Samsung Galaxy A13

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  1. Camera does not adjust well in dim lights.

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    ANA PALMIRA GARCIA GARO December 15, 2022 at 00:00

    Llegò con un cargador europeo.

  3. really cute case, does scratch a little but honestly its so pretty i don't even mind

  4. It’s a phone

  5. Considering the price, the phone is very good value. And as a whole I’m satisfied with the product. Keep in mind this is a budget line phone.The camera is fine, but won’t compare with some of the flagship phones. To me the biggest shortcoming is that the wi-fi distance on this phone is a tad bit shorter than I would like. My old phone had better range and it was nothing special. That’s something Samsung should not have skimped out on.Otherwise, though, the battery is very good. Gaming seems to perform well (though I didn’t try any graphically robust games). Appreciate the aux port as sometimes I do like to plug in my really good headphones as opposed to my bluetooth earbuds depending on what I’m doing. Vibration is strong enough, but I do miss having a little light somewhere on the phone to let you know if you have a text or notification that you didn’t notice. That’s something expensive phones forget too though sometimes. It’s useful to have and I feel phone manufacturers should consider that convenience.All things considered, good price for this kind of product.

  6. Generally satisfied with this purchase phone came in mint condition. Good for the price

  7. Delivery was as well as it could be given the RM strikes over Christmas, the case itself is lovely. It's sturdy, well fitting and the lavender and camomile design is beautiful. I highly recommend!

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    Chloe Phillips-Bartlett January 4, 2023 at 00:00

    The case is absolutely beautiful, but don't be silly like me! I ordered slightly the wrong case (a 5G instead of 4G). It still fit the phone but covered the torch and headphone jack. I contacted the seller and they couldn't have been nicer. They sent out a replacement without a quibble before I've even returned the wrong one. Totally my bad, but they were so lovely about it. I wouldn't hesitate to order again. The speckled purple is nice and it feels nice to the touch. It fits the phone well and is comfortable to hold. A good quality product.

  9. I am upset that neither ATT or Tracfone will allow this phone! I did not see and was not aware of International Versions vs. US Versions of the Samsung Galaxy A13.

  10. Great quality item, my phone is black but I just put some printer paper in the back and it fixed the issue 🙂 fit my phone perfectly and suited the model well, and it's a good quality case as well!

  11. Prior owner’s name appears when getting incoming calls..

  12. This is the first time I purchased a mid-range phone instead of a high-end model and I’m surprised how capable the A53 is. The screen is excellent, bright and vibrant and the battery life is amazing. I’m not a power user and I don’t game on the phone so it’s mostly used for texting, surfing and you know…phone calls. And it’s been a solid phone. Occasionally, you’ll see some lag moving from app to app. I turned off the screen animations and that stopped most of the lag. But for only $400? It’s a really nice phone. I don’t think I’ll ever buy another high-end phone. This phone does everything I need it to do. The photos look good and it’s fast enough for me. And Samsung will support it for years. Buy it.Now about Amazon’s trade-in policy…in a word…it sucks. I traded an S8 for $25. The phone was always in a case with a screen protector. For a 5 year old phone it still worked and the screen was in perfect condition, no scratches and not cracked. However, Amazon lowered the trade-in value to $11. WHAT THE @#$%. They said it was reduced because the screen was cracked (it wasn’t). So either the inspector is lying, the inspector dropped the phone, or the inspector reviewed the wrong phone. And there’s no recourse. After two chat sessions and two phone calls, not one person understood the problem. And they couldn’t refer me to whomever reviews the trade-ins.If you’re considering trading an item to Amazon, trader beware. They may short-change you, and if they do, you’ll have no avenue to dispute the trade value.

  13. Fue muy cuidadoso al poner la cajita las cámaras lo están viendo

  14. Pretty phone case, and it fits perfectly! Looks nice with the blue colour of my Samsung. The phone case arrived a couple of days later than expected, but this wasn't an issue for me.

  15. Didn’t receive a charger

  16. I’m still exploring all the features of this phone, but for the most part I am pleased. I find doing a screen shot is rather awkward having to press two buttons next to each other especially having to quickly press one button. The other thing I dislike using the keyboard I often close out the screen because the space bar is right above the home screen icon. Has lots of storage that is why I purchased this phone. Not real happy with the camera but perhaps its because I have not discovered the proper settings. Overall good phone and would recommend it.

  17. Great case! It's matte with tiny flecks. I absolutely love the quality. It's easy to grip and has held up really well protecting my phone. Thank you!

  18. I sent an over an hour with provider to activate phone, and I was out of luck because manufacturer never unlocked it.Just be aware doesn’t work for some USA popular wireless providers.

  19. This was inexpensive but 5G phone. It was unlocked so I just put my TMobile sim card in it and it was working without any activations.Screen is big. Android version is fresh. Everything is great with this phone.

  20. New to the Smart phone world,….fresh off a flip phone so getting use to some of the functions and quirks will take a while. I have noticed while taking a call, incoming calls occasionally disconnect the call I’m currently on…probably user error I’m sure. Phone was priced right and have been pleased so far with overall performance. Battery life is easily two days with moderate use, one day for sure if constantly in use. It’s basically a mini laptop……….I miss my Alias2 Samsung flip phone. Small, easy to use and texting, all though character limited, was easy as hell with that backlit keyboard.

  21. I like that it has most of the bells and whistles wanted, while saving 700 dollars off the price of a Galaxy. 5g! It even still takes an extra data card, even though it has 128 GB internal!! Galaxies now do Not offer adding an SD data card.Drawbacks: not capable of pad charging, you have to use the oval “c” charging cable ( new for me), and camera looks ultra fancy( but I still can’t take a picture of the moon like others’ post on media….) For die-hard Samdung users, it is fantastic alternative to the newer, larger, expensive newest models.

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