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    Briana j

    Fits perfectly, very cute.

    December 1, 2022
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    Capt Jay

    tTere are many way s to enjoy this game…. Fun.

    November 26, 2022
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    So while it may be user error here, I found that it wouldn’t line up 100%. Still, pretty happy with the result here.

    November 6, 2022
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    Luis Enrique Aguilar

    I really love this game (:

    September 24, 2022
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    Bobby Boucher

    No other BF game since has kindled the true sense of “Battlefield” like 4, had many improvements over 3, the launch was shaky but they bounced back and made a true masterclass in BF games. I still frequently pop into servers to this day and feel right at home.

    September 23, 2022
  • Avatar

    Brian H.

    good way to kill time

    September 18, 2022
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    Gaby A.

    I was looking for some deals on Prime Day and found this pretty cute skin for my PS5. This was my first time using a product like this so it took some practice to install. I use a credit card to push down on the skin sticker and fold it half way only when installing, that worked for me best. I did get some bubbles in and couldn’t fix it but it’s not very visible. The cuts are not really precise it will be off so don’t worry about it.I think it’s really good quality for the price I payed, but not sure if the sticker will last very long on the controller. Some of it was already sticking out from the handle sideways. Other than that I think it looks very nice in PS5. Probably will take it off in a couple of months but for now Im getting good compliments on it.

    July 23, 2022
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    Pretty good game and they left a letter

    May 20, 2022
  • Avatar

    Nik Rutherford

    No broken case, great condition from shipping nothing wrong with it.

    April 29, 2022
  • Avatar

    Frank Andrews

    Glad to have the gameBetter than 2042

    March 26, 2022
  • Avatar

    Marty S

    This game is ok. I have played better

    March 10, 2022
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    I want to post a negative review because it takes my husband and son time away from me, but that is because it is so good!

    March 6, 2022
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    John Andrew Ninneman

    What can I say? It’s a battlefield game. Unless it’s the hot garbage on top of a dumpster fire that is Battlefield 2042, you’re going to have a good time. Solid classes, fun vehicles and a wide array of weapons make this a solid multiplayer game with a surprisingly strong player base as of this review (again, 2042 is a heap of dung.)My only real complaint (aside from a crap single player mode but what’s new?) is that some of the maps are waaaaaaaaayyyyyy too big and that does get frustrating. Nevertheless, good game.

    February 17, 2022
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    I put It in and selected it to play and it just got stuck on the loading screen. Nothing ever happened. I left it on the loading screen for 48 hours before I gave up.

    December 8, 2021
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    July 5, 2021
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    It still having visual bugs. Sometimes enemy or ally team mates are invisibles.You have to pay extra 9usd on offer to unlock all weapons if you dont want to grind to unlock weapons.There are always bunch of players on helicoptes killing you and your main weapos as assault are useless against them.The punkbuster feature sometimes doesnt work properly and ends on ban over your account.Servers are not the best, game use to disconnect you sometimes after a game is over.Maps are so big, but also so empty, you have to walk over streets or great desert maps with no covers. Only way is with vehicles like tanks.I think it could be enjoyable, but it has theses things i described and for that I set 3 stars.

    June 17, 2021
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    Amazon Customer

    Challenging game for me. But extremely fun.

    May 16, 2020
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    Hernan Heredia

    Todo en orden, es la version greatest hits y tiene un sello gris discreto al frente en la portada.

    February 7, 2020
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    First, you can’t play online unless you have a PlayStation account. I never play online anyway but none of the other multitude of games I’ve purchased required that. Seems fishy. Second, the controls could not be more sluggish and unresponsive. Walking is the speed of crawl and sprint is no more than a brisk walk. Early on in the campaign you have to swim in a partially submerged aircraft carrier. Worked ok at first then my player just stopped. I thought I may have hit an obstacle or a current. Nope. Just a crappy game. Then you have to engage your squad to battle the enemy. Ok. And when they are done, they may have knocked out 1-3 out of 20 enemies. And the radar is garbage. Engage a tank and another one just appears out of thin air.But the worst part? I stopped buying anything Call of Duty because they insist on making you sit through mini set up movies that are way too long and you can’t bypass. This game is full of them. I honestly feel I spend as much time watching these annoying set up clips as I do actually playing the game.I decided to give COD a second chance by buying Infinite Warfare for $10. It was fine for $10. Not good but couldn’t complain for $10. This game was only $15 and I want my $ back plus an apology letter.

    January 21, 2020
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    Jimmy Hoffa

    Nous avons fait essayer le jeux à Papi Jean-Pierre un vétéran de la 2e et nous avons été obligé de l’attacher dans le sous sol pour l’après-midi. Il avait des convulsions et était devenu agressif. Il essayait d’entrer sa tête dans le chat. Nous avons convenus que le jeux devait être très réaliste mais étions seulement dans les menus. C’est que papi avait pris un cyalis à la place de sa pilule pour la haute pression. Ouf , quelle expérience pour nous tous et spécialement pour Titi notre adorable chat.

    November 18, 2019
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    Its been fun going back to my favorite game. And more challenging since I am on PC now

    October 10, 2019
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    I was hesitant to purchase this game when it first launched because of all the bugs and people saying it’s a horrible game, complete trash, worst battlefield game ever, etc. So I was thinking, “I guess I will skip this one.” Now that it’s around $20, I was like “Screw it, lets see why this game has so much hate.” After playing this game for a few days, Battlefield V is still a great game.I haven’t played the game at launch but as of today, it’s playable, I haven’t encountered any bugs, and it still feels like a BF game. I started playing the BF series with BC1 & BC2, then BF 1942, BF3 & 4, BF1, and now BFV. What I know and loved about the series is still here at it’s core and I look forward to playing BFV until they release the next BF game.I think a lot of the negative reviews on here comes from gamers resentment towards EA’s “pay to win & surprise mechanics” stuff. And if I remember correctly, one of the BFV developers said “If you don’t like what their doing with the series, don’t buy it.” And well, people listened and didn’t buy it lol.Well anyway besides all that drama, I still have fun playing the game and had a lot of Battlefield moments. It took me awhile to adjust to the gameplay but once I did, I felt right at home. But one thing I don’t like very much in BFV are the maps. I would say it’s the worst out of all the BF games. About two maps were decent and the rest were….Ehh. But it’s a personal opinion of course. Still fun though.If your on the fence like I was, just buy it and try it out. Still a fun game but definitely not the best one in the series. Besides, It’s only $20 now.

    August 12, 2019
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    Amazon カスタマー


    June 18, 2019
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    January 26, 2019
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    Michelle M. Hardesty

    I gave this as a gift. Receiver was very happy.

    December 17, 2018
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    Yes, it is French packaging but game is English and works after long update.

    September 13, 2018
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    Battlefield 4 is a great game and this is what you’ll get here, but one thing is that the servers are always empty because no one plays this anymore Sadly (due to battlefield 5 coming out in a few months). Other than that this is the full game with single player and multiplayer access but dont expect playing on a full multiplayer server.

    June 17, 2018
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    Colby Welch

    Once you get to a certain point, the screen will go black except for the loading icon in the top right corner. The game it still going underneath i.e. you can still shoot and do other things. You can’t pause but you can go to the PS menu and quit the game or turn off the console but when you go back into the game it does the same thing again.

    March 1, 2017
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    Dudes at BF! I generally don’t buy games right when they come out. I don’t feel like being part of the BETA development while the company figures out how to produce a better product. Am I a Duty or a BF fan? I got hooked on BF2142! What a great game both online and single. Very good mods too. BF3 was fantastic. So on to BF4…. My rig: Win10-64, SSD, 16GB Ram, i7-3.50GHz (8 core-water cooled), Nvidia GTX 650 or GTX 1080. The graphics in the game look amazing! BUT, the game randomly hangs! Very, very, frustrating! I thought it was just my set up, but NO! It’s a known issue. Needless to say, after trying many ‘fixes’, I’m back playing BF2142. Why put out a product and then not truly support it? It’s been three years and the hanging problem still exists? Will I move on to another EA title, BF1? Sorry, you no longer have my confidence.

    December 31, 2016
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    This game was the main reason I wanted to get an Xbox one in the first place. I have always been into WW1 but never really knew too much about it since they barely teach it in schools. That’s why I love the trivia they add in the loading screens (which take TOO long even for team deathmatch). This game looked amazing, and it still does. I love the dynamic weather changes, but it changes too quickly. It will be clear as day one minute and then before you know it you can’t see because it’s a fog fest. I really wish they made repairing your planes, tanks, etc a bit faster honestly. I was in a fighter plane on Monte Grappa (not that it really matters) and I nearly died trying to repair my plane. This was also a problem in the campaign. I was playing the last mission in “Through Blood and Mud” and had trouble getting through the first half of the city without getting light up like the fourth of July. The campaign has too many stealth missions for a World War 1 game. One second I’ll be in a massive tank battle and the next I’ll be sneaking up on people with a shovel (which I have a lot of fun with). The “Nothing Is Written” mission I can totally understand since that’s how Lawrence of Arabia carried out his quests. I don’t understand why there are so many stealth missions with the Australian against the Ottomans. Let’s go back to the cover of the game for a second. Why is this guy on the cover when he had little to do with the actual story? Honestly, I’d love to have the driver from Through Blood and Mud and the guy you play as during the Italian mission on the cover than this stupid guy Now back to the multiplayer for a second. This is just me, but I don’t like most of th3 default maps, thus why I got the premium pass. I don’t like Monte Grappa, Empire’s Edge, Ballroom Blitz, and I have mixed feelings about Fao Fortress. I mainly play Team Deathmatch so make of that what you will. One more thing, why does it take so long to level up both in game and in classes?? I’ve played more than 14 hours with the medic and support class. I’m level 1 in medic and level 0 in support. That’s ridiculous.Review over. Summary of it all, it’s a game that needs some fixing and maybe for once add new campaign missions as DLC, that would be cool!

    December 22, 2016
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    jimmy p

    It’s been awhile since I played a FPS but this I wanted to take my time with but I still beat the the game in 4 days of beating two mission each day.I feel this game better for multiplayer but if you have not play it or played online in a long time expect to get slaughter. I went on a noob server died 16 times got 3 kills second time playing this game online online. Online play is real fast pace and most people on there know every little spot of every map.a little update upon trying to play the game online as of 10/25/16 origin had a update that failed unless you turn on auto update. This means that the origin app stays open running in the background anytime you have your computer on and login in to windows as just like most nag ware or spyware. I do not trust EA or origin enough to have them possibility collect web traffic data on my computer. I have since uninstalled the game and are no longer playing it. I am also staying away from other titles from EA games. I was thinking of getting the new battlefield 1 but after this issue I rather not get it.

    October 23, 2016
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    I was introduced to Battlefield with the first Bad Company game and was hooked. BC2 was probably my favorite single player mission and multiplayer ever (and Vietnam was off the chain man!) but like Call of Duty EA/DICE was moving too far from what made the game fun for me (not quite as stupid as things like running along walls and sliding kills and jumping around in the air like a bunch of idiots), Battlefield 3 was okay but the maps were terrible, lots of choke points and one team would always end up getting spawned trapped, Battlefield 4 was fun I’ll admit but it was pretty insulting when Hardline came out as an entire game in what seemed more like an expansion pack that I hadn’t really played any BF for almost two years……until I played the BETA of this beauty. OH…MY….My favorite FPS games ever are the Medal of Honor WWI/WWII games and this takes me back to that but times 1000, the maps are so detailed and impressive, the destruction is back and even better than better, the frame rates that the game runs at is gorgeous, the vehicles are super cool (bomber dropping payload on a site or a tank that has a flamethrower? yes please!) and the classes are really well balanced in my opinion which has not always been the case with previous games.The upgrade system is cool with the war bonds instead of automatically opening a gun when you rank up, I love the super classes they’ve created in game (sentry, flamethrower, tank hunter, etc) really cool to mix it up if for some crazy reason you find yourself bored with the gameplay.The game modes are pretty much the same, they did away with capture the flag and basically created it in the form of “war pigeons”, awesome game mode and I like more than CTF because the maps are not as massive as they were in BF4, rush, domination and conquest are back along with TDM and the new mode everyone is talking about is operations. This is a super cool new mode that if you win through the map you get to progress through different maps like a true war would where you advance on the enemy.My cons so far though:Martini-Henry is going to get old real quick because everyone seems to be a stupid sniper in this game which means there will be tons of these rifles out there soon.The spotting system is not consistent enough, not sure why it takes forever to spot someone.The losing team SHOULD NOT be rewarded for sucking with a behemoth, that is so dumb DICE, why o why would you think this is a good idea?I know WWI guns are limited but having to unlock three different guns for the same gun but with a different set up is sillyOne final thought:This is more a qualm with the players but why do medics no review, why do assaults NOT help take down tanks? 4 rounds of the rocket is not enough to take it out on my own and die just as often trying than anything else! Come on people.Oh and lastly – PTFO and DRMB if you see me dead in front of 4 enemy players!Have fun!

    October 21, 2016
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    $30 at time of purchase.The Battlefield is to me the most complete Military Sim/Arcade Shooter out there today. Just to make it clear I abhor EA and their shady business practices and purchase none of their games because of it(voting with my wallet as others should) but even so I admit that as far as FPS titles go I would be greatly missing out if I chose to not make an exception for this title at this price.As far as a total package of strategy based fps action it is top notch. Nowadays DICE is trying to balance the game to also appeal to the market of tactical FPS(CoD) players and thus has muddled the mission of the franchise but it still remains strong and the last few major patches show that they actually care about making a better game experience and balancing so that the core gameplay remains strategic(objective/teamwork) based rather than tacticool(kill count/KD) based as with the CoD series. It offers so much more than the CoD series(tons of modes, playstyles, vehicles, maps, and high capacity servers) to me that it has always felt like a waste of money and time to play CoD as an alternative since it almost exclusively focuses on TDM style play while BF includes TDM play within its overall package. That is just me personally and I do understand why some prefer the CoD series but for me there was never an appeal past the first few games.There are downsides with this game as even though it is already years old it still is going through major changes to find that sweet spot balance that DICE wants to make a good game while appeasing the EA overlords with having as large a market share as possible. Its far from perfect but DICE is working on it to this day and as far as I know there is nothing that touches this game in the “Arcade FPS/Military Sim” market overall. At least nothing that isnt overly optimized for one or the other(CoD or Arma as examples), or is still in the beta phase(Heroes and Generals).Find some friends and/or a clan to play with and you will have endless hours of fun on this title even this long into it release. Always go premium on BF titles since anything else is missing out on the full potential of the game. I would say also always wait 6mo-1y to purchase a BF title unless you dont mind being a beta tester(respect to those poor souls that do so the kinks can get worked out more quickly).

    November 15, 2015
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    $30 at time of purchase.The Battlefield is to me the most complete Military Sim/Arcade Shooter out there today. Just to make it clear I abhor EA and their shady business practices and purchase none of their games because of it(voting with my wallet as others should) but even so I admit that as far as FPS titles go I would be greatly missing out if I chose to not make an exception for this title at this price.As far as a total package of strategy based fps action it is top notch. Nowadays DICE is trying to balance the game to also appeal to the market of tactical FPS(CoD) players and thus has muddled the mission of the franchise but it still remains strong and the last few major patches show that they actually care about making a better game experience and balancing so that the core gameplay remains strategic(objective/teamwork) based rather than tacticool(kill count/KD) based as with the CoD series. It offers so much more than the CoD series(tons of modes, playstyles, vehicles, maps, and high capacity servers) to me that it has always felt like a waste of money and time to play CoD as an alternative since it almost exclusively focuses on TDM style play while BF includes TDM play within its overall package. That is just me personally and I do understand why some prefer the CoD series but for me there was never an appeal past the first few games.There are downsides with this game as even though it is already years old it still is going through major changes to find that sweet spot balance that DICE wants to make a good game while appeasing the EA overlords with having as large a market share as possible. Its far from perfect but DICE is working on it to this day and as far as I know there is nothing that touches this game in the “Arcade FPS/Military Sim” market overall. At least nothing that isnt overly optimized for one or the other(CoD or Arma as examples), or is still in the beta phase(Heroes and Generals).Find some friends and/or a clan to play with and you will have endless hours of fun on this title even this long into it release. Always go premium on BF titles since anything else is missing out on the full potential of the game. I would say also always wait 6mo-1y to purchase a BF title unless you dont mind being a beta tester(respect to those poor souls that do so the kinks can get worked out more quickly).

    November 15, 2015
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    EA did it again, as everyone was no doubt expecting from them. Battlefield 4 was released per it’s schedule, to continue the war in the modern FPS gaming market.Battlefield 4, for starters, expands and improves on Battlefield 3 in almost every conceivable way. The graphics are much better, the sound is much clearer/crisper, the weapons are better balanced, the vehicles got a touch up, the maps got better, and generally the entire multiplayer experience got much, much more enjoyable with this fourth installment.This is all to be expected, of course, given that this game is the first Battlefield to be released on the next-generation of consoles.Owning Battlefield 4 on both PC and Xbox One, I can offer a bit of insight into the advantages and disadvantages of both, and an overview of the games quality as a whole.Firstly, the game itself is a welcome improvement over last-generations Battlefield 3 shooter. I still have my one large qualm with the Battlefield series as of late, however: Why is there a campaign for this game? In all honesty, the campaign from Battlefield 3 was horrendous. The characters were not memorable at all, the story was not memorable at all, and the general goal of each and every mission just felt menial and boring. Unfortunately, this carries over into Battlefield 4. The campaign is slightly more memorable, due to the characters being slightly more interactive and well thought out, but the story itself was just as boring and just as menial and drawn-out as ever. I find myself wondering why EA/DICE even bother with the campaign mode. They have to realize that no one really every purchases a Battlefield game for the campaign experience, and it shows. They never seem to put any worthwhile effort into the campaign of these games, and in doing so, make it even less meaningful than it was prior. Just a pet-peeve, if you aren’t going to put in the effort to make a great campaign, and focus on multiplayer, then just make it multiplayer only. The campaign in Battlefield 4 is almost solely there to set the stage for the maps you’ll play on in multiplayer, and then forget about where they came from.But the purpose of Battlefield (the multiplayer) really came through on Battlefield 4. Despite launch issues and whatnot, I think the servers and issues have been handled at this point, and at least for me, the multiplayer experience has been a smooth one. There are never any connectivity issues or latency problems beyond the norm, and nothing seems off-putting in this regard.They added more weapons, re-designed the classes a little bit and added in a few new features, but as far as gameplay goes, this is a prettier Battlefield 3, with a few new features and new maps.One of the biggest things I purchased this on Xbox One for was for the new inclusion of the classic Battlefield 32 vs 32 player multiplayer matches, which were previously “impossible” on the last generation of consoles. This is a very fun new feature and having the full sized maps, with a whole 64 players in tanks, jets, helicopters, AA guns, jeeps, on foot, sniping from rooftops and rocks and the general mayhem that ensues with so many people, really brings the multiplayer to life with so much to do and so many other players to interact with.The PC version, as usual, is capable of looking much, much better graphically and have much, much better sound quality, but as always, the cost of a machine to take full advantage of the game is also much greater than that of a gaming console one would typically buy at a store. The PC version also has a weird and annoying quirk, in that EA/DICE decided that it would be a good idea to require PC players to access the online Battlelog page to actually physically launch the game. Clicking on the play button from Origin, will lead you straight into the default web browser on your machine and take you to the Battlelog page, which inconveniently no longer works with Google Chrome. However the PC version does tend to have a more stable connection to servers, and a more diverse group of players.The console version is much simpler, there are no graphical settings to mess with, and when you want to play, the server browser is right there in-game. There is also the added benefit that getting into the multiplayer matches on console seem to take a lot less time than on the PC version.In any event, the game itself is worthwhile for fans of modern multiplayer FPS games, and I would recommend it, especially considering that at the time of this review the game is about half the price it was at launch.

    September 15, 2015
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    System specs: -i5 2500k -msi r9 280x – asus p8z68-V LX -4x4gb ddr3 1333mhz (3 sticks of corsair xms3 and 1 stick of some ram from microcenter that are all the same speed and stuff) This build should be have 70+ fps on max setting 1080p but I run low settings because low is smoother and I low is actually pretty good looking already. I turned vsync on to lock the fps at 60 and I monitor my temps and stuff all the time. It was running perfectly fine on this build but all of the sudden it started getting crazy fps drops-remember that I am still using low settings- to 10-20 fps for a few seconds atleast once a game. I have checked all my drivers, made sure it is on 64 bit, reinstalled the game, ran repair, and installed the missing directx thing even though I use mantle.Pros: Better graphics than bf3, easier jet dogfighting imo, inclusion of the f35 and actually making the a10 an attack jet, not a slow super hornet, more attachments and upgrades, mantle for higher fps on radeon cards, final stand pickup weapons are very cool, harder assignments (good and bad), more destruction, no more coop missions that don’t work well, some of the guns seem a bit more realistic, and you can set up the kits better. Better sniping with the ablility to zero in your scopeCons: Less campaign missions than bf3 (could be a good thing if you don’t care about campaigns), spawns are still bad on certain games, fps inconsistencies as I have said before, phantom dog tag hunt is terrible, its too hard for me to find it while everyone else is lucky, server instabilities, and the maps are kind of bad.

    February 16, 2015
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    German-Austria must be restored to the great German Motherland. And not indeed onany grounds of economic calculation whatsoever. No, no. Even if the union were amatter of economic indifference, and even if it were to be disadvantageous from theeconomic standpoint, still it ought to take place. People of the same blood should be inthe same REICH. The German people will have no right to engage in a colonial policyuntil they shall have brought all their children together in the one State. When theterritory of the REICH embraces all the Germans and finds itself unable to assure thema livelihood, only then can the moral right arise, from the need of the people to acquireforeign territory. The plough is then the sword; and the tears of war will produce thedaily bread for the generations to come.

    July 3, 2014
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    Mr. Shop

    The game is fun to play on multi-player, but I feel like the story mode was too short. The multi-player major set back is system freezing. Have not figured out why it happens, but after updating my PS3 and reinstalling the game it happens less frequently. The multi-player to me is the major selling point of this game as CoD story is better. This franchise has a lot of potential, just need to fix minor bug and make a better story.

    June 28, 2014
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    I like battlefield a lot and after seeing the trailer for this game I was very influenced to buy it. but instead of picking up my preorder I waited. For one thing the game is awesome as far as playing or experiencing another battlefield game. However this game has a lot of glitches in the campaign mode which drives me nuts cause id often have to start the mission over in order to get passed the glitches or sequel of events in the game. As far as multiplayer goes its a blast and the only reason why I’m giving it 4 stars instead of a 3. however from what Ive experienced Id rather play bf3 multiplayer then bf4.

    June 19, 2014
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    Lakeland Hokie

    In reality, this is more of an update of Battlefield 3 than anything else. There aren’t a whole lot of changes to it, other than adding in certain aspects from previous Battlefield games. While single player isn’t, and hasn’t been, a focus for this series, it is a very enjoyable campaign in its own right, and gives a introductory feel for the gameplay mechanics.I found it to be a relief that there is a training map for users to get accustomed to the weapons and (especially) the vehicles within the game. It can be downright embarrassing to learn to fly the helos and jets for the first time in multiplayer, so this allows you to get your feet wet without anyone watching!Overall, while it’s not a huge deviation from previous games (if you can call it a deviation at all), it is a fun, engaging game that can suck you in for hours…if everything works. Which it does not always do. The game still feels almost like a beta version, and was clearly rushed out the door before it was ready. While I play the PC version, with its periodic crashes, server connection errors, audio issues, etc, I’ve heard that it was even worse on the platforms (at least at first). A game like this is a long term prospect, and I fully expect many of the glitches and server issues to get cleaned up over time…however it should have never been released that early to begin with.

    April 4, 2014
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    Andrew W. Hanson

    This game is pretty awesome. I personally was huge on battlefield 2, skipped battlefield 3, and jumped into battlefield 4.Im playing it on an Alienware M11x R3, which has a dual-core i7. I overclocked my CPU and GPU a little, and I can run the game pretty good at medium[with some things on high..] settings. I use a frame rate limiter to keep the frame rate from jumping above 29, and I can crank the settings even higher if I lower my resolution a little to 720P.Cons:Almost every time I try to jump into a game, I am reminded with an advertisment pop-up for upgrading to the Premium service. I may do this later, but it is expensive overall. I personally don’t have issues with getting into servers, although it is common to randomly be kicked from games because punkbuster says I have some plugin that is not allowed? That is my biggest complaint. I think the Commander mode is pretty lame too, especially compared to the commander mode in battlefield 2.When the game launched there were really bad server issues. I think those have been ironed out with patches.

    March 5, 2014
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    Nicholas Matt

    Single player game is like every other ( objective, go do it). But multiplayer is where this games core lies. Like being a sniper, then awesome. Like driving a tank, good for you. Love running around shooting anything that moves, boy you’re in for a treat. Reviews for this game came out too early. Since its initial release this game has been patched and plays amazingly. To be in every aspect of the battle with 64 players is the most intense experience I have ever experienced. I loved bf3 and this game pushed the boundaries on the Xbox one. It looks amazing, it plays amazing, and when you shoot someone with a sniper rifle for the first time with the impulse triggers on the Xbox one I had to say “s***!” its like you’re really shooting a high powered rifle. I do hate how it makes me say that but wow. Now I sound sadistic. I’m not, its just this game gets the feel of so many things right. If you get in a tank it is constantly moving left and right exactly how you would imagine it. I can’t play forza 5 online because the cars drive how they would in real life. Battlefield is the same. I have played first person shooters more than racing games so it comes natural. Call of duty players will be confused at first. But gaming is always about being better. This game offers call of duty multiplayer with 20 players and also offers 64 players for all out battle. Really a great game. EA/Dice screw up ALOT of the time but I know when to support a company and the time is now. Look at it this way… Microsoft endorsed EA, Disney endorsed EA, Disney endorsed EA, EA endorsed Dice, Dice and EA are making star wars games! Battlefront 2 and mirrors edge 2 are being developed! Disney has never made anything that wasn’t good (may have been less good but was still good). Even though EA has been the worst company ever still they make money. Its because of you. You keep buying their games. And by all means please do not stop now. Talk as much crap as you want but you’ll still buy their product. And for that I thank you. But really buy this game. This is one that will go down in history. Amazing quality and devoted game makers dice are. Yes we all want a profit but at least they’re fixing the bugs. It takes dedication to do what they do. Most of you don’t have that commitment. Patience is a virtue. Great and astonishing game. It may have been rough in the beginning but now hopefully most of the stress has been lifted off of you DICE. EA, you always have problems, but somehow you manage it. Before I hated you, but after all of this stuff, I adore you. Keep it up. Awesome job. Its always darkest before the sunrise. Buy this amazing game!

    January 23, 2014
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    Erik Cameron

    Let me start off by saying that I literally never place a public review out there on anything other than Club Nintendo. That said, I really have seen way too many people portraying the game in an extremely negative light.First thing’s first: This is for the Premium service. Buying this does NOT INCLUDE THE GAME. With that said, you can ignore any reviews on this product that involve the game itself. It has nothing to do with it.Second of all: THIS IS NOT THE GAME!! I can’t stress enough how many people give this product a poor review because they are unhappy with the GAME. If you want to review that, go to the game page and stay off this one.Third (and serious): The Premium service offers a large amount of content for the life span of the game. You receive monthly Battlepacks for the next year (which is why it says you receive 12), every expansion pack that comes out for the game (normally priced would be 14.99 each which makes this a great value at about 35% off), plus Double XP events, new customizations, new knives, and more. If you intend on playing the game throughout its life cycle, this purchase is a no brainer. Please do not be mistaken by the false and incorrect reviews.My overall theme here is to make sure that you READ THE PRODUCT YOU ARE REVIEWING before posting your opinion. These reviews are basically the judge and jury as to whether a product sees a profit or plummets into oblivion. Tread carefully consumers and makes sure you pay attention to what the reviewers are saying to ensure they even know what they are talking about! I love Battlefield, even with its flaws, and the Premium service will keep me playing for the years to come!

    November 21, 2013
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    Brandon Bourg

    Like everyone else I buy and play games to have “fun.” BF4 does an incredible job of immersion. When you play this game with a decent headset and a good graphics card you will be “inside” this game from the moment you deploy. The question is, how long will it take until you would rather be playing something else or just doing something more productive.First things first, my setup: I build a new computer this past summer that includes a MSI z87 M Power MoBo, Intel 4770k @ 3.5Ghz (3.9Ghz turbo), MSI GTX 770 lightening, Corsair dominator RAM 16GB @1600Mhz, Seasonic 800W PSU, and a Corsair H100i water cooling system. I use a G960 headset, G9x gaming mouse, and a corsiar K70 mechanical keyboard. I think I have setup that is above average and more than enough to play this game.Crashes. These were more frequent after release and have been somewhat addressed. They still happen on a daily basis though. I no longer get a full crash from my client but instead get connection issues at least 50% of the time when trying to join a server. It would be mildly annoying if I was able to detect the problem before it loaded the game but instead the game will load the map and right before I get a deploy screen everything just stays black for about a minute. Then finally it disconnects and closes the program. It would be nice if I could Alt-Esc the program but instead I have to open up task manager and terminate the game.Netcode. If you’ve played BF3 or any online FPS you’ve probably heard this term floated around. Netcode is basically the infrastructure that dictates interactions between players. Hey, I shot that guy but didn’t get a hit marker. Bad netcode. Hey I shot that guy multiple times and he shot me once and killed me before I even saw his muzzle flash. Bad netcode. Hey, that guy shot me through a concrete wall with an AR. Bad netcode. Hey that guy shot me before he was around the corner. Bad netcode. Get the picture? BF3 had bad netcode but BF4 has worse. If this annoyed you in BF3 stay away from BF4. If you care about accuracy, stats, a good clean fight, stay away from BF4. Any gamer who is serious, i.e. has a competitive nature, stay away from this game.Graphics. Half baked at best. The textures and effects look great, top notch. The renders are nicely done. The lighting is great and as whole the graphics immerse you into the maps. So why half baked? Because the effects like the CONSTANT screen shake when a explosion happens or a building begins to crumble really gets ANNOYING. This game TRIES to make you miss with all the crazy effects. You’re battling bad netcode, suppression effects, and CONSTANT screen shake. Ever play a round of CQD on Scrapmetal in BF3 while someone was C4’ing staircases? If so, BF4 rounds are like that all the time. CONSTANT screen shake.Sound. Half baked. There are some great sounds in this game that add to the immersion. I find the guns and sound effects to be slightly less informative than in BF3. What I mean by this is that in BF3, with a decent headset, you could pick up on sounds that gave directional cues as to where you were being shot from, where people were running, etc. In BF4 it’s harder to determine based on sound cues. Overall, I think this category is BF4’s strongest area.Gameplay. Like I said in the title, not fun. I put in over 1400hrs of BF3. I have nearly 70hrs on BF4 so far and I kinda just feel like uninstalling it. A part of me wishes I would have bought it through origin so I could have received a refund. So, since i’m stuck with it I plan to come back to it later with hopes that the fix some of the bugs and netcode. I find myself “wanting” to like it. So i boot it up and end up just leaving the server before a round is over. It isn’t that the game is terrible, it’s more or less over produced. It’s bloated with visual/sound effects that look and sound great but wait, the game play? It’s like DICE forgot that they were making a game and not a movie. I tend to play with friends and with random pubbies. In BF3 I could get away with random pubbies because I didn’t have to rely on them as much. In BF4 it’s a nightmare trying to play with these people and since my perks are tied to their abilities it just makes trying to get perks exhausting. Not only that, but I’m now limited to a predefined perk tree that I can’t tailor to my play style. The addition of DMRs and carbines to each class was a nice addition as well as the new revive mechanics. Those two changes are welcomed. The weapon unlocks are bloated and half of the unlocks are useless. Three different suppressors? Why? Gunplay in BF4 is a joke. I read a review above that said that the starter guns just jump around the screen. Not true. All guns in BF4 have little to no recoil. You can now snipe people with ARs. This just adds to the noob friendliness of the game and step back from BF3s gunplay mechanics (which were great).UPDATE: 12/17/13So, after playing this game for nearly 2 months I’ve decided it’s time to just call it quits. DICE has decided to try and initiate some damage control by releasing patch after patch for the past couple weeks. I give them props for their dedication to fixing the issues that plague this game but their efforts come across as serving face. Each patch has been around the 1gb mark which, combined with the China Rising DLC brings BF4s total install size to nearly 30gbs. That’s 5GBs shy of BF3 + all 5 expansions. But, this is a small compliant and I can get passed the space required to install this giant bug of a program. What’s really annoying is that each 1gb patch just introduces MORE bugs. lol… At first I was happy to see the patches coming but then after the first 2 patches I noticed that they just added more problems and at this point I could careless about their next patch. My faith in the developer is gone. There’s a lot of people who want to pass blame to EA for “forcing” DICE to release before the game was finished. That argument worked two months ago at launch. After two months of the game being out and the countless patches since, people shouldn’t be blaming EA anymore. DICE has really bad programmers. The issues that everyone is facing now solely rests on the backs of DICE employees. Patches shouldn’t break the game, they should fix it. Patches should be tested before they go live…BF4 patches are clearly not tested. Look at the sales for this game. They’re terrible and for good reason. BF3 sold 1.5m copies in the first 3 months of release while BF4 is struggling to sell .5m. This game just got uninstalled. I’ll install it again in a few months to see if things are fixed but honestly, based on DICEs past with fixing their games, BF4 is going to be “better” but not nearly where it should be.

    November 13, 2013
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    Paul C.

    I play all the first person shooters and have no issues with them – even the previous couple versions of the BattleField series. This game has problems on the PC. I’m still working through the campaign at this point.Cons:The biggest is that it tends to crash on my Windows 7 machine about once an hour. No other game or application does that so I know it’s the game’s software and not Windows nor a hardware issue.Second is the missing “tactical binoculars”. In a couple of missions you’re suppose to pull out your tactical binoculars and mark targets for a friendly helicopter gunship or tank. They’re not there! Pressing and holding the center mouse button doesn’t activate them like the hints indicate.Third issue are the movie cut scenes. If you die on a mission you’re forced to sit and watch the couple minute movie cut scene that leads back to the action. Uggh!Finally the game, like other BattleField series games, is “on rails” meaning if you stray too far beyond what is expected you get shot by some one-shot one-kill sniper who’s put there to keep you from going around a building instead of rushing into the massive volley of fire from the line you’re suppose to follow.The good thing about PC games is that the developers can always patch these issues later and often after a few months the game will become more playable.Pros:Lots of good graphics, audio, and just general eye-candy. The detail is amazing if you’ve got the video cards and monitor to pull it off.Plenty of different weapons to use including “gadgets” which can be anything from claymores, RPGs, various grenade launchers, and anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles and rockets.There is the normal infantry action but there is also some tank, APC, and tactical vehicle driving.Back to the campaign and looking forward to the on-line action.

    November 1, 2013
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    Nick G

    I was kind of shocked to hear that EA was coming out with BF4 so fast, in my opinion they could have kept BF3 going for quite some time will upgrades and expansions. Now lets get to the game!!!SINGLE PLAYERI am unlike the majority of gamers because I always like to play through the single player first then Multiplayer. I do this becasue I enjoy playing the single player as well as seeing most of the weapons before hand. I really enjoyed single player, and I also enjoyed BF3 single player along with all the COD’s that I have played but BF single player is the only ones that I actually payed attention to the story lines. It is short but if you didn’t expect that I don’t know what to tell you. Should they make it longer…of course but I don’t think that will happen. They did make little changes that I really enjoyed, and they are below:PROS:- They made it wear you get to pick your weapons from your weapons cache for each level and you can pick up enemy weapons or change your load out at any ammo cache or weapons cache throughout the level. I really enjoyed this aspect for the fact that I like to have a long range and medium range weapon.- It kind of reminded me of playing multipler a little bit. You get points for killing enemies and more for headshots or alternate kills and your points go up against medals for each level, Bronze, Silver, Gold. Each medal you get, you unlock weapons for your weapons cache’s that you can use in Singleplayer.- It seemed a little more open, at times you would come across a random tank and you could either get in it or go on foot. You can blow up a tank with a tank or get out and C4 it, or take it down with a rocket launcher of SortsCONS- Obviously short but I expected it- The ending was ok but I expected a lot more. It just seemed that it just kind of ended, like there is going to be more but then nothing happened.- The singleplayer crashed twice on me while I was playing it. Didn’t loose too much progress but had to restart the entire game.MULTIPLAYERI have logged about 10 hours on multiplayer and I must say I am overall, pleased. Here are the pros and consPROS:- Huge maps (Ofcourse) and all of them that I have played have some sort of interaction that happens in the map. Such as one map floods, huge destruction in others, and an island map that in the middle a storm rolls in and creates big waves and low visability. Makes the gameplay amazing.- Lots of weapons with lots of attachments. Multiple rocket launchers that do all kinds of stuff- One of the main changes I have seen is they took the C4 away from Support and gave it to Recon. So now your not completely worthless as a sniper when it comes to tanks.- They also added little Ammo and Health pacs as well as keeping the big ones from BF3 and you can equipt which ever one to use as Medic or Support. I did notice that the small ammo pack only gives you ammo for your pistol and sidearm, it does not fill your grenades and rockets.- You can zoom in and out with one of the scopes and you can set your range on some of them. Which is a nice feature.- They have weapon drops throughout the game now with random weapons that you can go and get. They are marked on the map with a pistol.- Ocean Warefare. The vehicles for the water are awesome, especially the but war boat(Can’t remember the name)They also have dingys, sea-doos. This plus the waves in the storm are pretty epic.- Another bit thing that I really like is the fact that you can dive and swim UNDERWATER as well as pull your pistol and shoot while treading water. So now your not completely worthless while swimming anymore.CONS- CRASHES, I played for 2-3 hours last and it crashed 4 times. Twice while switching levels which didnt upset me to bad but then the other 2 times were during the game after I had unlocked multiple things and made quite a few points. That upsets me. It has crashed quite a few times since I have had the game so I hope they work out the bugs- SOUND I will be playing a round and the surrounding sound will go away except my gunfire. Then it will come back and go away again. I see there are multiple people having this problem so I Hope they fix that soon. It doesn’t happen every round but most of them.I will think of more things as I play and I will update as needed. Thank you for reading and have fun gaming.-NickUPDATE November 14 2013So these things have been going on since the beginning and I knocked off a star because of it. I waited for a big update and that came today but it still has some ridiculous issues.LOOSING XP- So in the beginning a server would crash and you would loose your points in that round….that does not happen as often now but it still happens.- The one thing that really pisses me off is when I finish a round and I quit before it loads the next map and it says BF4 has stopped working and I loose about a 1/3 of my XP from that round. THAT NEEDS to be FIXED. I am tired of getting the same rank 3-4 times before it finally takes. Just to name a couple I ranked up to level 11 4 times and level 29 3 times because it does not keep my xp. At one point I played 3 rounds, got my longest headshot and gained around 30k points and unlocked 6 things and I quit after the third round and it didnt keep any of my stats from those 3 games…..wow really? I dont mind if it happened every now and then but this is ridiculous.I waited for the update and when I joined my first map every 15 seconds or so my screen would go a little fuzzy for a split second and come back. Updated drivers and it worked for about a round and it still does it every now and then. Also my first 2 rounds after the update my teamates were killing me (I only play HC servers) saying I didnt have a friendly symbol above my head and I was also killed by multiple people that had a friendly symbol and it said they were the enemy.All and all I don’t see much of an improvement…yet…please make another update!!!UPDATE 27 November 2013CRASHES:- I hardly come by a crash anymore. The game has crashed once in the last 15hrs of gameplay and that was about 10 seconds after joining a server.HIT COLLISION- There seems to be something off with the hit collision in the game and it seems to be getting worse, at least in my opinion. I play only HC servers and in multiple maps with multiple enemy’s I would hit them with no less than 20-30 rounds and I could see the bullets hitting them and this is at close range without them moving, but they never go down and they still read 100 on health. Using the same pistol in everymap usually you can kill enemies with 2-4 bullets and less if it was in the head. But them some enemies take and entire clip and still read full health. This is the main thing upsetting me in this game now.COVER- Enemies can shoot me from behind cover just with the tips of their heads sticking out, and I mean the tip…barely visable. My friend and I tested this out and when we got behind cover and had the same amount showing and fired a round it just hit the cover in front of us. Not a huge deal but it gets frustrating.All and all I am really enjoying the game. I just wanted to update you on some things that caught my eye. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in there.

    October 31, 2013

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