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  • 【Dual 4G VoLTE& Global Network】UMIDIGI unlocked smartphones A11S supports dual SIM 4G LTE. It is compatible with most of the GSM and CDMA network. Please kindly note that, the phone is not compatible with the new network of ATT& Cricket & Verizon since 1 Jan 2022). If there is…


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Price history for UMIDIGI A11S Unlocked Cell Phone, 6.53" FHD Full View Screen, 5150mAh Battery Android 11 Smartphone with Dual SIM (4G LTE),4G+32G
Latest updates:
  • $101.99 - January 22, 2023
  • $129.99 - November 21, 2022
Since: November 21, 2022
  • Highest Price: $129.99 - November 21, 2022
  • Lowest Price: $101.99 - January 22, 2023
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Additional information

Specification: UMIDIGI

Camera Resolution


Storage Type

UFS 2.1

Operating System



Without Contract




4G, Bluetooth, GPS, USB Type-C, Wi-Fi


Bluetooth Enabled, Camera

Model Number




Lock Status

Factory Unlocked





Battery (mAh)





ARM Mali G72 MP3, up to 800MHz

RAM Type

LPDDR4X dual channel


Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer

Storage Capacity

TF card up to 256GB

SIM Card Slot

Dual SIM

Memory Card Type


Manufacturer Warranty (year)





Helio P60


Octa Core

Manufacturer Color



FHD+ 2340*1080



Screen Size (in)


Price History

Price history for UMIDIGI A11S Unlocked Cell Phone, 6.53" FHD Full View Screen, 5150mAh Battery Android 11 Smartphone with Dual SIM (4G LTE),4G+32G
Latest updates:
  • $101.99 - January 22, 2023
  • $129.99 - November 21, 2022
Since: November 21, 2022
  • Highest Price: $129.99 - November 21, 2022
  • Lowest Price: $101.99 - January 22, 2023

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9 reviews for UMIDIGI

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    Less than a week old… Phone crashed with all vacation pictures. I am so so sad, and beyond disappointed, in fact you can say I am very angry at this phone and it’s fails.Phone…Keeps on rebooting asking for a factory reset… That’s the only option I have.Returning it today.

    November 15, 2022
  • Avatar


    I’m really liking this phone so far. It seems very well built. I’ve had a couple other low budget Android phones that seemed kind of flimsy. This phone was easy to get up and running. SIM went in with no problem and the phone had signal right away. Duel SIMs or one SIM plus SD card. Not sure I’ll ever need an SD card as the phone comes with plenty of storage. Great battery life. Lasts the day easily. Not so sure about the camera as I haven’t taken any photos yet. Will give that a shot on the weekend. All and all, I’m very satisfied with this phone.

    November 8, 2022
  • Avatar


    This UMIDIGI GT2 Pro is Perfect ! When I bought my first UMIDIGI Phone, I was just looking for price. I was tired of paying hundreds of dollars for phones that had minimal features and were light on storage. Since buying that A5 Pro (4/128 I believe), UMIDIGI phones have just kept getting better and better, with more and more features and storage and longer and longer battery lives.I’d say the GT2 Pro is UMIDIGI’s best effort yet, and the variable pricing based on storage, make it affordable for everyone with the 4GB/128GB 4G version coming in right around the $200 mark.This phone is basically perfection in my opinion. Its rugged, heavy duty design allows it to take the punishment of even the most agressive user. Drop it on the floor, in a puddle (or dare I say toilet), on the sandy beach, and your UMIDIGI phone is equipped to protect your investment.I chose the 8GB RAM and 256 GB storage version. I read alot of Audio Books and at approximately 200 MB for an 8-10 hour book storage is extremely important to me. With other leading brands, you would be looking at $5-600 for the same storage and they are nowhere near as durable as the BISON.And how do I know how durable this phone is after a week. Well, as you can see in the pictures above, this is my second BISON model. My original BISON Pro, which still looks like new by the way thanks to two SPIGEN cases and several 9H screen covers has seen more pavement than a marathon runner. It’s never been dropped in the water, but it’s been used unrestrictedly in the rain for livestreaming baseball games. Damage is just something BISON has allowed me not to worry about anymore.I wish UMIDIGI would create a BISON tablet… I’ve smashed about three of those in the last couple of years.The last thing I’d like to mention is battery life. The 6150mAh Battery is lasting me over two days on a charge. If you think this is unbelievable, check the screenshot I included with this review. Google Play Services, which is always on, was used for 2 days 4 hours and 17 minutes since the last charge and the battery saving mode hadn’t even kicked in yet.If your in need of a new cellphone, or replacing one with a broken screen, get one of the new BISON Pro GT2s. You will love it, for a very long time!

    November 6, 2022
  • Avatar


    Handles nicely all of my needs for a SmartPhone easily and smoothly.You’re not going to send text faster or make richer content phone calls just because your phone costs $1,200! 😉Working with Files and Video, browsing, even modest gaming are handled easily.The only strange thing is having a built in thermometer sensor in lieu of an NFC sensor. I don’t think the thermometer is as useful, though interesting.A11 feels good in the hand and feels quite solid with great screen real-estate.

    October 28, 2022
  • Avatar


    Normally I would attribute poor reception to the service carrier and not the phone but have come to find out both phone and service definitely make a difference. I live in Missouri and have Metro PSC service for about 4-5 years now and while service is fine when home or anywhere in the St. Louis area going to our vacation/2nd home in Branson certain models do work better than others. This one did not work at all. Could not call or receive text even when connected to Wi-Fi at our house. Had to go to town before this phone would pickup service. My iPhone is sporadic sometimes it works inside and other times have to step outside to pickup service. But our Moto phones seem to have no problem inside or out.

    August 14, 2022
  • Avatar


    I need a phone mainly as a backup, so I am looking for a good budget phone. This A11s actually surpassed my expectation. To certain extent, I am surprised by how beautiful (design-wise) this phone is, it has good screen size and the back cover is amazing. This is a budget phone and simply get the job done for me: communication, watch movies, social networking, finance, stock trading, Maps, etc … I am not a heavy gamers though, so I am very impressed how well this phone has been performing. The quality of the screen, speaker and camera can’t be compared with the high-end phones obviously, but for every day’s use, there is no complaint from me.Pros:1. Probably the best bang for your buck phone that I can find. I had used many phones before.2. Beautifully designed phone.3. Phone case and screen protector are included.Cons:1. Not compatible with AT&T and Verizon (as stated in the description), but it is fully compatible with T-Mobile.2. Feel a little bit heavy but not too bad.P.S.1. There are several reviews saying the phone can’t be connected to the carrier or the phone call can only be heard one way, etc … These are all the symptoms that you have the incompatible carriers, there is nothing wrong with the phone’s hardware. I recommend you use the phone in the T-Mobile or related carrier networks such as Mint Mobile, etc …2. I take out a star for not compatible with AT&T and Verizon.

    July 20, 2022
  • Avatar

    Eric Matsuoka

    The media could not be loaded.  Construction-wise, the phone feels solid. This means both well-made and kind of heavy. The sides remind me of an iPhone 5S except that this Umidigi’s heft is due in large part to the huge battery contained inside. The phone comes with a USB-C charging cable, charging brick, plastic case, and pre-installed plastic screen protector, the standard accompaniments for Umidigi phones. The power button does not stick out like it does in some phones so there is little risk that you turn your phone or screen off or on when you adjust your grip or when the phone is in your pocket.The current Android 11 operating system takes up 14 of the 128 GB of ROM in the phone. After getting the phone set up and downloading the same 120 apps that I have on my 64 GB Umidigi F1 Play, I had 99 GB free, a lot of space so maybe I will not bother with an SD card, for now at least. 4 GB of RAM is definitely enough for me and the processor is decently fast with only a little stutter here and there when scrolling down web pages or switching between apps. I found the display is bright and easy to read at 40% or so in all but bright sunlight, when I needed to turn the brightness to the maximum to see what was on the screen. Battery life is incredible. I am not a heavy user. I typically make several calls and spend four or so hours browsing the web and watching YouTube videos on my phone. I got nearly 3 days of this usage from a full charge.The LTE signal on Mint Mobile was good, comparable to the reception on my iPhone. No 5G, but I knew that this phone was LTE so that is not a disappointment. Wifi seems reliable.Other reviews might be better regarding the camera since I tend to take only outdoor and food pictures. Outdoor daytime shots were nice, as expected. But just about any smartphone will deliver pretty good daytime shots. Inside and in dim light, the exposure gets cranked up quite a bit (see the cotton swabs and Halloween mug shots). Close up shots (like the battery and USB-C adapter) came out well but it took a few efforts at focusing before a picture could be taken.For my usage pattern, this phone works really well and I am really glad to have purchased it. My only regret is not getting the 8 GB RAM model since I might be able to use the extra RAM down the line.

    December 1, 2021
  • Avatar

    Lawrence Tully

    Over the years I have found that buying a budget-friendly phone has served me well. The design and features are comparable to their more expensive counterparts and you could easily upgrade every year and still save money. The Umidigi A 11 Pro Max is my latest purchase and this phone has surpassed my expectations. The specs are amazing. I have the 8 Gb and 128 Gb edition and have found that it is powerful enough for all my needs, mainly streaming and a few low-intensity games. I am certain that with these specs this phone could satisfy the majority of users. I love the phone’s design, a combination of metal glass and plastic that has a nice solid feel in your hand. I opted for the Mist Blue and I love this color. Some people have objected to the “Beyond Dreams” slogan on the back of the phone but I think it looks cool! I have been using this phone now for more than a week and have been pleased with the features. I love the fact that the A 11 Pro has a 3.5mm audio jack to work with my earphones and an old car stereo. FM works great with the earphones. I also used the additional storage to add my music files to the phone, though there is ample onboard storage. I have been using the side fingerprint unlocker with success but I cannot speak to the face recognition feature because I do not wish to use it. Connectivity is awesome! Many phones I have owned only had one or two working 4g bands but this phone runs the gamut easily connecting wherever I go. This is also the first phone I have owned that supports wifi calling-a nice feature. Bluetooth has connected easily to my comparable devices. The thermometer seems accurate, though I have only used it a few times. The cameras are great, both front and back. Took superb night shots. 1080P video streaming. But the feature I love the most is the battery and more importantly the battery life. The A 11 Pro max has a 5150mAh capacity battery and I can easily get two days of usage on a full charge! The charger is not the fastest I have had but with the extended life of the battery, it is not as important a feature as with other phones.Overall I give this Umidigi A 11 Pro a 4.5 out of 5 stars. A faster charger stereo speakers and NFC would have been nice but this is a feature-full phone at a nice price point! I would definitely recommend this phone for any budget conscience buyer.

    November 16, 2021
  • Avatar


    I was reluctant to order this phone after the less then positive reviews on the 48 meg camera and no wireless charging!!!.. But, I took a chance and scored !!!.. The phones packaging and presentation out of the box was very impressive! All the written material on start up and set up are legible in small print.Pros:Outstanding battery life!!Good display.Easy initial set up was flawless.2 system up dates out of the boxAndroid 9 out if the box.Finger Print reader is 100% on ever use on 20 unlock times!!!The phone is fast and snappy!!!Phone comes with factory phone case and screen protector installed.Zero system lock Up’s or app issues!!!Cons:No wireless charging!!!!! (One Max has it for 179.00).USB C charging outlet is loses fitting with factory cable and after market C cables.Camera is sub par on all points as stated in reviews from YouTube reviewers.I will follow up with phone use and status after 7 days of continues use.Other then no wireless charging and after several days of continues use, I am very pleased with the phone and company product!!!!! Well worth the money I spent on it !!Update:After 7 days of continues use absolutely zero issues!! Last update included a camera update and now work very good!I have only charged the phone 3 times since turning it on ( phenomenal)! I have sold my Moto X4 and now only have my UMIDIGI One Max as my back up and the S3 Pro as my primary!! All of my apps that I use have had no issues and running multiple apps in the background have not slowed the phone down. I have watched several YouTube movies, Netflix movies and Amazon Prime movies and they were flawless! The extra app installed by UMIDIGI for sound is much better then the ONE Max..(it doesn’t have one and the sound sucks).. As with both UMIDIGI phones any SD cards installed into the units will automatically be read as needing reformating (corrupt).. So save all your files, pics and stuff onto your computer then reformat the card and transfer the files back onto the SD card while installed on your phone.. Also this phone dose work on both CDMA and GSM carriers.. I put in my work Verizon card and calls out texting work just fine.. Same as my ONE Max ..For the features this phone has ( RAM, screen size, screen protector installed, phone case provided, out of the box updates, on board memory 128 GB vers 64 GB and works on both CDMA and GSM.. less the camera quality of my Moto X4..Well with the price with discounts… I a sold UMIDIGI customer…Update: 7/10/19Just got a system update on 7/4/19 and it included the new camera app!! For my use and preference theold one was good! But, the new one is much better and actually has the 48 meg pic settings incorporated for selection. Now this camera is better then my Moto 4x and had scan reader installed vers having to access it from the settings in Smart Display!! Very impressed!!Last update 10/14/19I have been using this phone as my daily driver for the last 4 months!!!! The only things I have to grip about is the Bluetooth connection has some spotty issues with Anker, UMIDGI and Sony wireless head sets.. and the adaptive brightness setting is constantly having to be correctly reset for the lighting of the area… I can live with those issues for the price, quality and specs this phone has!!!! Over all still 5 stars, battery life stands at 3 days on my device, NO issues with WiFi, apps or phone calls.. I am going to buy my wife a UMIDGI phone as soon as her takes a dump!!! I am a sold customer of UMIDGI!!! I have the UPods as well and zero issues with sound, connection or battery life with them.. I don’t recommend the Ubeats .. They have great sound but lack voice recognition for the receiver on a phone call sucks and connective issues with any head set suck… I tossed them in the trash can.. But 5 stars for the S3 Pro… !!!!!!!!!!

    June 24, 2019

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