have Google Assistant on this TV. It just won’t connect. Keeps telling me to login & connect but won’t let me. I’ve been FORCED to use Samsung’s Bixby as the voice assistant for the TV & remote. UGGGHHHHH!!!IN CLOSING – ITS A GOOD TV FOR THIS PRICE, BUT IF THEY RAISE THE PRICE? LOOK ELSEWHERE. AND REMEMBER, THE ONE FEATURE YOU’RE PERSONALLY AFTER? THE ONE FEATURE THAT MAY BE THE SELLING POINT THAT SOLD YOU ON THIS TV? IT’S HIGHLY POSSIBLE IT MAY NOT WORK AT ALL, OR MAY NOT WORK CORRECTLY. It’s also a very high possibility that if you run into shipping and delivery issues, you can end up with a broken TV and have to do a long & painstaking, time consuming, long time waiting for your money back, refund and return. Yay Amazon & Samsung!(What follows is an addendum to my review (11/16/22)THE REMOTE…….? Worst remote I’ve ever used. And I am not saying that lightly. Most remotes are pretty ergonomic and you can adapt to them easily, although sometimes it may take a while to get accustomed to it. This remote? It’s been months and I still fumble with it. For one, it’s much to small & thin. My biggest gripe about it, though, is that I often watch videos inside of streaming apps. And the main problem w/ the remote here is when you push the PLAY/PAUSE button? Every third or fourth time (sometimes several times in a row if your tired or absent minded) you will mistakenly also push the channel selector button which is right below it. So this obnoxious channel guide button on the remote? It’s placement & size makes it stick up off the remote face much too high, so it’s very easy to accidentally graze it w/ your thumb when clicking the PLAY/PAUSE button. Which then immediately takes you out of the video you were watching, closes that app and switches the input over to the TV channels. And this happens frequently. I cannot overstate this. Because, after all, what button do you use more frequently on your Smart TV remote than the PLAY/PAUSE button? Can you imagine how annoying it is to REPEATEDLY have to log back in to an app to finish watching a movie that you should only have to push PLAY on the remote to finish? Or how startled you REPEATEDLY are when the TV channels suddenly pop on in a LOUD COMMERCIAL when you were merely pushing the PAUSE button on the remote so you could go fix a soda in the kitchen while the movie was in a slow spot? And to have this happen every 3rd or 4th time you press that PLAY/PAUSE button on the remote? And don’t think it’s because I’m thick fingered or ignorant. I’m a guitar player & artist with extremely nimble & dexterous digits, so it’s not me! So if you decide to get this TV, maybe seriously consider a different remote. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Samsung TV. It’s a huge step up from that 65″ 4K TCL/Roku piece of crap I bought from Walmart in Oct 2020 that died on me TWICE & went into the black screen of death. And all before 2021 was through. A TV that barely makes it over a year before it dies twice? Yeah, that’s a bad TV. This is a much better product and I am much happier. And I don’t know what TCL Roku thinks UHD or 4K looks like, but that wasn’t it. Looking at the clarity on that junky old TCL ROKU TV was like the difference in looking at a muddy puddle compared to looking at clear water, and this Samsung is the clear water. So, I am pretty satisfied w/ the TV itself. It’s mainly the delivery process, the unclear definition of what a deluxe delivery and unbox means, the process required to return a broken TV and get a replacement, The Voice Assistant issue which I had massive problems with, and this piece of “you know what” remote. I would also like to highlight the fact that I finally figured out what the problem was with the Google Assistant. There is a small setting way off in an almost undisclosed area of the SmartThings settings (on your phone or device) for those of you who use Samsung products, and in that setting you have to delete and reset your Google Assistant. It was very hard to find and I only found it randomly and by chance. And I’m telling you this because I went through EVERY setting in SmartThings AND Google Assistant trying to find the problem with why Google Assistant would not connect on this TV. I WENT THROUGH ALL THOSE SETTINGS MULTIPLE TIMES and never saw this until one day I randomly came across it. And it is not easy to find, so I’m not even going to try and explain how to get there. Hopefully you’ll find it on your own. But I’ll tell you now, it is not an easy setting to find. It does not tell you about this setting ANYWHERE and not a single Tech or help agent was able to direct me in the way I needed to go to fix this so the TV would work with Google Assistant. It stands to reason that one would think this is something that would automatically configure on its own so that your systems would Jive together. But it does not. So, yes, I was finally able to get Google Assistant to operate correctly on this TV. If you have Google Assistant set up on something other than this TV, say a Chromecast or in the SmartThings app on a Samsung smartphone? You will need to reset it and go into every setting and reconfigure it to get it to work with this TV. Hope this helps someone not to suffer and struggle through the nightmare I endured here. But after all’s been said and done, I AM VERY HAPPY with my purchase and very satisfied with the reasonable price. I just wish the service had been more helpful and thorough with instructions and directions & just good general customer support. But, all that aside? I got a great TV for a very fair and reasonable price . I’m very satisfied with my purchase even though it has taken me literally months to work out these goofy little kinks that should have been fixed on day one.Thank you for the awesome Samsung TV, Amazon! (Please make them restructure this 💩 remote!)

    September 10, 2022
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    First let me address some of the other reviews. It’s really not fair to penalize the TV itself for using a Roku system. You either like Roku or you don’t — it’s a personal preference. Personally, I like Roku and have used it for years on all my TVs. If you haven’t used Roku before, you need to understand that yes, you have to give them some personal information when you set the system up; the same way you have to do when you use cable or premium channels. If that bothers you, then don’t buy the TV. Otherwise, deal with it. Same thing with the remote control. Roku’s is simple, yet very functional. I prefer it that way. If you’d rather have a massive remote with a zillion buttons you’ll rarely use, then don’t buy this TV or use a Roku system. My only complaint with the Roku system is that the audio/visual synchronization is messed up A LOT. This has only happened on the last 2 Roku series and seems to be a very common complaint among other users. I fix it every time by simply switching channels and then going back and it fixes the problem, but, yes, it is a royal pain. I have 2 Roku sticks and 1 built-in Roku system on 3 different brands of TVs and have used these TVs in 3 different cities with 3 different internet companies and they ALL have that same problem. So by process of elimination, it is definitely a Roku issue. It doesn’t really bother me that much because it’s so easy to fix. The simplicity and full-function Roku system, the features, and lack of any other problems makes up for it. That said, however, fair or not, I did deduct 1/2 a star because of the sync problem.As for the TCL TV itself, I am very, very pleased with the product. The TV arrived quickly, well-packaged, and completely undamaged, and was easy to set up since I already had a Roku account. I did have to contact Amazon when the Series 5 I ordered never arrived (turned out it was out of stock), but customer service was extremely helpful and pointed me in the direction of the Series 4. The picture and sound are great and there are many, many settings for those who like specific adjustments. The blacks are very black and I haven’t experienced any of the picture loss at the corners or in the middle as some reviewers did, although I’ve only had the TV for less than 2 months. The TV is very heavy and solid, but will still mount safely on a wall. I bought the 75 inch, Series 4 only because, as I mentioned, the Series 5 was out of stock, but there really is very little difference between the two except they used different transistors (due to the shortage) and the Series 4 was $100 less. Both were 2021 models. I don’t do any gaming so I really can’t address those issues, but everything else seems to work perfectly.So, yes, I recommend this TV.

    August 28, 2022
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    I was looking for a better third monitor from when I worked from home. I have a large smart TV that I was using as an additional monitor for my laptop and then older, small TV as a third. The resolution on that old tv was horrible but it fit on my desk with the larger one. I ended up by a monitor arm and the Packard Bell Monitor and it’s SO much better. The size if perfect for me and easily fits in view along with the large TV.I have it connected to my personal PC and my work laptop at the same time, which is really convenient. The monitor automatically detects if the HDMI or VGA input is active shows the screen for which ever computer is on. I can still get 1080p resolution using the VGA port with a display port to VGA adapter.I haven’t done too much gaming with it since my other monitor is much larger, but what i have done on it looked really good. I’d recommend this for you are considering it for work as well as play.

    August 19, 2022
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    The products are excellent for the price. Two quality monitors, a bluetooth keyboard, and bluetooth mouse. The monitor picture is great but not amazing. The monitor screen size is big and has no noticeable display latency with one monitor. The issues with using a second monitor is the display latency and the lack of alternative connection options. Adding a second monitor causes some lagging and sometimes the mouse gets stuck on one screen (my laptop has average specs with integrated intel family graphics card). Also, it would be great to have an hdmi to usb/usb-c connector or an adapter because all laptops I know of do not have multiple hdmi ports.

    August 3, 2022
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    Daniel Staggers

    65 inch: Even though this says it has Bluetooth, don’t be fooled, it’s receive only. It has NO transmitter. Even a five year old cheapo Samsung can output Bluetooth audio. I’ve used this a week now so I’m qualified to review it. I had to buy a new style headphones that cost an additional 100 dollars. 800 dollars isn’t so cheap anymore.This is basically a Samsung vs LG review. I came from a 60 Inch Samsung Smart, 4K, top of the line to this LG Nano smart, 65-90 series. Also top of the line. But top of the line for LG DOES NOT MEAN blue tooth headphones apparently. I couldn’t believe it. It streams WiFi 5g very well. But I expected that. I also expected bluetooth. I didn’t buy the OLED because of all the issues they have with them; including burn in? No thanks, I never bought a plasma for that reason. I was one of the last of my group to get an HD TV because I waited for LED. Our first Olivia 42 inch, still works like new, and those giant speakers under it still sound great. The last American made television.I upgraded for the larger size only. I know 60 to 65 doesn’t sound like a lot, but I had to rearrange half the furniture to do it. This is the largest size I can possibly fit without major renovation, so I wanted the largest size I could have, which is a 65.The Samsung had a really flimsy stand. So flimsy I wall mounted it. This LG has very solid feet if you screw them in tight. And they stick to the furniture if it’s clean, no worry about it sliding off. Nice. And you have room under it for one line of equipment, very nice.Output sound to your stereo is optic, like most cost cut TV’s today and it has NO legacy connectors or extra connectors at all. Just 4 USB In, 4 HDMI In, 1 Cat 5 in, TV cable In and Optical out. Not a problem, my Samsung cost half this upgrade five years ago so I was ready except for one DVD player and an adapter from Amazon fixed that. The Samsung did have legacy connectors but I doubt would today. But, lots of adapters at Amazon, much better than Radio Shack ever dreamed of being.The picture is fine, but no better or worse than my 60 inch Samsung which was quite excellent. My 4k Firestick looks amazing on both. Absolutely amazing! I don’t use the variable local brightness feature, it seemed OK but I’m a purist. The Samsung had edge lit LED which was fine. Both bleed a little back light on a black screen. The TV sound is a LOT better than the Samsung. It’s like night and day and you don’t need a soundbar for this LG, unless you care about true surround. Even I’ll watch it with TV sound at times.Each HDMI channel (4) can have the picture and sound separately adjusted for whatever it is hooked to and it’ll stay that way. Very nice. The only one I could leave alone was for my Firestick and my two 4K Blu-ray players on a common circuit. My Samsung couldn’t do that most likely because of its age. The one DVD player always had redesh skin. Not any more. Like I said, very nice.Surprisingly heavy! This mother is a MOTHER. LOLI didn’t buy another Samsung because the last one had glitches you had to unplug it to fix. And their remote is totally useless. Luckily it still ran on the old remotes but I’m not sure the new one would. Why take the chance; it’s past time to try the other top shelf brand, LG anyway. Other than the bluetooth, it seems to be very solid, (even the feet) and well built. It’s finicky at start up and shut down but I can live with that. It’s like it doesn’t believe you the first time you hit the power button. You have to wake it up.A lot of the complaints about this set is software based issues. I recommend all you folks that already have one of these to upgrade your LG software in “upgrade now” and you’ll find it’s all been fixed. It takes about 10 minutes and has fixed every issue I read about. If you shut off the variable backlighting, it stays off.If anything new comes up, I’ll update this review. This is my first LG TV and I have high hopes. It was time: I have like 8 Samsung’s which are basically just tablets now. This is the centerpiece. Danny J

    July 26, 2022
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    Hi Everyone,This is an excellent entry-level 4K TV at a good price with a 1-year warranty! I have been using this TV for over 3 months before writing any reviews or comments. I did a lot of research before buying a new TV and this was considered the best lower-cost 4K TV with Roku that was available. I Highly recommend this TV.You do need to have an Internet connection and email address to register with Roku to use all the superb streaming options. You can always create a free email account just for TV stuff if you don’t want to use your main email. You do not need to add a payment method (credit card or debit card, etc…) unless you want to, otherwise, just select to skip that. You can always sign up for additional streaming services, called channels, on the internet using your computer or smartphone and they will work when added to your Roku channels.So far, I am very impressed with the picture quality, especially when streaming any of the Roku channels (streaming services), or viewing video files, or DVD + Blu-Ray discs, or through the Live TV over the air (OTA) antenna. Anything with 720p resolution or higher looks great, very nice upscaling, and anything with HDR is awesome. Even on my low speed 5 Mbps internet connection, the streaming looks really good, yet for 4K video streaming it is recommended to have a min. 15 Mbps to 25 Mbps+ internet connection.Totally recommend using a quality surge protector or UPS (battery backup) with any electronics you care about.I suggest running a software update in the system settings after setting up the TV for the first time, it is automatic after that. Also, this TV has a large bright LED activity light that stays on disturbing my sleep which you can disable in the settings. You can also select a default startup option like the HDMI input 1 (HDMI cable box on mine), Live TV (coax cable or antenna), or the main Roku menu (the default setting), etc…Initially, I was disappointed with the HOA-required Comcast Xfinity cable service because the picture quality was not nearly as good as the streaming options, or when viewing video files from my media server or USB or DVD Blu-Ray discs or Live TV antenna. But, that is because the Xfinity Comcast cable DTA box is only at 480i and even the free upgraded HDMI DTA cable box is only at 720p or 1080i and the picture quality is just okay. FYI: Progressive (p) video format is better than Interlaced (i). I find that the cable box picture looks better at 720p or 1080i with the TV picture gaming setting enabled and it is still not nearly as good as 720p or 1080p from streaming channels or antenna or video files or discs. Any dark scenes using cable box HDMI are almost too dark to distinguish details, very annoying. I tried 3 HDMI cables, HDMI 2, high speed HDMI 2, and 4K HDMI 2.1 which didn’t help. The coaxial connection has lower resolution, but the dark scenes look better and whatever your watching will stabilize and look better overall. The only way to get higher quality video from Xfinity Comcast cable is through their free Streaming app and your Internet service provider (ISP) or by using their free TV WiFi box which I think requires using their Xfinity Internet Service (X1 Wireless TV Box (Xi5 or Xi6) or Flex streaming TV Box (Xi5, Xi6 or XiOne).Additional comments: I was surprised that a TV purchased in April 2022 and manufactured in January of 2022 did not have USB v3.x port(s) and HDMI v2.1 or newer ports although it does have an HDMI v2.1 audio Arc port, but not the enhanced eArc port. The HDMI Arc port can be used as a 3rd regular HDMI port if not used for audio. More ports would be really nice. This model has a 60 Hz display refresh rate with a 120 Hz CMI (Clear Motion Index); This is not a true 120 Hz display refresh rate, but I have not noticed any negative video refresh related issues except on low-quality videos or slower Internet. Note: Some new gaming systems may require an HDMI 2.1 port and an actual 120 Hz refresh rate. There is no Bluetooth either. Also, the included TCL Roku remote does not have the voice button, yet my $40 Roku Streaming Stick + remote has the voice button??? The Roku app on my Android phone does have the voice option though when connected to the TCL TV.And, the Roku Media Player could use some major updates and or perhaps porting VLC into Roku because I noticed that some videos either through my media server or video files on USB drive would not play audio correctly because this TV cannot handle all the various video and audio formats like 7 or 8 channel audio, yet they all play well on my computers, and the video playback navigation controls may or may not work with various media servers? The Plex media server app works well. The Roku Media Player with USB drives does not seem to recognize the exFat file system either which is a common format.Finally, I would also recommend getting an extended warranty through Amazon or through TCL.

    July 24, 2022
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    Christopher Eddy

    ‘TV constantly goes back to home screen randomly while using any streaming app. Can be in the middle of a movie and next thing you know, TV goes back to home screen and then you have to open the app and wait for it to load again, but then you have to find where you were interrupted yourself as the TV forgets where it was in that movie. Does it with Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, and Amazon Viedo. Also constantly have a notification that shows the little Android dude and it just says “Music” have factory reset the TV and everything and it randomly pops up too. Not worth it at all. Worst Amazon device made to date, although they truly didn’t make it, Insignia did. Will NEVER EVER EVER buy INSIGNIA products ever again. Crap products with worse crappy customer service. Should have immediately sent this TV back for a refund!’ – My original review August 2022.Recent software update fixed these issues, my only issue with this version of software is that any commercial interruption while streaming video, will cause the audio and video to be out of sync with one another when the video restarts. The only fix for this is to go back to the Home screen, wait a few minutes and then relaunch the streaming app and restart your video, OR from the home page, click settings, then software, and restart the TV. PRESSING THE POWER BUTTON DOES NOT POWER DOWN THE TV, IT ONLY PUTS IT TO SLEEP (SAME AS YOUR PHONE, TAP IT AGAIN AND IT IS INSTANTLY READY…). So after every single commercial break, the video will be ahead of audio by about 5 seconds, as a lip reader due to hearing impairment, what audio I hear really makes me dizzy trying to focus on the mouth movements to interpret what is being spoken. I have partial loss in one ear, and 90% loss in the other, as a result of military trauma. I rely on reading lips to verify the majority of the sounds I think I hear, for instance, someone might say, “Nice shoes” and the sound is muffled by a fan blowing directly toward me, so I think I heard, “screw you”, “bless you”, “who’re you”, “I hate blue”, “where’sthe crew”, “…few”, “…knew”,…the list could go on endlessly. I read their lips and can instantly determine a “nI-ssss SH-oohs” by the lip position, and can reply correctly and thank them for the compliment instead of being offended, or my go-to when I can’t determine what was said, “well what do you think?” to return the ball back in their court, like word tennis. Software updated 3 times and that is the only issue I can’t get resolved. WISH THE MANUFACTURER WOULD READ MY CORRESPONDENCES, (REGULAR MAIL AND EMAILS).

    July 6, 2022
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    Nick Vendura

    ——————- UPDATE June 17, 2022 ———————–I just wanted to come back and clear a few things up since my initial review:PRICING-First off, I had mentioned that the Google (50U6G1) version of this same TV was $130 cheaper. However, since then, the price has dropped for this TV — by $130. When I got this TV, it was $529 and the Google TV version was $399, which was confusing. However, this TV has now dropped to $399 to match the Google TV version (Kudos to Amazon/Hisense for doing this). I was never quite sure why the Fire TV version was so much more, so good move. BTW, there also is an Android version (50U6G), which is only $348 but it does not include Google TV or Fire TV. At $399, this is a great deal and a no-brainer at this price point. I also want to mention that between the two other models (50U6G1 and 50U6G), the Google TV version (with the “1” at the end of the model No.) has a two-year warranty, while the other (Android) version only has a one-year warranty. This particular model I am reviewing (50U6HF) has a two-year warranty as well. …YOU GET A STAR!-Second, I am bumping it up one star for two reasons. First off, one of the main issues I had before was the Dirty Screen Effects (DSE), but that has mostly gone away after nearly a week. But if you do have DSE, the best way to deal with it is to turn off the TV for around 30 seconds and turn it back on. Also, the effect will be much less noticeable if you turn down “Local Dimming” and “Local Contrast Enhancement.” while not watching movies/TV shows. I also use this TV as a PC monitor so I keep my dimming and contrast settings on low to medium, which works best for me. YMMV.The other reason for giving this TV another star in this review is because of the pricing mentioned in my first bullet point. At $399, this is an awesome value. Again, this also comes with a two-year warranty, which gives some peace of mind.———————ORIGINAL REVIEW on June 11, 2022—————————–This one is odd. Some of the features of this Hisense TV are incredible, and at first, it seems to be a great value. However, some features (or lack thereof) are plain head-scratchers, and upon further investigation, the value may not be as great as it appears. I will try to explain. I’ll mix the good with the bad here …-THE PICTURE IS AMAZING …When I first got this TV, I was blown away by the level of contrast I was able to obtain without light bleeding into darker areas. I was also very impressed with the vividness of the reds, blues and greens. They are really getting VERY close to OLED with these QLED TVs in terms of saturation and contrast. Finally, the 600 nits of brightness is incredible for this price point. The screen can be beautiful at times, and very bright. Furthermore, the matte covering is good at diminishing reflected light…. EXCEPT WHEN IT ISN”TAnd while enhanced features such as local dimming and local contrast enhancement look good while watching content, be aware of (DSE) Dirty Screen Effect artifacting. This is phenomenon in which certain areas of the screen will be darker than others and is extremely noticeable when one color, especially gray, is shown on the screen. This was a very noticeable issue when I first go the TV, but usually powering off he TV, unplugging it for 30 seconds, and then plugging it back in resolves the issue.-GREAT FOR GAMINGI have a gaming PC and an XBox Series X plugged into this and games look much better than my previous TV, a TCL Roku TV. The colors are brighter, contrast is better and HDR looks outstanding. The variable refresh rate is also a nice feature that allows the TVs refresh rate to match the game’s frame rate to prevent screen tearing and other issues. Latency is also very low in game mode.-OO-OOH THAT SMELLEver heard of new TV smell? It wasn’t something I was aware of until I bought my last TV and it was very noticeable on this TV. That new ‘burnt electronic’ smell lingered for several days. So much so that I had to burn some candles to mask it.-INPUTS ARE LACKING.First off, this is the first time I’ve ever bought a flat-panel TV with inputs on the left side. I’ve been purchasing flat-panel/digital TVs for 20 years and they’ve always been on the right side. Every. Time. This required me to have to repurchase all new (and longer) HDMI and optical audio cables for every input, and these cables are not cheap.The eARC input is a nice touch and allows your TV to “communicate” with your audio device and control the volume, etc. As for HDMI, the website lists the specs at HDMI 2.1, however, my GPU sees it as HDMI 2.0, even though I have a very high bandwidth cable (and tested a few). I was never able to get a full 10-bit HDR and 4:4:4 chroma, so I have to believe these inputs are only 2.0. It even says so in the settings menu (see image).TIP: If you want 4K video at 60Hz with HDR content, make sure you get HDMI cables that are rated for at least 18Gbps.-SOUND ISN’T BADFor a small, flat panel TV, the built-in speakers are some of the best I’ve heard in a TV. I don’t usually use them — I usually opt for a soundbar or receiver — but I tested them out for this review and they sound very nice and would work great in a pinch, or if you don’t have external speakers.-LACKLUSTER REMOTE CONTROLThe remote control is basically just a Fire Stick remote. There are no numbers, no “last” button and no “input” button. Switching from one input to another requires at least three button pushes. The settings feature is very sluggish and can take between 300 ms to 2 full seconds to open on your screen.-DON’T BE FOOLED BY THE 240.Motion Enhancement option does not exist. They put the number 240 out there as a ploy. The panel refreshes at 60Hz, not 240, not 120. They just conveniently chose the number 240, which just so happens to be a dividend of (divisible by) 60 and is the refresh rate chosen by many top-name monitors and TVs. It’s nothing more than a bogus marketing term. It means nothing. As a matter of fact, this model of TV doesn’t even have a “motion enhancement” setting that many others have, which can interpolate and smooth out frames to give the effect of a higher refresh rate. Nope, nothing to see here, and that’s very disappointing, especially if you’re a gamer.-POOR MENUS AND CUSTOMIZATIONI’m not a fan of the Fire TV interface. I really like Google Play and feel very limited by what can be done with Amazon. The “Talk to switch inputs” thing is overrated and underused. The lack of customization is especially annoying to me because I use mine in a home theater PC setup so the HDMI is connected to a PC. There is NO way to label the input as such. This has been an option on all my TVs going back to the mid 2000s. It’s mindboggling that they didn’t include “Computer” or “PC” as an input option — or just allow you to manually name the input.-OVERPRICEDThere is another model. the 50U6G (look it up and compare) that is spec-for-spec identical to this TV except in one respect: It has Google TV compared with Fire TV. The other difference? It is currently $130 cheaper than this model. Here’s the thing: You could buy that other model and a $40 Fire stick and have — basically — the exact same thing if that’s what you want. However, I fail to see how Fire is worth any more than Google. I would say many people might actually prefer Google for its Play Store, which is the standard for Android-based operating systems. I really have no idea why this TV is priced so much higher — maybe it’s because it’s newer? I don’t know, but it’s not worth the price difference and this is one of the reasons I am rating is so poorly.-OVERALL IMPRESSIONSI like this TV. It is missing some features I would like to have, but it also has a great picture. What troubles me is the price. If this were competitive with the Google TV version, I would give this at least 4 stars, I’d still deduct one star for some of the dirty screen effects and poor customization. I may come back and bump up my rating if the TV grows on me and some of the dirty screen effects go away; but for now, it’s pretty average, so 3 stars it is.

    June 11, 2022
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    Tacaño Anciano

    Good:Picture looks really nice3 HDMI ports + 1 HDMI ARC and CEC for hooking up a soundbarworks great with my xbox one x (if you have a Series-X then you would want at least a 6-Series TV or better)Roku app/streaming service selection – 3 out of 4 of my local news stations have apps on Roku (good for local news and weather) they are not on any other platform that I know ofBad:The picture looks great but it is a bit too dark in the dark areas and you really can’t do anything about it. The HDR does this – looks like someone added some black around the edges of all the objects and a slightly darker look overall.Maybe its me but I see no improvement between this QLED and the previous 5-Series LED TV, in fact, the older LED may have had a slightly better (brighter) picture.What I dislike very much about this TV:The remote has 4 very large buttons for specific paid streaming services – completely useless if you don’t subscribe to all 4 of them. But its much worse than that because, picture this: you’re in an online co-op (far cry 6, etc.) or fps (COD, etc.) and suddenly you are suddenly, without warning, no longer in the game but watching a loading screen for Apple + Streaming service you don’t even have. Or maybe you don’t play games but you are watching an exciting movie right in a vital scene you are suddenly in a HULU loading screen instead. Need I say more? The buttons are very easily pressed accidentally. Unfortunately, the TCL/Roku TV is a device that comes with advertising not just in the home screen but also built into the physical buttons. So my advice to TCL is allow the customer to disable the buttons in the settings or at the very least, offer customers the option to order a remote without the paid advertiser buttons so they can have a better TV viewing experience.General Impression:My previous TV was a 2017 TCL Roku 55 inch 5-Series. I loved it (except hated the paid advertising buttons on the remote). The screen got broke due to a careless accident is the only reason it was replaced. I decided on this TCL that’s 4 years newer and 25 percent more expensive and I prefer the picture on the old one better. It was not QLED – it was only LED but a slightly brighter and better picture. This one is still pretty good though and I do like it – just see very little difference and don’t interpret it as an improvement.The 5-Series TV case now has a brushed silver along the edges. The previous 5-Series TV had a round power button on the lower right that lit white when off and was off when the TV was on. I liked it. Now there is a wide light in the middle that flashes every time you press a key on the remote. It is as bright as a night-light at night but you can turn it off in the settings so its not on all the time you are watching TV but the light will still light momentarily when you push a button on the remote. (good to indicate the button press was received by the TV because some times the button presses don’t result in any action – the TV must be doing other things of its own priority. The power button is now located in the back and doubles as a d-pad type selector button for menu selections.Despite any negatives I’ve mentioned, its a nice TV for the price and I’m happy with it.Purchase and Delivery by Amazon went great – very happy with the experience.Update after 5 months: Really nice picture, really nice sound with my hdmi-arc soundbar, really nice selection of apps, including apps for local network TV news. Marred by the fact that sometimes the TV does not respond to button presses on the remote (yes I know its the type of remote you have to point exactly at the receiver on the bottom of the TV) and either its a few seconds freeze or else I need to unplug the TV and plug it back in before it will respond. Also the fact that sometimes when I turn the TV on the screen brightly flashes rapidly on and off for a few seconds – the whole screen – then automatically goes into an app or input at random without any user input. I find this behavior very bizarre and disturbing when it happens – and it did not start until I’ve had it for a few months. Also the fact that the 4 large paid advertising buttons are very sensitive and easy to hit accidentally, so I am taken out of my movie/show and then thrown into another app suddenly or into an app I don’t pay for so it just sits on a sign-up page. Man do I hate that. I have also had times where I see vertical lines top-to-bottom on the screen or image burn-in look to it but when I go into another app or turn it off and on again the lines are gone. Because of this I don’t know how long this TV will last because it gives the feeling it could just die any time I turn it on now. Because of these issues I have to lower my rating from 4 stars down to 2. I doubt I will take a chance on another TCL TV in the future. My advice – stay away from this model.

    June 5, 2022
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    Keith Phillips

    I have a significant investment in Amazon Fire TV Cubes (3) and Sticks (6) and so I decided to try out the Amazon Fire TV (43 Inch Omni). This is for my master bedroom and is not my main viewing TV. I also own an LG 55 inch C6 (OLED), a 65 inch LG 9000 (IPS panel) and a 55 inch Hisense U8G (VA panel) which are fairly high end TV’s that all have above average picture quality and upscale functionality.The Omni TV does not compare to my main TV’s in picture quality, however, the 4K picture is actually quite decent for a bedroom TV whose main viewing time is either early morning or late evening (in a darkened room). Also, we don’t have any soundbars, DVD players, or Cable boxes attached to the Omni TV. We use YouTube TV for local channels and have a number of streaming services (Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, etc.).What I like about the Omni TV1. Very lightweight at 15.5 pounds making it easy to mount on the wall.2. Set up was extremely easy since I am a registered Amazon customer. Plug it in, answer a few questions the TV does a software update, linked to my saved settings for WiFi, automatically downloaded my previous applications from my Fire TV Stick and it was ready to go.3. The interface is exactly like all my other Fire TV Sticks and Cubes, there was no learning curve. The interface is zippy and functions well. After loading 30+ applications I still had 6 GB of memory unused, which is great. I was also able to jailbreak the TV (like the Fire TV Stick) and download Kodi, Cinema HD, Downloader, IP Vanish, and several other 3rd party utilities, with no problem. All applications work great.4. Based on the integrated voice and Fire TV capability, you don’t need to spend $50 on a FireTV Max or $100 on a Fire TV Cube and a $30 Echo Dot, making the TV an even greater value.5. The Bluetooth remote is a nice design and easy to use. A bit of an enhancement over the base Fire TV stick remote with some controls unique to the Omni TV (like settings, channel selector, prior key, live TV key)6. The integrated voice commands worked for the most part. Actually, this is pretty cool and should only get better over time. I do have one issue where Voice Commands such as “Turn on the TV” work just fine, but “Turn Off the TV” does not work. This is a minor issue and hopefully will get fixed with future software updates. Note: Amazon customer service could not find a resolution to this problem other than resetting my TV and wiping out all my downloaded applications/passwords. I elected to live with the problem. All other commands seem to work well.7. The 4K picture quality is acceptable in the bedroom.8. The price is excellent. At $300 for the 43-inch TV, it was priced appropriately for the functionality.9. Once you get used to how to tweak the picture using the Picture Mode function (Standard, Movie, Dynamic, Custom) settings you can improve the quality of the picture a bit. For me, the Movie mode, with Picture Temp set to Warm 1 worked best for me. Compared to other TV’s the number of adjustments are very limited. However, for ease of use for most users, this is probably acceptable. I do like using voice commands to “Switch Picture Mode to Standard, Movie, Dynamic, etc.”. This saves clicking the remote button multiple times and is easier to execute.10. Integration to my Ring Doorbell and 4 cameras around my property works great. The Omni TV supports either full screen as well as Picture in Picture and is voice-activated. “Show me the Front Yard Camera” is all that is needed to bring up the picture….very easy to do.11. All my TP-Link KASA smart plugs can be activated via voice through the Omni TV, i.e. “Turn on the bedroom lights”., “Turn off my backyard landscape lights”, etc.12. Drop-in works across other Echo Dots.13. The Omni TV can participate in standard “Speaker Groups”. i.e. “Play music Upstairs” works.14. You can control attached Sound Bars, DVD players, and Cable boxes with this TV (like the Fire TV Cube). With 4HDMI ports, you have a lot of expansion capabilities. It comes with an IR blaster that can be used for non-bluetooth devices.15. You can attach up to two Echo Dots to this TV to improve the sound quality. In my opinion, the sound quality on this set is ok for a bedroom. Not great, but not bad either. After all, it is a bedroom!!16. The 43 inch size is perfect for a bedroom TV. Bumping up to a 50 or 55 inch TV would have been too big for my space. Not all TV manufacturers offer this size.What I don’t like about the Fire TV1. The lack of Dolby Vision and HDR 10+ limits the 4K picture quality. Dolby Vision should have been included in all the TV’s and not just the 65 and 75 inch models.2. The backlighting is very basic with direct-lit. I would have paid more to get Full Array backlighting to enhance picture quality.3. Good HDR requires much higher NITs – I.e. brightness (like 500 to 600) to be truly effective. The Omni TV seems to top out around 325, which is not enough to make HDR details pop in a dark scene.4. The VA Panel has poor side viewing angles (most all vendors have this problem) but in my bedroom, this was not a problem.All in all, I would recommend this TV if you want a decent 4K picture for a bedroom, want to save some bucks, and are invested in the Amazon echo system. The price is great for what you get and you don’t need to purchase a Fire TV and Echo Dot to gain voice control with another TV brand.For the main viewing area, I would pay more for a larger higher quality TV that supports Dolby Vision, Full Array backlighting, better-upscaling processor, and higher HDR peak brightness.UPDATE 5/2/22 FIX for TV not shutting down by voice commandI was able to solve the voice problem of why the Omni TV’s Alexa would “Turn on the TV” but fail to “Turn off the TV” (it would always go back to the home screen and never shut down). The solution was to go into the Alexa App on my Phone – Select Devices, then – Select All Devices – Find my Omni TV in the device list – Select the Omni TV then TURN OFF Two items 1) Adaptive Listening and 2) Follow up Mode. The minute I made these two changes the TV will now turn off using my voice. Many of my Echo Dots have these features turned on so I made the assumption that the Omni TV would work the same way since these features are available. That was a wrong assumption. My guess is when you have the Follow Up mode turned on, during the shut down process, Alexa gets confused and is waiting for a follow up command (so it does not shut down). In my opinion this is a software bug. I am surprised that Amazon support does not have this easy fix in their knowledge base. If you have this problem, try my fix.

    April 17, 2022
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    UPDATE 03/29/2022: (added stars)Just wanted to update this review. Amazon Customer Service called me shortly after posting this review (wow! impressive timing) and we talked about setting expectations for the performance of this TV. The way it was explained to me: when the TV is used only about half an hour every day it caches data and has to sync up when finally turned on–this takes a little while to catch up and accurately reflects my experience with the TV.I will stand by this product and say that it is still definitely worth the price paid–it does the job. I might not choose it as my main source of entertainment, but it more than fits the bill in our exercise room. We discussed an easy workaround to circumvent the performance issue: just unplug it when not in use, and this will improve the performance. Easy enough. Thanks again, and frankly I would certainly be tempted to recommend this product on the exceptional customer service, alone. Thanks, as always–happy to be an Amazon customer!!ORIGINAL REVIEW:So we bought this TV for the exercise room to pass time while working out. The TV sets up fine. Everything is “mostly” fine. I’m not going to review the Amazon software because, frankly, I don’t know where one problem begins and the other ends. Confusing, huh? Here’s the thing. The TV itself displays a picture–good enough for an exercise room–the sound is as-expected for being in the unit, etcetera.The problem is with the user interface. Now I DO NOT WANT TO SPECULATE as my software engineering days are over, but right when the TV “boots up” it’s pretty fast and responsive. However, given the course of about 3-5 hours of being TURNED OFF and plugged into the wall, when reactivated, the TV will become a very slow user experience. I have some network traffic monitors running against my router (i.e. WireShark / Solar Winds), and I see a large amount of wireless traffic coming from the TV when it’s not in use. I’m not sure if this is normal or if it was hacked or what, but I just thought I’d let everyone know.Disabling some of the targetted advertising cut this down a bit, and I have updated the firmware, but I just can’t shake the suspicion that the reason for the slowness is either because the device’s storage is filling up (with god-knows-what) or that the device is preoccupied with performing some other task. I have also disabled auto-updates for caching the installed applications (just Amazon Prime and YouTube right now). UX is still very slow after being plugged in for a while.So we’ve taken to the habit of unplugging it and re-plugging it just before use. Might just leave it unplugged until we actually need it, but the last thing I want is to power it on, and have to wait while it catches up on all the updates.Don’t get me wrong, in concept, the TV is a great idea: integrated with online services, etc, but I just need more time to dig into the actual traffic being sent from it. Maybe a factory reset will help the speed, but I don’t want to delete any proof of unoptimized code or anything. Definitely something I think the manufacturer should look into. “Internet of Things” devices are inherently insecure, so we rely upon these manufacturers to secure their devices as well as possible when welcoming them into our homes and networks.I hope this helps your decision. Maybe best to keep it off the network until they can work out these bugs, but then what do you have? DVD/BLURAY TV? Very limited, and kind of defeats the purpose of getting a “smart” TV. Anyways, I’m babbling at this point. I hope this helps, and good luck with your purchase!

    March 29, 2022
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    Allen D. Reinecke

    UPDATE: (5 Stars).7 months in and we’ve had zero problems with this TV. Our fiber internet provider updated the Wi-Fi equipment in our house and this Fire TV is now able to pick up a 160 mbps typical signal strength. The quality of the picture is actually slightly better close-up now, though from several feet away, it’s just as good as before..No complaints thus far – a worthy investment. Upping my rating for the trouble-free operation!.ORIGINAL REVIEW: (4 Stars).I wanted to upgrade our 12- and 17-year-old TV’s and have been researching all the options. I used rtingsdotcom to compare performance, as well as online reviews, and it wasn’t easy. It seemed that unless you were spending big bucks, rtings always had issues.In the end, I went for the 65″ Vizio M65Q7-JO1 for the main TV. The ratings were pretty good and the value seemed good at $699 with an OEM 3-year warranty from my local membership warehouse. So, far I’ve been very pleased with it.This TV also allowed me to have a reference point for the rtings reviews. Knowing what they said about the Vizio compared with what I saw, I was able to use that to gauge other TV’s against my needs..These first gen Fire TV’s aren’t rated at all highly. However, when the 43 inch Fire TV was on sale for $259 with a free Echo Dot, I decided it was worth trying. The smaller TV is used almost exclusively by my wife to watch Food Network and HGTV (!) from a distance of about 13 ft. She doesn’t care about smart features and sits almost square on to the TV, slightly down and to the right in a brightly (daylight) illuminated ‘sunroom’, just off the kitchen..After unpacking the Fire TV, I immediately mounted it on a stand. (PERLESMITH Universal TV Stand – Table Top TV Stand for 37-55 inch LCD LED TVs). The included Fire TV feet would be too wide for the cabinet’s shelf. The required mounting screws were already in the VESA mounting points, which was great! No searching around for the right thread and length screws..On powering up the TV, Amazon had it all set up with my Wi-Fi password and Amazon account. Somewhat scary, but understandable, given that we have Echo Dots all around the house. So it automatically updated the firm- and soft-ware and was ready to go! The screen was looking good with no defects. Interestingly, the TV comes with just a short, get-up-and-run pamphlet, with no manual. I searched online and found a pdf, though, being an engineer, I was able to just go through the menus and quickly understand the systems. Other’s might struggle. Vizio actually has the manual built into the TV’s menu..We use Chromecast with Google TV and stream YoutubeTV on both TV’s, as well as my daughter’s TV, while she’s at college. I didn’t even bother to check out the Fire TV apps and immediately installed the Chromecast.I had trouble with the Chromecast remote. Google doesn’t list ‘Amazon’ or ‘Fire TV’ as options for the remote codes. I knew from research that the Fire TV is a TCL rebrand and tried that remote code offering. It sort of worked but wasn’t good enough. The volume was slow to respond, unless right up close to the TV. The power worked but didn’t work to turn on the Chromecast once it had turned itself off. The input selection was also problematic. After much trial and error, I got the Chromecast remote working correctly using the settings shown in the photo.I also found that I could connect the Fire TV remote to the Chromecast. There’s a video on YT on that. The Fire TV remote connects via BT to the Chromecast by long pressing the HOME button to go into pairing mode. You do have to hold the remote right next to the Chromecast itself to get it to connect to the Fire TV remote. It’ll come up as ‘AR’. Once connected it works perfectly but has to be disconnected to do anything with the TV settings. In the end, I just disconnected it and use the Google remote..I have found that my old TV’s had much better reflection handling. Any reflections were very muted. The modern TV’s all seem to be more reflective. The Fire TV is a little worse than the Vizio. You can see that in the photo. Fortunately, where my wife sits, the windows are out of view on the TV screen and it’s only with a black screen that the reflections are an issue. On the Vizio, I keep the curtains drawn over the window directly behind me..Brightness is as rtings said; not that bright. I found the best picture setting was DYNAMIC, with Cinema mode, Noise Reduction and Dynamic backlight OFF and standard white balance. This gives the brightest picture and the nicest color saturation. The TV works well in the room during the day. The Cinema mode resulted in a noticeable Soap Opera effect, which I don’t like.The display panel washes out very quickly as you view it off-center. At 40 degrees to the screen, the colors are not at all good and faces start to look a little gray. The Vizio is similar, but not as bad. Both are best viewed from directly in front..With 4K content, the picture quality is actually pretty good. I have no complaints. However, really close up, you can see artifacts and a white ghosting around objects. This is especially noticeable on non-4K content, where the close-up image also seems out of focus, with lots of artifacts. However, from a 6ft distance, the image isn’t bad.I watched some old 1980’s Bergerac episodes and the picture quality was quite acceptable with my picture settings.I do see that news text on the screen is not as well defined as on the Vizio. In the photos, you can see the Fire TV letters’ edges are rougher and less defined on the Fire TV compared with the albeit a larger and Quantum dot Vizio.CONCLUSION:If you are on a tight budget, I think the Amazon Fire TV is a viable option, but I certainly don’t recommend you buy it above $280. There are likely better options out there for a few dollars more.

    February 26, 2022
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    Russ White

    I may update this review in a few weeks, but I wanted to review a couple of key features that I was looking for when I opted to purchase this setup for those that are looking.My List: 1. Specs – Big screen size, mountable on wall, bold color – Check, check, check. I’ve got 2 other TCLs (32″, 55″) and this one is identical in all aspects. If you’re looking for an budget TV that outperforms it’s price tag, this is hard to beat. I’d get it again. 2. Physical Features – Wall mountable, light enough for me to lift (I’m a big guy but I was able to mount it myself), ethernet and/or wireless (has both)I already had a wall mount, plus ports behind the TV for cables and ethernet (wired through attic) so it plugged in neatly and hides wires easily behind. Ethernet set up was automatic and first start up updated the software without my intervention. Perfect! 3. Software Features – Roku apps, easy input switching to Satellite or Live TV, other apps I use. Check. I love the Roku TV as the main home screen. I can add Xbox or Satellite TV or Cable or Live TV as inputs from the 3-4 HDMI connections and it’s as easy as launching the input, like you would to launch Netflix, to switch to that input. I have DirecTV as well and on my prior TV you had to hold the bottom right enter button down on the newer DTV remotes to pop up the inputs menu, arrow up to the right one and then click it. Easily 10+ seconds of annoyance. Now it’s a Roku remote arrow over and hit OK. It even previews the screen in the button window prior to hitting it. Nice extra. Now we get to my big 2 important wants and there is a hit and a miss (but it’s not TCL’s fault). 4. Integration with a Sound Bar, fewer remotes – check, check again. I bought this with the advertised Alto 7.1 on Amazon and it works great with the ARC HDMI #4 input on the back of the TV. You have to use that specific input and my TCL automatically sensed it and sync’d to it. Now when you click the volume on your Roku TV Remote, it doesn’t do the built in audio volume, instead it raises/lowers the Soundbar volume – One Volume! This soundbar also comes with a subwoofer that wirelessly pairs with the bar so you plug in the soundbar to power, HDMI to TV, mount it on the wall, plug the subwoofer in to a lower outlet behind your entertainment center, set the subwoofer off to the side and you’re all set with very few wires. I would add that mounting the soundbar was pretty dang easy as it came with a life sized paper template to mark where you quickly drill molly sized holes, put in screws, and hang the sound bar. Minutes at most unless you’re like me and want to level the heck out of everything. Then a few more minutes. Ok, so what was the miss? Because I have DirecTV, even with the cool single Roku TV remote controlling both Roku and soundbar (down from 2 remotes to 1 there!), I have to use the satellite remote to control DirecTV when I switch to that input. In the past, you could program your DirecTV. TCL was not listed on the brands of TVs, I’ve tried with several of the codes based on internet posts and none worked for me and this TV. So I have to keep the Roku remote handy for volume while on satellite. I blame DirecTV for not setting up a code but maybe one day they’ll have one. If someone knows the right code for the non-Genie DirecTV + TCL 65″ TV, post it in the questions, I’ll watch for it. As I use other features I may update.

    September 24, 2020

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