- 37% Amazon Fire TV 65″ Omni Series 4K UHD smart TV bundle with Full Motion Wall Mount and Red Remote Cover

Amazon Fire TV 65″ Omni Series 4K UHD smart TV bundle with Full Motion Wall Mount and Red Remote Cover

  • Our most affordable Fire TV Stick – Enjoy fast streaming in Full HD. Comes with Alexa Voice Remote Lite.
  • Great for new users – Start streaming with access to over 200,000 free movies and TV episodes from ad-supported streaming apps like IMDb TV, Tubi, Pluto TV, and…


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Amazon Fire TV 65″ Omni Series 4K UHD smart TV bundle with Full Motion Wall Mount and Red Remote Cover
Amazon Fire TV 65″ Omni Series 4K UHD smart TV bundle with Full Motion Wall Mount and Red Remote Cover



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Specification: Amazon Fire TV 65″ Omni Series 4K UHD smart TV bundle with Full Motion Wall Mount and Red Remote Cover

Sales Package

1Remote Skin

Model Name

AMAZONE FIRE TV STICK REMOTE Skin With Front+Back Protection Guard

Pack of


Scratch Resistant


Water Resistant


Residue Free Removal



Remote Skin, Lamination for Remote Control Front+Back Sides




Matte Finish


High Quality Paste Skin An Elegant Skin Colourful Lines For Your Remote Amazone Fire TV Stick Remote, Extremely Matte Skin Make Your Remote Look Attractive Even More Feel Great In The Hand.,, Remote Skin With High Matte Finish, Amazone Fire TV Stick Remote Colourful Lines


Claxa Amazone Fire TV Stick Remote Control For Colourful Lines



Other Features

Screen Protector, Lamination, Scratch Proof, Water Resistant, Vinyl, Remote skin

Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Depth (mm)


Weight (g)


Warranty Summary (days)


Warranty Service Type

Product Will only be Replacement only.

Covered in Warranty

Warranty of the product is limited to manufacturing defect only.

Not Covered in Warranty

Warranty does not covered any external accessories.

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32 reviews for Amazon Fire TV 65″ Omni Series 4K UHD smart TV bundle with Full Motion Wall Mount and Red Remote Cover

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    After a year I think it died. Hasn’t moved or been hit. Just dead

    November 26, 2022
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    Shimmer shine

    This is my 2nd firestick, my previous one the keys got stuck. It is light & easy to use. I was able to set it up & create a pin. Hopefully, the keys don’t get stuck, got to hide from the kids.

    November 26, 2022
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    Deepak Mohanty

    During Black Friday 2022, I bought the 43″ variant to mount in front of our elliptical machine. The price was $210 + tax. It has apps for all the streaming services we subscribe to. The sound is loud enough. The picture quality of the VA panel is not drool worthy, but is adequate. The processor keeps pace with the software. I noticed no lag.I used a “killawatt” meter to measure the power usage. I found that it sips power when the screen is turned off.1. Turned on, at home screen, idling: 80 W2. Turned off (in the first few minutes) : 8W3. Turned off (afterwards, in deep sleep mode): less than a watt (My meter is not granular enough and I did not spend enough time to average out the power.)Overall, it is hard to beat given the price.Updated the review on Nov. 28, 2022 to include power consumption in deep sleep mode. If you do not see any more updates, it would mean that the TV lasted for more than 2 years / Amazon stopped selling it.

    November 26, 2022
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    Cheryl A. Doherty

    I was nervous buying a 42- inch TV again, as last time I bought one, it was so heavy and hard for me to place ontop my bedroom bureau. This appeared very light compared to other TVS. Came with the cord, 2 stand pieces, 4 screws to attach the stand pieces, a remote and 2 batteries. Took minutes to set up. Only thing, is I thought I ordered an amazon early black Friday deal for $229, lol then after I ordered it now today the same TV is $209…. so I lost out on an additional $20 savings. but whatever, I understand sales, marketing and advertising tactics. If you are seeing my comment, I highly recommend this TV, I believe the $209 black Friday deal on this is going on for 3 more days…… Wish I got for $209, instead of the $229, but live and learn….. Truly happy with my purchase.

    November 25, 2022
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    Summary: image quality is great, but the clunky interface, unavoidable hardware lag, and Amazon bloatware make owning this TV an absolutely abysmal experience. If this is the highest tier of TV Amazon has to offer, look elsewhere even if it costs you a few hundred dollars more.Details on why you SHOULD NOT buy this TV:1. THERE ARE INESCAPABLE ADS THAT YOU MUST CLICK THROUGH TO ACCESS CONTENT. This is absolutely unacceptable on a TV that is paid for in full. There are similar features on other Fire devices, like tablets, but that is disclosed to you up front at the time of purchase, and you have the option of paying slightly more to disable them. No such option exists on these TVs, and no disclosure is made at the time of purchase. It’s a joke and an insult to customers. (NOTE: other competitors, like Roku, have ads as well, but the ads don’t need to be clicked through to access content)2. The user interface is unnecessarily complex, and it can’t get out of its own way. As one small example, you have to select a Fire profile on TV startup, and only then can you access apps, like Netflix, which themselves have profiles you must select. Forcing users to select a profile up front when they will have to again select further app profiles regardless is ridiculous. Let us just get into our apps from the beginning and skip this unnecessary step.. This is just one example of user-unfriendly interface design; it’s endemic and everywhere you go in the Fire TV UI: super tiny apps, apps that take multiple clicks to access even if ads were removed, inability to access picture and sound settings from the main menu, profile and other settings that are completely inaccessible on the TV and must be edited on websites or apps for seemingly-arbitrary reasons, and a slew of others. You simply can’t make this TV do what you want it to do without having to click a million things, and even then, the end result is sometimes hidden away on another device or simply can’t be accessed.3. Glitchy, rampant hardware lag is EVERYWHERE. The TV takes seconds to respond to single clicks of the remote. Shows start without proper buffering and play in resolution worse than a Super Nintendo while also moving in stop-motion for 10 seconds before actually working. Ad-supported apps bounce between commercials and content incredibly slowly, which would be fine if it were buffering, but it’s not and the first bit of commercial or content is a pixelated, glitchy mess regardless. Trying to fast forward or rewind a show requires a prayer to ancient Incan gods, and only half the time does the TV actually respond to your button press, and only half of the time after that does it actually stop fast forwarding/rewinding when you let go of the button instead of 5 seconds later. Menus boot up super slowly, and once available still don’t respond to your clicks. It’s like this TV has 40 pounds of crap shoved into 5 pounds of hardware, and it just can’t keep up. The worst part is that when the TV confuses itself enough from all the overload, it crashes and restarts…multiple times per day. (NOTE: TV is completely up to date, and it’s connected to Amazon’s own 6th-gen eero mesh network, which is excellent; all hardware acceleration is also turned off since it makes content look terrible anyway)4. Bloatware. Bloatware everywhere. The TV comes with about as much unwanted software on it as a 2003 Dell PC. Unlike the 20-year-old Dell, however, this bloatware can’t be removed. You can hide it from certain menus, but it will always be there, always try to send you notifications, and always try to force its way into your periphery. Even Apple figured this out a decade ago with its native apps: let us delete unwanted junk that we don’t need. Maybe the TV would actually work if we could get rid of all this garbage?5. WHY DOES ALEXA HOME THEATER MAKE A LOUD, OBNOXIOUS “BOOP” NOISE EVERY TIME YOU CHANGE THE VOLUME!? And how in the world do we disable that freaking noise so we don’t wake up napping children when we want to turn the volume down from 5/100 to 3/100? It’s not in the options of the TV, I can tell you that, which further reinforces how clunky and unintuitive this entire UI experience is if this option is hidden in some other app completely unrelated to Fire TV.6. Every possible hardware modification of the TV’s content is turned on from the start, meaning everything you watch looks like a super saturated daytime soap opera. It’s 2022, guys. Stop shipping TVs with Motion Smoothing and 17 other things turned on by default. No one likes them.If for some masochistic reason you still want this TV after the above points, here is the singular reason you SHOULD buy this TV:1. Once all the hardware acceleration bloat is turned off, and after you’ve edited the picture settings (which again, cannot be accessed through the main menu) so that the image quality doesn’t look like the Teletubbies, the image quality is excellent. Colors are uniform, pictures are crisp (when they aren’t pixelated from all the lag), details are clear, dark areas are dark without looking grey, etc. It’s likely that the display is manufactured by Samsung (like most QLED displays), which is great, and it shows.Overall, there is no way I can recommend this TV to anyone who wants to retain their sanity. It’s very clear that Amazon chose to compromise TV functionality and the user experience so that it could push Alexa, a metric short-ton of Amazon services, and ads, and it does all of this by bait and switching you with an excellent display at an excellent price-point. It’s a borderline scam since the ads, bloatware, overloaded hardware, and unusable interfaces aren’t made apparent to you up front. The price looks great compared to its competitors, but there’s a reason for that, and the reason isn’t made clear at the time of purchase. It’s an unforgivable business strategy, and I’ll be returning this TV in 5 days once Thanksgiving has passed.Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

    November 23, 2022
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    john h.

    overall I really like it. most of the pictures are excellent, but on some non-hd content, the upscaling is bad. Alexa is great, tv overall was easy to set up, I do wish you could name the HDMI ports with the name of your choosing. and as to the hdr stuff is it auto or a way to pick other than a on or off, some of the settings are minimalist and could use some more control. most of the time it moves around fast but now and then it lags. overall for the price you can’t go wrong id say get one, and a hearty thank you to whoever designed this shipping box, best box ever……. update. I have read several of the other reviews and I see wrong information posted. I have never had one ad pop up ever, as to why a few say it is popping up with ads from turn on and all use is nothing but a lie. and another thing some saying there is no way to make adjustments… its called settings just like any other tv made. as to lag I have very minimal if any but I’m hooked up directly to my modem via LAN, so could poor wifi be the problem? I wonder sometimes if some of the negative ads are fake or ? yes, this isn’t a $1500 plus high-end tv but for its price point it’s a great tv.

    November 22, 2022
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    Amazon Customer

    It was gift and well appreciated.

    November 20, 2022
  • Avatar


    Love their TV’s. Been through 5 other main TV brands and this one always lasts the longest and has the least issues.

    November 20, 2022
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    Have been playing with Roku for the last couple of months and decided to get this for a second tv. It seems, on balance, comparable to Roku Express and may be, in some ways, preferable (for example, I like the live-tv button on the remote and some people might appreciate the voice recognition capability).

    November 17, 2022
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    I just received my 75 inch Amazon Fire TV QLED today and here are my thoughts:Delivery/Unboxing/Setup: Delivery was a breeze. It was delivered right into my apartment (I was home when they arrived). Unboxing was made easy by the box lifting off of the top of the TV instead of having to pull the TV out of the box. Setup was easy, it has prompts to connect to WIFI, etc., and it even lets you restore settings from another Fire TV if your prior TV was a Fire TV (which I did).Picture Quality: Really cannot complain here. I was able to adjust the picture and color settings to my liking, and the picture looks crisp with great color. There are so many different picture settings. Of course you will get varying degrees of quality based on how the content is broadcast (4k, UHD, HD, SD, etc.), but overall the picture quality is definitely much improved from my prior Insignia 58 inch Fire TV model from a few years ago. I turned on live sports and there is no stuttering/judder that I can see. The adaptive brightness seems to really help, especially with the display of colors vs. black as the black on my old Fire TV always looked more grey than black.Ambient Mode: A fantastic addition that I am sure I will enjoy more as time passes. This mode allows for artwork and/or widgets to be displayed on the TV all of the time when you are not watching it. It even gives you the choice of what types of artwork you want to display (such as Impressionist or Modernist) and what types of widgets (such as time, weather, or your calendar). You can ask Alexa to tell you about the artwork or simply click upwards on the remote and it will tell you the title and creator of the artwork. With how great the picture quality appears and how small of a border there is, it really does look like you have a painting on the wall. On par with the Samsung Frame at a fraction of the price. It is supposed to sense when you are in the room and turn off when you are out of the room, haven’t tested that yet.Built In Alexa: A great feature that I didn’t realize I was missing in my old Fire TV. I have plenty of Echo dots lying around the house that were able to connect to my prior TV, but I would have to turn around to speak at them and they never seems to control my TV very well. Having Alexa built in means I can speak right towards the TV and it can control all kinds of things like navigation programs, volume, turning the TV on/off, and telling your about the ambient artwork that is displayed.Internal Storage: This was a big issue for me with my last fire TV and it seems like it should be resolved with this one. My last Fire TV had less than 5GB of internal storage and it was always telling me that I was low on space and needed to delete apps. This TV has 11.32 GB of available internal storage, so more than double my last fire TV. Very happy about that. There is also a USB port to add external storage, but it remains to be seen which apps it will allow you to put on external storage as my last TV wouldn’t let most apps be stored externally.Inputs/Ports: The TV has the following inputs/outputs: 1 Ethernet/LAN, 4 HDMI ports (1 of which is an HDMI (eARC) port), 1 Antenna/Cable, 1 USB, 1 IR emitter port, 1 Audio out/Headphone, and 1 Optical audio output. I connected my soundbar via the HDMI (eARC) port and it is great because I can control the soundbar volume with the TV remote or with Alexa. The TV also came with an IR emitter in the box.Remote: It comes with the standard Alexa voice remote, which is similar to the remote for my last Insignia Fire TV. This one has a “Settings” button which makes navigation to the settings menu much easier. Batteries are included. Wish it came with the Pro remote, but I have already ordered that to pair with this TV.Overall: 5 Stars. If you are looking for a TV with the familiarity and ease of use of the Fire TV and Alexa ecosystem, with great picture quality for a TV of this size/price, then I think this is a great value!Will update if anything changes!

    November 2, 2022
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    I bought this on sale and it was a great deal. Assembly was easy, it’s sturdy, and the picture quality is great. I use only Prime Video app, none of the (far too) many preloaded Amazon apps. I hate that I cannot delete those preloaded Amazon apps. Why? Because I have recently been getting error messages that my memory is almost full. Erm, what? I have installed only a handful (4 or 5?) apps like Xfinity, Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, Tubi so I can stream. It was a pain to find out how to delete apps. After I cleared out most of my apps, I STILL got the error message. I kept deleting and cleaning out cashes, etc. Finally, I no longer get the error message. Every once in a while, something blips on it and I have to turn off/turn on to fix. If you can put up with some little irritations every once in a while, then this is a great buy. Otherwise, might need to spend a little more money or buy something without Amazon apps that you can’t delete. 🙂

    October 27, 2022
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    Jeff longhurst

    This is a great set for the price. Louder than my LG 75” and stays connected to wifi unlike the LG. I expected more apps from Android set but it works great. The storage is somewhat limited, but you can always uninstall what you are not using.

    October 24, 2022
  • Avatar

    Anthony Ingrassia

    Very nice television, great picture and sound. Was going to order surround sound but no need lol.

    October 13, 2022
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    Not very smart. With terrible support. Even though I was an audio/videophile, when I could afford it, and even though this TV is not OLED, I am extremely pleased with the TV, picture-wise (plus I got it on sale for $299,which helps expectations). The sound is acceptable, until I can augment with external speakers. I can hear it just fine and there’s enough audio settings, esp voice enhancing, to set it to hear around my apt. I have it on its stand, on a table, so there’s room for the sound to reflect off the table. If you wall mount it, this will not be true, so may be6much quieter. But it’s much better than I thought and the sound approximates as home theater-ish as it can (not much, granted!). The preset EQ is terrible. There’s no separate bass, treble, mid settings.I have had no trouble running the TV with and casting from my 2yr old Motorola Android phone. From every streaming service app. Set up was easy, after I got the hang of a smart TV, and I easily downloaded the TV and phone apps and logged into all my streaming accounts.I was bothered that there weren’t many video settings but as of yesterday’s significant software update, there’s more. But if you don’t want to be bothered, it’s certainly acceptable set as delivered, or using the many video presets.The bad: I can’t mirror from my desktop computer to the TV. My research shows that only Intel Pentium 4th generation processors will reliably connect. I have a 3rd generation (Sandy Bridge) processor, and even though it did connect, with some issues, for about 3min, it hasn’t since. While Mirrorcast, included with Windows running on a Sandy Bridge processor, may successfully mirror to your TV, it *very* well may not. This is all Wi-Fi. I have yet to try using an HDMI cable and using the TV as a 2nd monitor. Or buying a Chromecast device, which is even more money. But gamers be cautious (I am not a gamer, per se, but I would love to run my Second Life virtual world on a 50″ screen!). I have to send movies I own or home video clips, etc, to YouTube, in order to watch on the TV. This takes forever, esp if HD or UHD. Like 12+hrs to process if UHD. I need to update my DVD player but why should I have to. Why wasn’t the info about the processors front and center on the sales info? I only think it’s recently on the TV support page. Not sure about AMD machines and don’t remember what it said about Mac, but I don’t think it was good. Check it on Amazon mirroring page for this TV.Even though I went crazy searching the internet for a cure for mirroring, most info is for a Firestck and not FireTV. Similar but not the same. The Amazon support pages are a brief joke.I finally, before giving up mirroring, called support yesterday. I’ve worked support (granted, developer support) and I was shocked. I knew way more than she did, and she was obviously using the internet or a database, for the simplest of questions, which I can do! Her TV simulator had a whole different menu than the TV! And it took me 5min to convince her (how hard is “My menu doesn’t have that.” to understand?). I was hoping to escalate the call to a more technical tier, but, after a ridiculous conversation all I could get was a supervisor. The supervisor was much *more* knowledgeable, but still not the TECHNICAL support I was after. I don’t want to be told, “The software won’t connect on your machine.” Which software? Why won’t it work? How do you know my computer and what’s on it? Plus it was a HARDWARE issue. I actually found the processor info while on hold while they Googled their answers. So I guess the call wasn’t a waste… TBF, these ladies were *incredibly* patient and nice. Even called me back when the call got dropped. If you have a simple issue, they would be ok, if you can get past the things I’ve mentioned. English was most excellent.I’ll spare you my rant about a big company like Amazon should be able to field at least minimal support. Esp for expensive and smart products. I will never buy an big tech Amazon brand again.Even though I am happy with the TV, only as a TV, I dinged 2 stars for terrible support, the hidden mirroring info, and the difficult software and user interface. As a former software developer, it’s like it was written by 12yr old interns. It’s really important that you are able to control and cast the TV from your phone, for the best experience.There’s also no way to display the time/date on the screen, without rooting the TV and running software! Even my 80s TVs and VCRs could do that, with one on/off setting, and reliably set sleep time! Setting sleep time, screensaver options, and such is broken, although I did notice that the quick sleep timer is working better since the update. Settings are very confusing. Nothing seems like it’s where it should be, esp on the big gear menu from the Home screen. The remote settings overlay (from remote) is slightly better but menus arranged differently. Oh, and the teenie, tiny remote really stinks, but I have a remote control phone app which helps, although not worth it just to do volume and other simple things. Again, if not for my phone, this TV would be far less enjoyable.As of this review, I’ve owned the TV for a month, with heavy use, with no malfunctions. Knock wood, and I hope it lasts as long as the 24 payments. I am a senior lady with health issues, but was able to unpack, screw on the stand, and set it up myself. It was very hard on me, but there was no one else here to do it. I was using it within 20min. Very A/V tech literate, though.I’ve been watching it with glee, coming from years of having to use my 24″ 1080p computer monitor. If I had owned big modern TVs before, this might be a 1star review. It’s far lower in overall quality, in every way, (granted, much cheaper) than my 90s Sony big screen TV, even with its limited resolution. Lighter and smaller, though, even though same size. Hope this helps someone!

    October 13, 2022
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    Range Girl

    I knew what I was buying, already have one. Everything about this brand & size is easy, reliable, user friendly.Ordered late Thursday, arrived early evening Saturday. The first Amazon delivery messages after I paid for it said that it would not arrive until a week later… so lucky me.The Seller is Video & Audio Center – Same Day Shipping, I live in about a 2 hour drive from their stores… which probably helped with the FAST! delivery.

    October 11, 2022
  • Avatar

    scott moore

    I recently purchased a Vizio Smart TV, nothing but problems with it. The Samsung Smart TV is a solid tv, easy. to use, apps download quickly, good picture. The only gripe I have is the remote buttons are too small and the sound could be better.

    October 7, 2022
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    I am not sure about this TV; however, Amazon is bullying us into buying new devices. I bought a new Fire Tablet. I have a 8.9 Fire Tablet that I want to give to my mother for her 90th Birthday. Amazon just told me that you cannot re-register old devices “to help our customer stay current on their devices”. But in the goodness of their heart, they will give us up to a 20% trade in allowance.I was going to also buy her an Amazon Omni Series Fire TV. There is NO WAY I am ever buying another Amazon device

    September 25, 2022
  • Avatar

    J. Quinby

    My first 55″Fire TV Omni was returned because it would keep switching to the homescreen in the middle of a program. The replacement has worked ok for a couple months, now it is deciding which apps it will ket me watch and which ones it wont. This is Amazon putting out garbage and censoring what you watch. No more Amazon products for me.UPDATE: My dog ate the remote. There are no volume, channel, nor even a power control on the tv itself! Dead in the water if your remote dies!

    September 22, 2022
  • Avatar

    A. Oden

    Very happy with this purchase. Have not experienced any problems. No issues with set up. Have had it about 18 months and would buy it again if I needed one at this time.

    September 5, 2022
  • Avatar

    Keri T Thomas

    The point in buying this TV was to stream via apps. For some reason, the TV keeps saying it doesnt have anymore room so it wants me to delete apps. This TV was way too expensive for that to be an issue. Very annoying bc that pops up every time i turn it on. Overall the sound is great and the picture is perfect, they just need to do something about the storage space

    August 30, 2022
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    The tv is ok, its does what it should..I just got this for my daughter in the spare of the monent..lg was out if my budget for the time..the color is ok..I adjusted many times.but it plays what she watches.mso shes ok..im.ok..i wouldn’t buy for myself though

    August 18, 2022
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    The easy installation

    July 24, 2022
  • Avatar


    I was a little hesitant about purchasing this after reading some of the negative reviews, but glad I decided to pull the trigger during Amazon Prime Days! Upgrading to this in the family room was a great decision; it fits the overall room well and the quality is just amazing, even with standard shows and movies!I had the Vizio sound Bar with my old Vizio Smart TV, so hooking this up to the 65″ was a breeze and there were no issues.So far, no complaints. Great picture, coupled with the sound bar, great sound, and a fantastic offer!

    July 22, 2022
  • Avatar

    Christopher Eddy

    ‘TV constantly goes back to home screen randomly while using any streaming app. Can be in the middle of a movie and next thing you know, TV goes back to home screen and then you have to open the app and wait for it to load again, but then you have to find where you were interrupted yourself as the TV forgets where it was in that movie. Does it with Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, and Amazon Viedo. Also constantly have a notification that shows the little Android dude and it just says “Music” have factory reset the TV and everything and it randomly pops up too. Not worth it at all. Worst Amazon device made to date, although they truly didn’t make it, Insignia did. Will NEVER EVER EVER buy INSIGNIA products ever again. Crap products with worse crappy customer service. Should have immediately sent this TV back for a refund!’ – My original review August 2022.Recent software update fixed these issues, my only issue with this version of software is that any commercial interruption while streaming video, will cause the audio and video to be out of sync with one another when the video restarts. The only fix for this is to go back to the Home screen, wait a few minutes and then relaunch the streaming app and restart your video, OR from the home page, click settings, then software, and restart the TV. PRESSING THE POWER BUTTON DOES NOT POWER DOWN THE TV, IT ONLY PUTS IT TO SLEEP (SAME AS YOUR PHONE, TAP IT AGAIN AND IT IS INSTANTLY READY…). So after every single commercial break, the video will be ahead of audio by about 5 seconds, as a lip reader due to hearing impairment, what audio I hear really makes me dizzy trying to focus on the mouth movements to interpret what is being spoken. I have partial loss in one ear, and 90% loss in the other, as a result of military trauma. I rely on reading lips to verify the majority of the sounds I think I hear, for instance, someone might say, “Nice shoes” and the sound is muffled by a fan blowing directly toward me, so I think I heard, “screw you”, “bless you”, “who’re you”, “I hate blue”, “where’sthe crew”, “…few”, “…knew”,…the list could go on endlessly. I read their lips and can instantly determine a “nI-ssss SH-oohs” by the lip position, and can reply correctly and thank them for the compliment instead of being offended, or my go-to when I can’t determine what was said, “well what do you think?” to return the ball back in their court, like word tennis. Software updated 3 times and that is the only issue I can’t get resolved. WISH THE MANUFACTURER WOULD READ MY CORRESPONDENCES, (REGULAR MAIL AND EMAILS).

    July 6, 2022
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    Arrived quickly and packed in a strong box. Easy to remove. The TV mounted on a universal wall gimbal easily with no problems.Audio with Alexa is fun and accurate. This TV has overcome our flash on off and freezing problems.

    June 9, 2022
  • Avatar

    Keith Phillips

    I have a significant investment in Amazon Fire TV Cubes (3) and Sticks (6) and so I decided to try out the Amazon Fire TV (43 Inch Omni). This is for my master bedroom and is not my main viewing TV. I also own an LG 55 inch C6 (OLED), a 65 inch LG 9000 (IPS panel) and a 55 inch Hisense U8G (VA panel) which are fairly high end TV’s that all have above average picture quality and upscale functionality.The Omni TV does not compare to my main TV’s in picture quality, however, the 4K picture is actually quite decent for a bedroom TV whose main viewing time is either early morning or late evening (in a darkened room). Also, we don’t have any soundbars, DVD players, or Cable boxes attached to the Omni TV. We use YouTube TV for local channels and have a number of streaming services (Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, etc.).What I like about the Omni TV1. Very lightweight at 15.5 pounds making it easy to mount on the wall.2. Set up was extremely easy since I am a registered Amazon customer. Plug it in, answer a few questions the TV does a software update, linked to my saved settings for WiFi, automatically downloaded my previous applications from my Fire TV Stick and it was ready to go.3. The interface is exactly like all my other Fire TV Sticks and Cubes, there was no learning curve. The interface is zippy and functions well. After loading 30+ applications I still had 6 GB of memory unused, which is great. I was also able to jailbreak the TV (like the Fire TV Stick) and download Kodi, Cinema HD, Downloader, IP Vanish, and several other 3rd party utilities, with no problem. All applications work great.4. Based on the integrated voice and Fire TV capability, you don’t need to spend $50 on a FireTV Max or $100 on a Fire TV Cube and a $30 Echo Dot, making the TV an even greater value.5. The Bluetooth remote is a nice design and easy to use. A bit of an enhancement over the base Fire TV stick remote with some controls unique to the Omni TV (like settings, channel selector, prior key, live TV key)6. The integrated voice commands worked for the most part. Actually, this is pretty cool and should only get better over time. I do have one issue where Voice Commands such as “Turn on the TV” work just fine, but “Turn Off the TV” does not work. This is a minor issue and hopefully will get fixed with future software updates. Note: Amazon customer service could not find a resolution to this problem other than resetting my TV and wiping out all my downloaded applications/passwords. I elected to live with the problem. All other commands seem to work well.7. The 4K picture quality is acceptable in the bedroom.8. The price is excellent. At $300 for the 43-inch TV, it was priced appropriately for the functionality.9. Once you get used to how to tweak the picture using the Picture Mode function (Standard, Movie, Dynamic, Custom) settings you can improve the quality of the picture a bit. For me, the Movie mode, with Picture Temp set to Warm 1 worked best for me. Compared to other TV’s the number of adjustments are very limited. However, for ease of use for most users, this is probably acceptable. I do like using voice commands to “Switch Picture Mode to Standard, Movie, Dynamic, etc.”. This saves clicking the remote button multiple times and is easier to execute.10. Integration to my Ring Doorbell and 4 cameras around my property works great. The Omni TV supports either full screen as well as Picture in Picture and is voice-activated. “Show me the Front Yard Camera” is all that is needed to bring up the picture….very easy to do.11. All my TP-Link KASA smart plugs can be activated via voice through the Omni TV, i.e. “Turn on the bedroom lights”., “Turn off my backyard landscape lights”, etc.12. Drop-in works across other Echo Dots.13. The Omni TV can participate in standard “Speaker Groups”. i.e. “Play music Upstairs” works.14. You can control attached Sound Bars, DVD players, and Cable boxes with this TV (like the Fire TV Cube). With 4HDMI ports, you have a lot of expansion capabilities. It comes with an IR blaster that can be used for non-bluetooth devices.15. You can attach up to two Echo Dots to this TV to improve the sound quality. In my opinion, the sound quality on this set is ok for a bedroom. Not great, but not bad either. After all, it is a bedroom!!16. The 43 inch size is perfect for a bedroom TV. Bumping up to a 50 or 55 inch TV would have been too big for my space. Not all TV manufacturers offer this size.What I don’t like about the Fire TV1. The lack of Dolby Vision and HDR 10+ limits the 4K picture quality. Dolby Vision should have been included in all the TV’s and not just the 65 and 75 inch models.2. The backlighting is very basic with direct-lit. I would have paid more to get Full Array backlighting to enhance picture quality.3. Good HDR requires much higher NITs – I.e. brightness (like 500 to 600) to be truly effective. The Omni TV seems to top out around 325, which is not enough to make HDR details pop in a dark scene.4. The VA Panel has poor side viewing angles (most all vendors have this problem) but in my bedroom, this was not a problem.All in all, I would recommend this TV if you want a decent 4K picture for a bedroom, want to save some bucks, and are invested in the Amazon echo system. The price is great for what you get and you don’t need to purchase a Fire TV and Echo Dot to gain voice control with another TV brand.For the main viewing area, I would pay more for a larger higher quality TV that supports Dolby Vision, Full Array backlighting, better-upscaling processor, and higher HDR peak brightness.UPDATE 5/2/22 FIX for TV not shutting down by voice commandI was able to solve the voice problem of why the Omni TV’s Alexa would “Turn on the TV” but fail to “Turn off the TV” (it would always go back to the home screen and never shut down). The solution was to go into the Alexa App on my Phone – Select Devices, then – Select All Devices – Find my Omni TV in the device list – Select the Omni TV then TURN OFF Two items 1) Adaptive Listening and 2) Follow up Mode. The minute I made these two changes the TV will now turn off using my voice. Many of my Echo Dots have these features turned on so I made the assumption that the Omni TV would work the same way since these features are available. That was a wrong assumption. My guess is when you have the Follow Up mode turned on, during the shut down process, Alexa gets confused and is waiting for a follow up command (so it does not shut down). In my opinion this is a software bug. I am surprised that Amazon support does not have this easy fix in their knowledge base. If you have this problem, try my fix.

    April 17, 2022
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    George G. Whitehead

    I like this tv. I got the 75 inch model. It has a great picture. The sound system is weak, and the soundtrack or background music is louder than the dialogue a lot of the time. There are definitely NOT enough HDMI ports. I had to give up one input to run the sound bar I added. I like the USB ports, but if I had to choose between USB and HDMI, I would have wanted more HDMI ports. The remote is crazy. There’s a floating curses that’s nearly impossible to control. I much prefer the push buttons with arrows to move around the options, not aim the remote like a video game. I’m going to have to start looking at these products at Best Buy or Walmart before ordering.Oh, one more thing. The tv has a set of legs at each end, instead of a center stand. I had to buy a new TV stand because my table wasn’t wide enough for the legs, even though it had held my other big screen with the center base just fine. Measure your table carefully if you go that route!

    April 15, 2022
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    work perfect

    March 31, 2022
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    UPDATE 03/29/2022: (added stars)Just wanted to update this review. Amazon Customer Service called me shortly after posting this review (wow! impressive timing) and we talked about setting expectations for the performance of this TV. The way it was explained to me: when the TV is used only about half an hour every day it caches data and has to sync up when finally turned on–this takes a little while to catch up and accurately reflects my experience with the TV.I will stand by this product and say that it is still definitely worth the price paid–it does the job. I might not choose it as my main source of entertainment, but it more than fits the bill in our exercise room. We discussed an easy workaround to circumvent the performance issue: just unplug it when not in use, and this will improve the performance. Easy enough. Thanks again, and frankly I would certainly be tempted to recommend this product on the exceptional customer service, alone. Thanks, as always–happy to be an Amazon customer!!ORIGINAL REVIEW:So we bought this TV for the exercise room to pass time while working out. The TV sets up fine. Everything is “mostly” fine. I’m not going to review the Amazon software because, frankly, I don’t know where one problem begins and the other ends. Confusing, huh? Here’s the thing. The TV itself displays a picture–good enough for an exercise room–the sound is as-expected for being in the unit, etcetera.The problem is with the user interface. Now I DO NOT WANT TO SPECULATE as my software engineering days are over, but right when the TV “boots up” it’s pretty fast and responsive. However, given the course of about 3-5 hours of being TURNED OFF and plugged into the wall, when reactivated, the TV will become a very slow user experience. I have some network traffic monitors running against my router (i.e. WireShark / Solar Winds), and I see a large amount of wireless traffic coming from the TV when it’s not in use. I’m not sure if this is normal or if it was hacked or what, but I just thought I’d let everyone know.Disabling some of the targetted advertising cut this down a bit, and I have updated the firmware, but I just can’t shake the suspicion that the reason for the slowness is either because the device’s storage is filling up (with god-knows-what) or that the device is preoccupied with performing some other task. I have also disabled auto-updates for caching the installed applications (just Amazon Prime and YouTube right now). UX is still very slow after being plugged in for a while.So we’ve taken to the habit of unplugging it and re-plugging it just before use. Might just leave it unplugged until we actually need it, but the last thing I want is to power it on, and have to wait while it catches up on all the updates.Don’t get me wrong, in concept, the TV is a great idea: integrated with online services, etc, but I just need more time to dig into the actual traffic being sent from it. Maybe a factory reset will help the speed, but I don’t want to delete any proof of unoptimized code or anything. Definitely something I think the manufacturer should look into. “Internet of Things” devices are inherently insecure, so we rely upon these manufacturers to secure their devices as well as possible when welcoming them into our homes and networks.I hope this helps your decision. Maybe best to keep it off the network until they can work out these bugs, but then what do you have? DVD/BLURAY TV? Very limited, and kind of defeats the purpose of getting a “smart” TV. Anyways, I’m babbling at this point. I hope this helps, and good luck with your purchase!

    March 29, 2022
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    This tv doesn’t have the espn app installed, and after talking to a representative there is no way to get it, have to use a fire stick. Garbage

    March 16, 2022
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    Allen D. Reinecke

    UPDATE: (5 Stars).7 months in and we’ve had zero problems with this TV. Our fiber internet provider updated the Wi-Fi equipment in our house and this Fire TV is now able to pick up a 160 mbps typical signal strength. The quality of the picture is actually slightly better close-up now, though from several feet away, it’s just as good as before..No complaints thus far – a worthy investment. Upping my rating for the trouble-free operation!.ORIGINAL REVIEW: (4 Stars).I wanted to upgrade our 12- and 17-year-old TV’s and have been researching all the options. I used rtingsdotcom to compare performance, as well as online reviews, and it wasn’t easy. It seemed that unless you were spending big bucks, rtings always had issues.In the end, I went for the 65″ Vizio M65Q7-JO1 for the main TV. The ratings were pretty good and the value seemed good at $699 with an OEM 3-year warranty from my local membership warehouse. So, far I’ve been very pleased with it.This TV also allowed me to have a reference point for the rtings reviews. Knowing what they said about the Vizio compared with what I saw, I was able to use that to gauge other TV’s against my needs..These first gen Fire TV’s aren’t rated at all highly. However, when the 43 inch Fire TV was on sale for $259 with a free Echo Dot, I decided it was worth trying. The smaller TV is used almost exclusively by my wife to watch Food Network and HGTV (!) from a distance of about 13 ft. She doesn’t care about smart features and sits almost square on to the TV, slightly down and to the right in a brightly (daylight) illuminated ‘sunroom’, just off the kitchen..After unpacking the Fire TV, I immediately mounted it on a stand. (PERLESMITH Universal TV Stand – Table Top TV Stand for 37-55 inch LCD LED TVs). The included Fire TV feet would be too wide for the cabinet’s shelf. The required mounting screws were already in the VESA mounting points, which was great! No searching around for the right thread and length screws..On powering up the TV, Amazon had it all set up with my Wi-Fi password and Amazon account. Somewhat scary, but understandable, given that we have Echo Dots all around the house. So it automatically updated the firm- and soft-ware and was ready to go! The screen was looking good with no defects. Interestingly, the TV comes with just a short, get-up-and-run pamphlet, with no manual. I searched online and found a pdf, though, being an engineer, I was able to just go through the menus and quickly understand the systems. Other’s might struggle. Vizio actually has the manual built into the TV’s menu..We use Chromecast with Google TV and stream YoutubeTV on both TV’s, as well as my daughter’s TV, while she’s at college. I didn’t even bother to check out the Fire TV apps and immediately installed the Chromecast.I had trouble with the Chromecast remote. Google doesn’t list ‘Amazon’ or ‘Fire TV’ as options for the remote codes. I knew from research that the Fire TV is a TCL rebrand and tried that remote code offering. It sort of worked but wasn’t good enough. The volume was slow to respond, unless right up close to the TV. The power worked but didn’t work to turn on the Chromecast once it had turned itself off. The input selection was also problematic. After much trial and error, I got the Chromecast remote working correctly using the settings shown in the photo.I also found that I could connect the Fire TV remote to the Chromecast. There’s a video on YT on that. The Fire TV remote connects via BT to the Chromecast by long pressing the HOME button to go into pairing mode. You do have to hold the remote right next to the Chromecast itself to get it to connect to the Fire TV remote. It’ll come up as ‘AR’. Once connected it works perfectly but has to be disconnected to do anything with the TV settings. In the end, I just disconnected it and use the Google remote..I have found that my old TV’s had much better reflection handling. Any reflections were very muted. The modern TV’s all seem to be more reflective. The Fire TV is a little worse than the Vizio. You can see that in the photo. Fortunately, where my wife sits, the windows are out of view on the TV screen and it’s only with a black screen that the reflections are an issue. On the Vizio, I keep the curtains drawn over the window directly behind me..Brightness is as rtings said; not that bright. I found the best picture setting was DYNAMIC, with Cinema mode, Noise Reduction and Dynamic backlight OFF and standard white balance. This gives the brightest picture and the nicest color saturation. The TV works well in the room during the day. The Cinema mode resulted in a noticeable Soap Opera effect, which I don’t like.The display panel washes out very quickly as you view it off-center. At 40 degrees to the screen, the colors are not at all good and faces start to look a little gray. The Vizio is similar, but not as bad. Both are best viewed from directly in front..With 4K content, the picture quality is actually pretty good. I have no complaints. However, really close up, you can see artifacts and a white ghosting around objects. This is especially noticeable on non-4K content, where the close-up image also seems out of focus, with lots of artifacts. However, from a 6ft distance, the image isn’t bad.I watched some old 1980’s Bergerac episodes and the picture quality was quite acceptable with my picture settings.I do see that news text on the screen is not as well defined as on the Vizio. In the photos, you can see the Fire TV letters’ edges are rougher and less defined on the Fire TV compared with the albeit a larger and Quantum dot Vizio.CONCLUSION:If you are on a tight budget, I think the Amazon Fire TV is a viable option, but I certainly don’t recommend you buy it above $280. There are likely better options out there for a few dollars more.

    February 26, 2022
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    I have several Fire Sticks, Roku TVs, and a Roku Express. I don’t have a need for 4K so that feature, found on the more expensive models, is not important to me. Price and basic performance are what counts. The new FireTV Stick Lite delivers–especially at the current promotional price.All three of my basic Fire Sticks are standard models and identical in appearance with slightly different remote controls. The oldest standard stick has the most basic features and no volume or power button. The newer standard model has the same controls but with the addition of a power button, mute button and volume controls. The newest Lite model removes the power and sound buttons, but adds a guide button, not on the other two.They removed the power and sound buttons on the Lite model. With these buttons, I pretty much don’t have to use the TV remote control at all. For a few dollars more, you may want to consider the basic FireTV stick, just to get the power and sound buttons. Just make sure that you are getting a newer model with these features, and not the original stick without these buttons.UPDATE 12/13/2020: I discovered that you CAN control the TV Power ON/OFF with the Fire Stick Lite if your TV is CEC capable (most are.) Pressing the HOME button on the Fire remote should turn the TV on and switch to the Fire input. If the TV is already on, pressing the HOME button will switch to the correct input. To turn the TV off, press the MIC button and say “TV POWER OFF” and it should turn the TV off. Make sure that your TV HDMI settings have CEC control turned on for this hidden feature to work. So far, I haven’t been able to control the volume this way.All of the remote controls use RF (radio frequencies) to control the stick, rather than the usual infra-red (IR) controls found on TV remotes. That means that they don’t have to be pointed at the TV to work. In fact, they wouldn’t work with the Fire Sticks if they were IR remotes since the Stick sits behind the TV. The downside to the RF remote is that they are specific to the individual stick. The menu allows you to pair a new remote to the Fire Stick if you replace one. You can also access the Fire Stick with your cell phone with the FireTV app. This has come in handy when I’ve misplaced the remote control, or worn down the battery and not had a replacement. By comparison, the Roku Express (and my Roku TVs) use IR remotes that you have to point. They are interchangeable, and the batteries seem to last longer than the RF remotes used with the Sticks.Performance, picture quality and speed are good on all three Fire Stick models. The Lite model is the newest of the basic models and should have the fastest speed, but I haven’t detected any difference. To save on network bandwidth, I force all of my devices to operate at 720P. The picture quality is quite good on my TVs (up to 50″) and pushing higher resolutions just wastes bandwidth, in my opinion. However, picture quality is heavily dependent on the particular app and type of content being watched, so I can’t really make any predictions how it will work for you.The FireTV Sticks plug directly into the HDMI connector on your TV. A short extension cable is provided if there is not enough space for the Stick to be plugged directly in. The unit is provided with a 5V 1.0 amp AC adapter and a short USB cable. Amazon recommends plugging the stick in to a separate outlet, rather than using the USB jack on many TVs. In fact, if the unit detects that the TV USB connector doesn’t have enough amperage, you’ll get a message telling you not to use it. It’s more convenient to use the TV to power the Stick but there are drawbacks aside from the lack of power. The TV often turns off the USB connector when powered down, meaning that when you turn on the TV, the Fire Stick will have to reboot and reconnect to your network, slowing down your start-up. It would also be possible, in rare instances, to accidentally power down your stick with the TV when an upgrade is being performed, which could cause problems. All that said, I still use the Fire Stick with a smaller 24″ Vizio that I carry out to the patio, and power it with the TV’s USB connector.All of the FireTV Sticks have the ability to talk to Alexa by pressing the microphone button. Because they are directly linked to the FireTV stick, you can also tell it to search for and pull up apps. Before using the FireTV products, I was accustomed to selecting a search box and keying in what I was looking for. With the FireTV Sticks, I can press the mic button and say what app I’m looking for and install it. Or, I can tell it what program I am looking for and it may search and find it on YouTube, then start playing it. Neat feature and habit forming. The voice remote has many other features, like being able to answer my Ring doorbells, view my CloudCams, and other Alexa related skills. However, for most Alexa related activities, I usually have an Echo in the same room and use that, rather than the Fire Stick.How does the FireTV Stick Lite compare with the Roku Express? Because they are similarly priced, you’d expect them to be very similar, but they are actually quite different. I’ve always liked Roku’s and the Express is a very fast and capable unit. It doesn’t hang from the HDMI connector, but instead connects with a short cable and sits under or on top of the TV, positioned so the remote’s IR beam can control it. The Roku Express seems to respond faster, and with some apps, performs much faster. Again, that could be and app thing, and not the performance of the unit. With CEC compatible TVs, the Express is able to turn the TV power on and off with the basic remote. One BIG difference (and one that’s hard to find in the literature) is that the FireTV Stick works on Wi-Fi at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The Roku Express only works at 2.4GHz. If your network is heavily dependent on 5GHz, the Roku Express won’t be a good choice. Fortunately, in my situation I am able to use both.Finally, with any smart TV adapter, make sure that you get one that will run the program apps that you want. They are mostly the same on the Roku and Fire devices but there are differences. For example, on the FireTV Stick, I can view my Amazon Photo library, including videos that I’ve shot with my cel phone. I can’t do that (at present) with the Roku. You may find that the Roku has apps that are not available on the FireTV products. Ultimately, it’s the apps that make these things work.

    November 10, 2020

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