Samsung Galaxy A13

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  1. * Special Edit * Many if not all recent Samsung phones no longer come with the usb wall charger. You will not get it in the box.Coming from an A7 2017 model, this phone is incrementally great. Its not a huge difference but the main issue today is really OS and security updates end thus forcing a new phone. Because of using Samsung SmartTags, I likely cannot use a custom rom. If it wasn’t for that, the A7 2017 really isn’t that far from this. That’s something I can now test.The A53 has a surprisingly better speaker. Really loud and sounds like it’s coming from the front instead of the bottom where it is. Actually, seems they also use the call speaker as well to output sound which is on the top.The camera is a bit better of course. It’s good enough. I’m no camera snob or you better be buying the most expensive phones if you ask me. Has macro function. Also does a good job focusing.The fingerprint reader is about the same once enabling it to always show on the always on display (AOD) and I set AOD to always show as well.The screen is good. There’s no wild difference other than marketing.Battery seems about the same in limited testing (my A7 still gets about 48 hours with AOD enabled and some use). The battery saving special modes can add up to days of battery life mostly on standby. So in theory up to 7 days. The A7 has this feature and its great for no power emergencies. Looks like a bit differently implemented on the A53 but still have to properly test it. I know for a fact that Android devices can last up to 12 days on standard batteries as I have one that does. A much bigger screen, etc at 7 days standby is wonderful. My numbers for sleep drainage show it might even make it without the battery saver.But, the A53 battery will take some weeks or months to properly see how the battery does. Interesting, point AOD here has no auto off (and on) while down or in a pocket which is crazy. That instantly saves battery and is crazy they no longer have it. Instead they have schedule so you can at least get a partial worse effect of it at night when sleeping or tap to show, etc. The A7 thus gets me only total 3-4% drain at night even with AOD enabled. So far, the A53 with AOD always enabled sees 3% for 7 hours overnight. Looks like 4% per 8 hours. This is for my setup. Your’s may differ.Actually, one of the best improvements appears to be the cellular connection. It appears to be 2-3 bars stronger than the A7. Since the A7 was typically at 1 bar for me, it would often not receive calls, delayed messages, etc. So far, I’m receiving everything. This was a main issue I always had with the A7. Easily exceeding everything else the phone offers.By the way, I’m using the A7 wall charger here. It’s 15 watts. That’s fine. The A53 just charges 10 watts slower than the maximum. I see no need for now to spend more for that. It just charges a bit slower. As I edited in earlier, don’t expect Samsung include them now with their phones. The A53 does not come with one for anyone who thinks it does. Neither does their more expensive models this year.So far not seeing any issues. I’m happy with it. But, there’s far too many features anymore. Takes a lot of time. I’d still be almost as happy though with the A7 if it wasn’t trashed by the phone manufacturers like they are. But, if you need a phone, this one is a great choice. I highly doubt that will change here. You also get up to 4 years OS upgrades and 5 years security which increases the value of this phone over many manufacturers.Bug: AOD stuck at full brightness in the dark thus consuming more battery. SOLVED: The eye comfort shield (what they call the software blue screen filter for night time that makes the screen yellowish) causes AOD to have problems dimming when both are running.

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    Joe, America Born and Raised. USA. June 20, 2022 at 00:00

    Don’t get caught in a high cost phone plan. This phone works on all networks and I have tried them all. Att prepaid data 15 gb $40.00 + taxes and fees per month plan with roll over, speeds about 42mbps. Ultramobile prepaid 15 gb plan $35.00 +taxes per month through T Mobile cellular close to tower 500mbps fast. Far away from tower about 250mbps.Visible prepaid on Verizon network. $40.00 no extra cost, Unlimited I’m over 50gb of data used no lower speeds. Speed test from 40mbps to 90mbps. Everywhere. All are feel effects when inside building and distance to cellular tower. I live 40 miles Southwest of Chicago limits. Was the boonies years ago. Towers are as close as 1 air mile away to 2000 feet away. I did speed test at prime time usage. All servers costs theabout the same. If you use a lot of data go with Visible. If you want speed go with Ultramobile. ATT did give me 8gb more data each month so I’m getting 23 gb total. Not to bad. The phone works very good. I have had Samsung Note 1,2,3,4 phones all were good. This one is bigger then Note 4 by a little. Screen is good. I miss the pen. Used it all the time. This phone is 64gb memory nice. You can relocate your apps to MicroSD card. I use some big apps that consume a lot of space. I have detailed mapping of all USA and Canada on my SD card. Over 30gb all on sd card. The phone operation are fast. I use a weather app call Radar Omega. With 3D radar. The phone handles it well. Tons of other weather apps all running in back ground. If you want a phone that works well on all networks. This one is a keeper. Also it’s only one sim card slot. I was hoping for dual Sim card.Update 8-16-2022 Samsung did update on OS. Dual sim card now work with SIM card manger app. Now you can switch services without rebooting phone. When one network is unavailable just switch and within seconds your on a line.Updated, 9-17-2022 On Visible wireless service, I just joined a party and lowered my cost to $25.00 a month Unlimited. Hurry up they are going to stop the party soon. Also just learned that the ATT service is part of the NSA and all ATT and Comcast services are routed into the NSA calls texts internet we are being spied on all the time. Learn more on this , see YouTube, the Why File. He has some good stuff there that make you wonder is the government working for us or for there own benefit.

  3. Amazing value phone to replace an aging LG rebel 4. The phone itself is amazing, with a stunning battery life and great camera. Sadly it doesn’t work with Verizon so you’ll have to switch service if you have Verizon.

  4. I had purchased the same phone for my husband a couple of months ago and recently replaced my Galaxy S10 Note with the Samsung A13 LTE. While it is a good quality phone I do think that it runs a little slower than my old phone. Only the first day so will have to keep tweaking to get all the settings I like but so far so good! UPDATE: Would buy the 5g model if I could. A little more money but can add devices more easily.

  5. Considering the price, the phone is very good value. And as a whole I’m satisfied with the product. Keep in mind this is a budget line phone.The camera is fine, but won’t compare with some of the flagship phones. To me the biggest shortcoming is that the wi-fi distance on this phone is a tad bit shorter than I would like. My old phone had better range and it was nothing special. That’s something Samsung should not have skimped out on.Otherwise, though, the battery is very good. Gaming seems to perform well (though I didn’t try any graphically robust games). Appreciate the aux port as sometimes I do like to plug in my really good headphones as opposed to my bluetooth earbuds depending on what I’m doing. Vibration is strong enough, but I do miss having a little light somewhere on the phone to let you know if you have a text or notification that you didn’t notice. That’s something expensive phones forget too though sometimes. It’s useful to have and I feel phone manufacturers should consider that convenience.All things considered, good price for this kind of product.

  6. Good condition but not what I wanted

  7. I love this case! It's super cute, lightweight and I've had loads of compliments on it. The only thing I would say is that it isn't as clear as on the picture and is slightly grey on the background, however, this wasn't an issue for me

  8. The two most appealing features of the phone are the specifications and the Samsung software update policy. This mid-ranger has many features that match flagship phones. The screen is top-notch, the cameras are excellent, and Samsung’s software update policy is the best of any Android phone company. The biggest disappointment is the bloatware that is installed on Samsung phones. The Samsung apps either duplicate Google apps or are useless. I have tried to delete or disable as many as I can, but most are still installed and may be running in the background taking space and possibly reducing battery life. The huge number of Samsung phone models for sale all over the world makes it difficult to issue timely software updates. Android 13 updates have been rolling out for over 2 months, yet my phone has not received it. I should receive a security update every month, but my latest was the December update installed on 12/13. It is now 2/7.

  9. This phone says it supports 4G LTE but it’s doesn’t its only a 2G phone. This phone sucks only can use WiFi with it.

  10. Really happy with this phone case such good quality and just like the pictures. Fits perfectly and non slip on the sides.

  11. Prior owner’s name appears when getting incoming calls..

  12. If you need a phone for a teenager then this is a good buy. Not a high performance phone like the S models. But, does the job.

  13. This is the first time I purchased a mid-range phone instead of a high-end model and I’m surprised how capable the A53 is. The screen is excellent, bright and vibrant and the battery life is amazing. I’m not a power user and I don’t game on the phone so it’s mostly used for texting, surfing and you know…phone calls. And it’s been a solid phone. Occasionally, you’ll see some lag moving from app to app. I turned off the screen animations and that stopped most of the lag. But for only $400? It’s a really nice phone. I don’t think I’ll ever buy another high-end phone. This phone does everything I need it to do. The photos look good and it’s fast enough for me. And Samsung will support it for years. Buy it.Now about Amazon’s trade-in policy…in a word…it sucks. I traded an S8 for $25. The phone was always in a case with a screen protector. For a 5 year old phone it still worked and the screen was in perfect condition, no scratches and not cracked. However, Amazon lowered the trade-in value to $11. WHAT THE @#$%. They said it was reduced because the screen was cracked (it wasn’t). So either the inspector is lying, the inspector dropped the phone, or the inspector reviewed the wrong phone. And there’s no recourse. After two chat sessions and two phone calls, not one person understood the problem. And they couldn’t refer me to whomever reviews the trade-ins.If you’re considering trading an item to Amazon, trader beware. They may short-change you, and if they do, you’ll have no avenue to dispute the trade value.

  14. Fue muy cuidadoso al poner la cajita las cámaras lo están viendo

  15. Very nice budget phone with fingers print access ,camera great

  16. Pretty phone case, and it fits perfectly! Looks nice with the blue colour of my Samsung. The phone case arrived a couple of days later than expected, but this wasn't an issue for me.

  17. It’s kinda slow

  18. I’m still exploring all the features of this phone, but for the most part I am pleased. I find doing a screen shot is rather awkward having to press two buttons next to each other especially having to quickly press one button. The other thing I dislike using the keyboard I often close out the screen because the space bar is right above the home screen icon. Has lots of storage that is why I purchased this phone. Not real happy with the camera but perhaps its because I have not discovered the proper settings. Overall good phone and would recommend it.

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