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Specification: Blade & Soul

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Tinkle Razor


Lusty soul

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Women's face and Eyebrow Razor

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Men & Women

Pivoting Razor Head


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9 reviews for Blade & Soul

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  • Avatar

    Antonio Lau

    Fits perfect on my Matrix rear window.

    October 17, 2022
  • Avatar

    daryl drumheller

    When I finish this, I was trying to figure out if the under lying meaning was about taking revenge or to take responsibility for your actions. But if you’re not a person that looks for the meaning behind this, you will enjoy the story and the beautiful scantily dressed, well-endowed girls.

    August 31, 2022
  • Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    Perfect fit

    August 10, 2022
  • Avatar

    Jay Whitaker

    The rear wiper blade was a small 11″ and hard to find anything at the local parts stores, nothing they had would fit and even those were generic (and more expensive than this – FOR ONE, YOU GET TWO HERE)Easy 2 minute install and matched the casing/sheath of the original, it looks like factory original.Highly, Highly recommend.Installed on 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.

    July 10, 2022
  • Avatar

    brandon jamal watkins

    Thought it be like the pic and a working disk well. But didn’t happen no cover Booklet (not worry about it) but the main thing is the disk itself is trash. When I got it and pop it in my ps3 and didn’t work. And I know it’s not my ps3 messing up and bc I use a dvd to play it and it works. When I try to play soul edge it start up like it should but it end up skipping from the theme song to the main title but when you leave it on to long and it goes to the demo (just like in all soul caliber games) or when you just start the game to play. It left on “Now Loading” screen and it don’t go away it just stays and can’t doing not about it unless you cut it off. And I already clean it and my system so idk the only thing I can say they gave me a bad game hopefully they clean and tested they games next time before they ship it. Bc this is not cool.

    March 19, 2022
  • Avatar

    Andy C.

    – Synopsis: Our heroine of this story follows the adventures of a highly-skilled assassin. Living her life as an emotionless killing machine and being bound by her strict code, her life is full of violence and tragedy. One day, her clan is destroyed, and her master is murdered. Unfazed, she enacts her code and seeks revenge: not out of emotion, but out of duty. The path of revenge she walks is a lonesome and bloody one. With nobody to trust, our heroine only has herself and her weapons she can rely on. Tune in to find out the fate of our heroine’s struggles to carry out her quest for revenge.===========================================================================================================- Comments: This anime is based off the game. Anyways, there’s a high amount of violence, blood and gore, so keep this in mind if you are a viewer that may not be into violent animes.She’s pretty detached. I don’t think she’s cold-hearted. She’s just so used to killing that it becomes nothing to her. No matter how tough or new something is, with repetition and the right mind-set, it will eventually become as routine as breathing.There isn’t that much character development and you don’t really get to know the backstory behind many of the characters. If you just want to see a simple anime, then go ahead and try this one out. Though I don’t blame those that got bored with this one. The plot is lacking but again, it’s simplistic and involves the main character’s quest for revenge.- Features: Japanese dub with English subs. Includes 13 episodes on 3 DVDs with a run-time of about 5 hours. Rated TV-MA for violence, blood and gore, and some fan-service.===========================================================================================================- Recommendations: Akame ga Kill!, Deadman Wonderland, Attack on Titan, High School of the Dead, Ben-To, Btooom!, Freezing, Yona of the Dawn, Akuma no Riddle, Cross Ange, Brave 10, K.

    December 26, 2016
  • Avatar


    it was great but i wish it was in english

    September 12, 2016
  • Avatar

    Joe Khajiit

    I bought this game used here from Rax Games direct for only $6.59!While a lot of prices on the game may be all over the place, I would suggest getting it used from a reputable seller – but if you can afford the price of a new one…..go for it! My game plays fine just did not come with the instruction booklet (as the seller indicated) though it did come in the original case with the original back cover.I loved playing this game back around when it came out on the PS1, it was nice to be able to play it again. The graphics are very dated though; if you are used to Soul Calibur 4 and 5 and then play this you might not like it very much. However for those of you that remember the game going back to when it was 25 cents to play the arcade version, this will bring back a lot of memories. I have a PS3 slim, and I recently found out that all PS1 games play on all PS3 models….well this game at least! I would have bought this game again a lot sooner had I known that, most of you reading probably do know that…..but if not…..SOUL BLADE WILL PLAY ON ALL PS MODELS, WHETHER YOU HAVE A PS1, PS2, OR ANY MODEL PS3. I can not be 110% sure about other PS1 games…..but this is the most important game series to me anyways! I used to own a Sega Dreamcast, which I only bought because of Soul Calibur.I like how the voices in the game are in Japanese; it gives this title a nice touch and helps to set it apart from the other titles in the series. It did take me a little while of playing to remember the movements and what buttons did what as they are a little different from Soul Calibur 4 and 5. All the game modes work fine, I just wish the game had an online play option though it came out originally before online was any kind of a big deal.Unlike Soul Calibur 5, I can use Taki and Seung Mina (later would be spelled Seong Mina) in Soul Blade! Of course, you also get several different options in the game such as you can change the background music and some cool modes like Edge Master Mode. While Soul Calibur 5 may be far superior in graphics, it pales in comparison to Soul Blade where features and options are concerned. You would think Namco would have done a much better job with Soul Calibur 5 than they did, though at least the original is still around so that you can see how the story truly began!One thing I was thrilled to see was the opening movie for the game, as it is by far the best opening movie for any of the games in the entire series to date.It would be interesting to see what this game would look like with modern graphics, though I think it would be a very bad idea to even attempt an alteration of this masterpiece. This is one game that will truly live on in video game immortality…….”The Legend Will Never Die”……*Update from 11-2-12**I forgot to mention when I originally wrote this review that yes as the first person to comment on my review said, this game has one of the best opening themes of all time for a video game! It is one of my favorite songs period for that matter! I have not had any luck finding the soundtrack at a reasonable price anywhere; perhaps with Soul Calibur VI a Soundtrack collection will be released for all the games in the series? One other note on the song, the version featured in the opening sequence for the game is shorter than the CD version. Go to You Tube and search “Edge of Soul” or “The Edge of Soul”. Compared to some of the later games in the series, the graphics and game play may seem awkward to those not as familiar with the series. However, overall it is one of the best video games of all time ever made. I never would have grown to love the games had I not first played this game in the lobby of a Wal-Mart many years ago!*

    September 11, 2012
  • Avatar


    Or so the prologue goes in the Soul games. This game came out on the Playstation, before the Soul Calibur series. You might could say that this is a prequel to the Soul Calibur series. Anyway, I bought this title after I had already played Soul Calibur II and Soul Calibur III.By the time I bought this game, I was already accustomed to the great graphics, fluid movement, and responsive controls of the PS2 versions. That is the reason why I did not enjoy Soul Blade. I am sure that it must have been top-notch back in the days of the old Playstation, but today, it definitely cannot compare to Soul Calibur III. The basic idea is the same though. You have a small cast of characters who are seeking Soul Edge. Soul Edge is a sword with magical powers. It consumes the souls of those who use it. However, in return, they stop aging and they obtain combat powers that exceed that of even the very best warrior.You might want to buy this game and add it to your collection, if you’re a fan of the Soul series of fighting games. However, I would not recommend buying it if you actually want to play.

    January 16, 2007

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