ASUS Chromebook CX1

  • This case not a universal laptop bag,each case are only suitable for some especially laptop models.It is especially designed for 11.6″ Asus Chromebook C223NA c223na-dh02/ASUS Chromebook CX22NA CX22NA-BCLN4/ASUS Chromebook CX1 CX1100CNA CX1100CNA-AS42/Orbic Chromebook Series…


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Specification: ASUS Chromebook CX1

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11.69 x 9.02 x 0.91 inches

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#12,724 in Laptop Bags, Cases & Sleeves

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December 8, 2018

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  • Avatar

    Phyl V

    I needed a reliable back up to my dest top computer and I found this computer I am very satisfied with it I got a good deal and a very good little computer

    November 24, 2022
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    It’s a great product. Runs amazingly. No complaints

    November 21, 2022
  • Avatar

    Mary Cossin

    I love this better than a tablet and great when you don’t want to use your laptop. Small enough to take anywhere. Fast, great picture, I love this little book.

    November 19, 2022
  • Avatar

    Barry Dunayer

    I use this laptop for personal use. It’s got great specs. The keyboard is a little strange because it’s a green laptop. It does not have touch screen capability.

    November 17, 2022
  • Avatar

    Charlie W Wright

    Great laptop for a very good price.

    November 17, 2022
  • Avatar

    Sandy Swank

    Size/fiction/speed! Totally love this notebook computer!!!

    November 16, 2022
  • Avatar


    I wanted an inexpensive computer to leave at work so I could check email and do some browsing on my breaks. This is it. Works great with my hot spot. Everything functions as it should. The case is heavy duty and seems sturdy. Not for gaming at all. No touch screen. Just a very basic computer. It meets my expectations for $120.

    November 10, 2022
  • Avatar

    Ozgur D.

    So, my family has been using an Acer aspire for 13 years now. My sister poured a glass of milk and tea on it. Never broken down, still working like the first day.I think battery is a wide issue for acer pcs, but other than that everything is amazing.Now I have this acer for a few days and it is just as I expected.The only thing is amazon dropped its price by 17% 2 days after I bought it. Gimme my money back guys, seriously.

    October 30, 2022
  • Avatar

    Amanda Wright

    This chrome book had exceeded my expectations. I didn’t want to spend a ton, and just wanted a laptop to be able to browse the internet and do some very light work at home. It does great! If you need one to store a lot of data on, I probably would chose something else.

    October 30, 2022
  • Avatar

    Chad Phillips

    I am a longtime user of Windows laptops, Android phones, and Amazon Fire tablets. In the planning stages of an international vacation, I decided that I did not want to take a large laptop, nor did I want to use only a phone or tablet for web browsing and communications. This small, ruggedized, and relatively inexpensive Chromebook seemed like the perfect solution for my travel needs, which fall mostly into the categories of casual web browsing for travel and weather information, and the use of Google apps (maps, email, online voice and video comms, file storage). Getting it running was extremely easy, and Wi-Fi and processing power seem perfectly adequate for my needs. Storage is sufficient to accommodate pdf versions of my travel guides and maps for offline use. The charger will work internationally with an inexpensive adapter, and will fast charge our phones as well. This has been a great tech experience with no regrets so far. (I must disclose that I am receiving a warranty extension from ASUS for my feedback. That said, I take my Amazon reviews very seriously. I will report back if I encounter any issues before or during the holiday trip.)

    October 28, 2022
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    I bought this for my 7th grader, who can be very rough with her things, and this has been perfect. The battery life is about 2 days, cause she will forge to put it on the charger. It was very easy to set up, and it is super durable, she will literally thow it in her back pack and run out the door. The price was not too bad either. If you have an easily distracted, accident prone child this computer is for them.

    October 27, 2022
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    I love Chromebooks. This one has been performing well for the past six months. The keyboard is a little louder than I would prefer, but is very easy to use. The silver plating on the keyboard and surrounding areas is peeling off, which is very disappointing. The screen doesn’t get as bright as I would like. I am enjoying the dark mode that is automatic on the browser and some apps as it ties to sunrise and sunset. The weight is acceptable. A little heavier than my last one. The look and feel isn’t as clean or sharp, but the function is good.

    October 23, 2022
  • Avatar

    Kimberly Wilson

    I bought this product to replace an older Chromebook. It has a beautiful display, easy keyboard to type with, and the mouse works smoothly. It does what I need it to do without being splashy about it.

    October 18, 2022
  • Avatar

    Patti W

    Screen quality is great. It charges quickly and the battery charge lasts a very long time. The only thing I could find some might find as an irritant is that you must readjust the screen if you move the Chromebook to different locations to have it back in a correct position to see picture perfect on the screen. This I only mention because I find myself needing to readjust screen occasionally to see the picture perfect on the screen. Of course, this does not take away any points from my 5 Star rating as this is the only thing I could find I would mention to others as something they may not find perfect.

    October 13, 2022
  • Avatar


    My daughter needed a laptop for college and this was perfect! She likes the touchscreen part.

    October 5, 2022
  • Avatar

    John w

    How do use the product for editing videos. The speed is just what I needed and memory

    October 5, 2022
  • Avatar

    Kathleen O'marah

    Purchased this for my grandson’s 13th birthday. He wanted a light laptop that he could bring to school. He knows alot about computers and has an expensive gaming laptop as well. I didn’t want to spend a fortune for this one but wanted good quality. He is very happy with this and it is meeting his needs and more. The price was right too. I caught it when it was on sale!

    October 5, 2022
  • Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    I’ve never had a Chromebook so I was a little surprised at the reduced features like no Delete or Caps Lock keys. This is a small sacrifice for the amount of money I saved compared to the Mac I originally intended to buy.It may be me, but the track pad seems a little “loose”, like there is some play in it when I tap on it; again, compared to my old Mac.It’s only been a couple of weeks but so far I definitely recommend this Chromebook. I debated giving it a “5” and probably would have if I had any prior Chromebook experience at all.

    October 5, 2022
  • Avatar

    Anne Pringle

    I’ve had other ASUS chromebooks that I have really liked. This one, however, is always crashing when I try to use gmail on it. No other sites have an issue. It’s a major pain that I can’t use my email on this device, as it’s my primary reason for purchasing it. It’s very strange, and I’ve tried all I know to fix it. Unfortunately, this problem developed after my return window (or at least got worse so that I really noticed it). Otherwise, it’s been a fine machine.

    September 29, 2022
  • Avatar


    I like the lighted keyboard. So far works fine

    September 27, 2022
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    It’s OK. Only search and it is OK for that

    September 18, 2022
  • Avatar

    Andrew A Davis

    I gave this laptop 4 stars because there are indeed a few things that I find lacking. But overall, it’s an excellent buy for the money. It was the best deal that I found at the time that had the major components I was looking for, which are, the most current i7 processor, adequate RAM, and solid state hard drive. The slight drawbacks are, the battery life. It doesn’t last nearly as long as I would like it to when unplugged. Secondly the screen resolution, while not bad, is not as good as the portable monitors that I own that are of the same resolution and type. Lastly, one of the major exhaust vents is located just below the monitor on top of the keyboard. When it’s on, you, and everyone around you can hear it. Quite honestly, it’s annoying, but it’s not a deal breaker for me. Overall, this laptop is definitely a good buy for the money. I don’t really care about all the environmentally friendly stuff. I honestly think that’s more gimmick than it is anything else.

    September 18, 2022
  • Avatar

    Leenoon kim

    It’s really goodAnd for games

    September 16, 2022
  • Avatar


    I was able to purchase this for a total less than $200 for a new one. If I had paid retail, I’d have been highly unhappy, which I already am. As for function, it’s a typical Chromebook. As for quality, it is cheap plastic. It would easily break a piece off of it if I dropped it from two inches onto my nightstand. My last Chromebook was a Lenovo purchased about five years ago, and it was better quality than this one. This is $100-150 quality. The keyboard feels cheap. The only satisfying thing about it is the battery life. I do not recommend this Chromebook. I would purchase a refurbished Lenovo Chromebook for $100-150, and it will be better quality than this. John 3:16

    September 14, 2022
  • Avatar


    Instead, buy the CX1400CNA-AS44FV with IPS (worth the extra $20). This model looks blurry at the edges. Your face must be in precisely the correct place (within 5 degrees) for the whole screen to look right. Even slightly off-angle and the darks get darker, the lights get brighter (practically glow). I kept rubbing at my eyes, the screen was making me feel like they were unfocused, when in fact it is just a lousy display. No settings can be toggled to compensate for this deficiency. Every time I shifted my position, I would have to tilt the screen to compensate. I found myself sitting, unmoving, locked in place, just so it looked right and I wouldn’t again have to tilt the display. Not acceptable. Returned it after just a few hours of use.The computer itself is all hard angles and pointy edges. Not smooth, rounded (corners/sides) as were most other Asus’s I have owned. I will get used to it. Just be careful not to poke out anybody’s eyes with it, nor bang your knee against it.

    September 8, 2022
  • Avatar

    Robert Marinello

    I had no support. There was NOTHING to help me set up device. Manufacturer stated Owner’s Manual isn’t included. Amazon’s return policy excluded device. Was stuck with device. Was eventually HACKED. ZERO HELP FROM GOOGLE unless I agreed to pay $46.00 PER MONTH. No support. Eventually blocked from device. All online personal info was compromised. All former transactions are now on paper. All email accounts are blocked. Cannot pay bills until receipt of new bank credit/debit accounts. Have unauthorized charges to deal with. Being charged the exorbitant monthly Prime fees wasn’t needed if I wanted to be HACKED. I could do it gratis. Far more emphasis is on hustling the buck than user friendly policies. Rather than having a stress-free octogenarian retirement, I should appreciate Amazon for this unexpected activity. I wonder how much I’ll be charged? So goes another former subscriber down the “two-holer.” All of us should have a get together…if there’s an adequate stadium in the U.S. 🤑

    September 7, 2022
  • Avatar


    This just wasn’t compatible with my compact lap top

    August 18, 2022
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    The main reason I bought this was because the AUE wasn’t until 2029. But within the first month I had problems with screen freezes, halts and no responses to mouse commands. I always have to do a hard restart to get it to operate again. I followed all ASUS suggestions to remedy the issues, but to no avail.And I only get six hours of battery life. I bought this Chromebook in May 2022 and had ten hours of battery life for one week only! Now barely three months later….It keeps dwindling. My older ACER model was so much better but the AUE lasted only two years on that one. I still use it because I’m disappointed with the ASUS so much.

    August 18, 2022
  • Avatar


    This model meets my simple needs but the battery and battery readings have given me fits. I have sent it back for repairs. One more hassle!UPDATE 8/29Actually, not much has changed if anything. Before and after the “repair” I got about 6 hours of battery life, not the “up to 11 hours” advertised. Turnaround time was good.The battery readings for “time left” are all over the board–inaccurate. The percentage seems to be ok.I noticed the unit channel was on “Stable”. I changed to Beta, and shortcuts, etc. seem to work better.There are confusing relationships among Zoom, Text size, minimum and maximum, and little information about how they work together.The online manual is almost worthless. It doesn’t seem to describe my laptop.View shortcuts helper- has a very limited set of shortcuts. Not very helpful.I accidentally found a bunch of shortcuts under Shift + /. They look like shortcuts a teacher might use in a classroom.I noticed that my laptop is a commercial one. I didn’t see anything in the ad about that or what it means.My main dissatisfaction is that the battery does not serve as long as advertised and the readings are inaccurate. My impression is that this laptop is not user-friendly. Sending it in for servicing did not solve the problem.UPDATE 9-19The AC adaptor that comes with the unit proved to be 3rd rate. It’s slow and does not allow the laptop to charge while plugged in. Thank you ASUS! I tried getting another adaptor and that solved 2 problems. The battery still does not hold more than 6 hours of power, but now I can use the laptop while it is charging. I got the 45W USB C Charger Compatible with Hp/Dell/Lenovo/Acer chromebook/Asus/Samsung/Sony Charger Fast Charging Type C AC Adapter Power Cord Supply. I would recommend it.

    August 11, 2022
  • Avatar

    Erin Blair S

    I love my new laptop, but the colors displayed on screen are just ok…not very vibrant, average for my own use, and can be fixed a bit tilting the screen at a better angle. I was online shopping and some of the clothing looked very light and images were not very saturated…I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone using this laptop for design etc. Good for basic home use, work use, student use. Beautiful background themes to choose from, excellent Google product use, and I easily installed a wireless bluetooth mouse. The screen is nice and large, especially at this price point of around $200. I bought this on Prime Day and I’m happy with my purchase. I can run Google with many tabs open without any problem. I do wish the speakers were a bit better. I listen to music on my phone or Alexa instead because the speakers are small and located in an odd place….right on the front outer rim of the laptop on either side of where it opens. I used it to watch a movie on my bed and had the volume at max and still had a little trouble hearing everything. The bedding also sometimes blocked the speakers because of their location. Basic volume on regular Zoom meetings, YouTube etc. would be fine. I recommend this laptop for normal basic use…it works fast, beautifully designed and has lots of ports which is very convenient. Another thing I wanted to mention is that it wouldn’t turn on at first even after charging for hours. I had googled many troubleshooting ideas and nothing seemed to work. Finally after cursing it and almost giving up, it magically made a “bling” sound and came on. Make sure to charge it from a wall outlet; not an extension cord or power strip. I think it was still in shipping mode, so I had to google what keys to hold down to make it boot up for the first time. There are just those few things, otherwise I love the laptop for my needs, and would recommend Asus products. Touchpad is very quick and responsive. It is not a touch screen monitor…I’m thinking people are confusing touch screen with touch pad. Keyboard is comfortable and battery has been long-running.

    August 11, 2022
  • Avatar

    Martwaunn T.

    I just bought the thing for my son and the battery went out. It won’t charge or show any life

    August 8, 2022
  • Avatar

    Eduardo V. Lozano

    Within 2 weeks of owning this machine, the sound went out.I got sick and spent June and July in the hospital.It is a great machine, if I could just get it fixed.

    August 8, 2022
  • Avatar


    Overall through the price that I paid this is an excellent starter Chromebook as it was in my case. The initial idea to take on learning a new operating system came about and regard is I wanted something that was more seamless that I was someone used to so the Android operating system is pretty much a given a go to as far as performance and ease of transition from the windows platform and it worked out to be very very insightful and I have since decided to go back to Windows as an operating system however I will and do still keep Chromebooks for certain engagements and endeavors.

    August 1, 2022
  • Avatar

    Real Name

    I’ve been a Chromebook user for 7 years. My old one hit its end of life, so I ordered this model a couple of months ago and have been using it daily.Highlights:- Excellent battery life. The best battery life I’ve personally experienced on a laptop. Can go a couple of days on a charge.- It runs cool. No fans, so no fan noise.- Nice big smooth Gorilla Glass track pad. Very nice. Premium feel.- Aluminum top cover with chamfered edges. The rest of the body is plastic but solidly built.- 8-Core ARM CPU with a 26K Octane Score, almost twice as fast as my previous Chromebook which already was sufficiently fast.- 8GB Memory. Many other Chromebooks in this range have 4GB.- The device will receive Chrome updates until June 2029. 7 years. Nice.- Wi-Fi 6 wireless- 2 USB-C ports, 1 USB 3.0 port.- USB-C Charging- Thin. Under 3 pounds- Very good keyboard feel. Backlit keys.Other features:- The screen is Full HD, IPS. Nice, but could be brighter. No problem at all for indoor use. Not really bright enough for outdoor (I tested it,) although the matte screen is helpful there.- Headphone jack is there if you need one.- The Chromebook comes with basic travel sleeve. Nice perk.- The 720p Webcam is nothing spectacular but will get you through meetings- Storage is a 64GB eMMC, not an SSD, but it will do.Not necessarily negatives but worth mentioning:- No HDMI slot. I don’t really need HDMI anymore because Chromebooks can wirelessly cast the screen to my Chromecast. Or it can cast YouTube to my Roku. Beyond that there’s always a USB-C to HDMI cable I could purchase if needed.- No SD card slot. Would be nice to expand storage if needed in the future, but I suppose a USB flash drive could be used instead.Could be better:- Speakers – I guess I was spoiled by my Toshiba Chromebook 2 with fairly robust speakers, because these Acer speakers, while up-firing, are not nearly as good. For music they lack any bass and are tinny sounding. For voice though, they’re clear and good enough. But for music I will be bluetoothing to my external speaker or wireless headphones most of the time.Summary:Overall an excellent mid-range Chromebook! If the speakers were better, it would be darn near perfect to me in this price range. Highly recommended.Update – November 2020: As I see other reviews have noted, occasionally the laptop will not connect to wi-fi when you first turn it on. Rebooting it resolves the problem and luckily Chromebooks reboot very quickly. But this does seem to be a recurring albeit infrequent issue. I hope Acer will send an update in the future to address this. (The issue does not occur when waking the laptop from sleep.)

    July 17, 2022
  • Avatar

    Alan Dale Daniel

    Ok, I realized going in that Chrome was oftentimes complained about and that this is a Chrome machine. I am not saying that Chrome is a crummy system, in fact, I find this computer runs Chrome fast and with very few hiccups. The problem is Chrome will not do many things I have come to expect from Windows or MS DOS [or whatever it’s now called]. It is fast and every halfway normal operation can be accomplished. But problems do arise. For example, I can put my own photo in as wallpaper for the opening menu but I can’t manipulate it. My photo was too large for the screen and that couldn’t be adjusted. I had to use their supplied pictures. Not a big deal, but that ability was something I expected and was stunned when the program refused to do it. There are several other “what’s going on “ moments, but I think you get the idea.This machine is fast. I surfed the web with no problems, looked all over Amazon, read books with numerous graphs and complex pictures, and looked over a few of my own photos without difficulty. The ASUS did load Google Documents and Documents then loaded my document files from the iCloud in nothing flat. To augment the internal memory I added a 256 gb microchip which was instantly recognized; however, I had to jump through some hoops when I realized nothing was being saved or moved to the chip. I found the needed adjustment in settings and I was moving ahead again. I really enjoy being able to add memory to the computer with a chip. I think this is a major advantage over machines that don’t have this capability.The machine does have a few problems that might be considered deal killers to other people. First, the keyboard is not good. It is difficult to type on and this resulted in numerous corrections having to be made. I have actually purchased another keyboard from logitech that hooks up to this computer by Bluetooth. Once this keyboard was successfully paired I was able to begin typing on what I consider to be a standard keyboard and many of my errors disappeared. I think the keyboard is a big problem with this computer. The backlight on the keyboard is almost useless. I will note that when the back light is at a low setting it is extremely difficult to see the keys. You can increase the brightness by pressing the alt key and then pressing the increase brightness key on the function keys across the top. The keyboard will increase substantially in brightness; however, I find that even at the brightest setting the keyboard is difficult to see. It may work well in low light conditions, but in a room with regular light it is still difficult to ascertain which key is which. An experience typist will not find this a problem, but to people like me I think it is a substantial problem.On the keyboard there is no caps lock. Why this was omitted is confusing. I find that using the caps lock is a constant undertaking. To achieve capitals the operator must press down the alt key and the little magnifying glass key then the machine will lock on cabs.The weight of the computer is nothing to sneeze at. While the number of pounds seems small, try holding it out at arms length for more than 10 seconds and you will quickly see the weight is a necessary consideration.In my opinion, the screen is sharp and easy to read. For more demanding screen details you will have to go up in price. Viewing movies isn’t a problem, in fact it looks quite nice.I have saved the worst for last. This particular computer from ASUS does not, stress not, have a good stylus associated with it. I bought a stylus from Amazon and had to be especially careful to use the exact number for this computer because there are other models very near in number to this model and styluses that work with other models will not work with this computer. The stylus I bought does not allow one to draw on this computer. The stylus badly lags when used for drawing, and the stylus is not accurate in placing the line. This may be the computer itself and not the stylus; however, this lack of ability to accurately use a stylus is nearly a deal killer for me. I am very used to using the Apple iPad Pro 12.5 inch. Not being able to use a stylus is almost incomprehensible to me at this stage of computer development. Having this ASUS computer only work with a very few highly specific styluses is most disappointing. It took me over a week to start looking for a stylus to pair with this machine. Had I known the limited availability of styluses, and the nearly usable nature of a stylus with this particular machine, I would not have purchased this laptop computer. I really enjoy drawing, and drawing on the iPad is one of my favorite hobbies. I was looking forward to being able to sketch on this ASUS computer, but I find this is impossible with this particular machine. It is unfortunate the previous reviews I read did not mention the difficulty in pairing a stylus with this computer and the horrible nature of the resulting stylus lines if a person attempted to draw. Amazon’s return policy on computers prevents me from returning this machine. I suppose I could trade this in somewhere and try again, but that would be quite expensive. The next machine will avoid Chrome and will definitely either come with a stylus or have a good stylus readily available. A machine that I cannot draw on is an anathema to me.AD2

    July 10, 2022
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    I liked it well enough until yesterday when it had to be updated. 2 min later the screen was black and it said HARD DRIVE ERROR. I think it needs a new hard drive. 🙁

    May 14, 2022
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    Glenn B Campbell

    I got this for my wife and she really likes the way a Chromebook start right up with out waiting. It is not a touch screen, but she doesn’t need that. It is not powerful. Sometimes it can be a little bit pokey. Overall though, the performance is adequate and gives no problems.

    May 10, 2022
  • Avatar


    Process was good and product received brand new. However the micro SD card is missing. The computer is very heavy for a laptop, otherwise good so far.

    May 6, 2022
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    Kent T. Hambrock

    July 8th, 2022 Edit:Linux on ChromeOS (Crostini) issues seem to have been fully resolved in one of the updates around ChromeOS 100. Starting up apps is faster, putting the Chromebook to sleep doesn’t crash them, and increased battery drain is no longer noticable. I’m *very* happy with this little guy’s performance. I will note, that the startup times vary dramatically between having only a few tabs vs having a few hundred tabs open. Just something to note.Original review:I have a big gaming machine for game development, but while it’s not massive it _is_ heavy and the battery life leaves a lot to be desired. As such, I always like to keep an ARM-based Chromebook around for day-to-day tasks where I might not have access to power for long stretches of time. I have a few requirements for any Chromebook I buy. It needs to have a relatively powerful ARM-based processor, above-average battery life (right now the average seems to be around 10 to 11 hours), more than 4GB of ram, and ideally have a decent keyboard, trackpad, screen, and still be small and lightweight enough to be easy to take places.One reason I specify that I need an ARM-based Chromebook is that they generate almost no heat, so there’s no need for fans or huge heatsinks, and due to their RISC-based architecture, they use WAY less power than Intel/AMD’s CISC architecture. The lowered heat also potentially means it’ll degrade slower and since I mostly wanted this for away from power use, less power needed and less waste heat produced is a big deal. Often, as in this case, it also means the machine can be made thinner and lighter.My last Chromebook (now 6 years old) began dying, so I began looking for a new one and found that very few still ran ARM-core processors. And despite ARM-core processors being cheaper and easier on average to make, I’m surprised that many of the ARM-based Chromebooks are priced closer to the higher end of the price scale. While I do think the price of this Chromebook is quite high for what it is, I think it’s very reasonable amongst the many unreasonable prices found throughout the Chromebook market.This Chromebook checks literally every requirement I had, though I might have preferred something smaller like a 12 or 13 inch, as my last one was a little small at 10.6″, but the 14″ of this one feels just a tad too large to be easily carried everywhere. That’s something I’m willing to live with for the specs, though.So far, the battery life has been amazing, the processor is so fast that unless you’re purposefully pushing it, you likely won’t even notice the difference between this and something faster. My gaming rig with its 8 core AMD processor and 40GB of ram doesn’t handle Chrome any faster, though it can handle orders of magnitude more tabs being open simultaneously. The screen is quite good for the price point and it even handles Crostini (full Linux apps installed in a container) apps with grace and ease.That said it’s not all perfect, I’ve had a few issues with the OS bugging out or even crashing entirely. Nearly all of these are possibly attributable to Crostini (which is still in beta) aside from the first bug which didn’t allow me to sign in with my personal account on setup, instead got stuck on a loop of quickly flipping between the wifi setup page saying there was no internet, waiting 1 second, saying there was internet after all, then going back to the wifi page insisting there was no internet before finding it again. I got out of the loop by continuing as guest and attempting to set up an account from there which worked fine. I did have one weird issue I never technically got resolved where I installed Telegram from the play store and docked it to the right side of my screen and docked the Chrome window to the left side, I then adjusted the width of both as far to the right as they would go. If I left the telegram window to check notifications or clicked on a notification bubble, it would resize back to taking up half my screen. Chrome did the same if I full-screened a video on YouTube and came out of full screen. I got around that by installing the Linux Desktop version of Telegram inside Crostini and it’s worked like a charm since, though Crostini has issues with the Chromebook going into sleep mode which happens automatically if you close the lid so I’m not sure I can recommend that route to everyone. :/All in all, I do love this Chromebook, it has more than enough power for the OS in its current state and has promised updates till 2029. Unlike many other Chromebooks on the market, I think this one will be able to handle anything they add to the OS in that time.

    April 11, 2022
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    Kindle Customer

    I am very happy with the processor, storage space, and monitor. I was disappointed that there was no ethernet port. I understand that direct ethernet is not a necessary feature on laptops, until you are having wifi problems. When I turned on the computer, the wifi would not stay connected. It would connect and for a short time and then lose the connection. Fortunately I have a desktop computer to help troubleshoot. After trying several methods to correct the problem I finally came across an article where other people were having trouble using the Intel WIFI 6 chip. There was a link to the Intel download site where I downloaded the latest driver. I had to use my desktop to download the file, then transfer it to the laptop with a thumb drive. Problem solved! The laptop now has stable internet. I would have given this 5 stars, but due to the WIFI problem I had to drop a star.

    March 18, 2022
  • Avatar

    David VanderSchuur

    after a couple weeks it would not turn on until I opened the screen to the full 180 degrees and then it came back to life. I could not duplicate the problem so I am keeping a close eye on it and the warranty time frame. Registering it gave me a year of warranty so that is nice.

    January 21, 2022
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    The media could not be loaded.  As soon as I logged in everything from my old computer was already on this one which saved me from having to transfer and files aside from music. Decently fast. Screen quality is great. THIS IS NOT A TOUCH SCREEN NOR CAN IT BE FLIPPED SO PLEASE DONT TRY. Great for the price

    December 31, 2021
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    Buffalo Shuffler

    I have an old, large laptop that is still kickin’, and still gets the job done, for the most part. But it is big, heavy, and is showing its age in its general slowness, compared to newer machines. I did not want to spend a lot on a new laptop with a full OS at this time, so I started to poke around for Chromebooks. Most were still more than I wanted to spend, but then I came across this refurbed model, which was on sale for a good price and free returns. With nothing to lose if it didn’t work out, I decided to give it a go. I’m happy to say this Chromebook has done everything I need it to do so far. It arrived very clean, with some minor wear to the body of the Chromebook, all minor cosmetic chinks. The biggest cosmetic issue is there is a decent size scratch right across the middle of the screen. It doesn’t impair visibility, but is noticeably annoying. I considered sending the Chromebook back because of it, but decided to keep it at least for a few days to see if the nuts and the bolts of the machine made up for this visible flaw. And they really did! The battery on this thing is a workhorse! I purposefully used it for a day unplugged to drain the battery and test its lifespan, and it took the whole day of on and off use to get the thing to die. It recharged up like a champ without issue, and I’ve subsequently done the same thing, all with good results on the battery. The connectivity to WiFi is strong, and surfing the web and using any of the apps I’ve installed has been fast. I’ve used the Zoom app a couple times for some virtual classes, and the app worked well, the camera worked good, and the audio was clear. Overall I am pretty pleased with this little machine! It is small and light, and will be easy for me to carry around back and forth to our camp, which is the only place we go anymore because of the pandemic. But when we do re-enter society and go to places like coffee shops and the library again, this zippy machine will be easy to bring along to those places too. If you’re lucky enough to get a refurb in as good of shape as mine, and even luckier to get one without a screen scratch unlike mine, you’ll be happy with your purchase of this! 😀

    April 27, 2021
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    Taylor W.

    So far, this chromebook has been great for what I needed it for. I purchased it for the sole purpose of using for our son to be able to do virtual school at home for the days he’s not in traditional “in person” class. It has worked great so far. Screen quality seems to be great, it was easy to set up with our printer, and quick to connect to our wifi. I haven’t experienced any lag or delay in pulling up the internet either. The camera quality seems to be pretty great as well. We’ve only used it for one zoom meeting so far though. I’m sure that there are things that might be better with other brands than this one, but for what we needed this laptop for and what our budget for buying one was, it has been perfect for everything we are using it for.

    September 16, 2020
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    Product fits well. Easy open and close. If you drop the computer with the case open, it seems like the computer might fall out but otherwise as expected.

    August 7, 2020
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    Holiday Jim

    This fits my model Asus Chromebook perfectly, is well-made and looks great. It has a flip up panel under the Chromebook to provide adequate ventilation. My Asus is red and this case is likewise and protects well. Highly recommended. Just make sure you have the exact model for this case.

    February 26, 2019

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