Samsung Galaxy A13

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  1. Lovely case. High quality leather and stitching.

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    Joe, America Born and Raised. USA. June 20, 2022 at 00:00

    Don’t get caught in a high cost phone plan. This phone works on all networks and I have tried them all. Att prepaid data 15 gb $40.00 + taxes and fees per month plan with roll over, speeds about 42mbps. Ultramobile prepaid 15 gb plan $35.00 +taxes per month through T Mobile cellular close to tower 500mbps fast. Far away from tower about 250mbps.Visible prepaid on Verizon network. $40.00 no extra cost, Unlimited I’m over 50gb of data used no lower speeds. Speed test from 40mbps to 90mbps. Everywhere. All are feel effects when inside building and distance to cellular tower. I live 40 miles Southwest of Chicago limits. Was the boonies years ago. Towers are as close as 1 air mile away to 2000 feet away. I did speed test at prime time usage. All servers costs theabout the same. If you use a lot of data go with Visible. If you want speed go with Ultramobile. ATT did give me 8gb more data each month so I’m getting 23 gb total. Not to bad. The phone works very good. I have had Samsung Note 1,2,3,4 phones all were good. This one is bigger then Note 4 by a little. Screen is good. I miss the pen. Used it all the time. This phone is 64gb memory nice. You can relocate your apps to MicroSD card. I use some big apps that consume a lot of space. I have detailed mapping of all USA and Canada on my SD card. Over 30gb all on sd card. The phone operation are fast. I use a weather app call Radar Omega. With 3D radar. The phone handles it well. Tons of other weather apps all running in back ground. If you want a phone that works well on all networks. This one is a keeper. Also it’s only one sim card slot. I was hoping for dual Sim card.Update 8-16-2022 Samsung did update on OS. Dual sim card now work with SIM card manger app. Now you can switch services without rebooting phone. When one network is unavailable just switch and within seconds your on a line.Updated, 9-17-2022 On Visible wireless service, I just joined a party and lowered my cost to $25.00 a month Unlimited. Hurry up they are going to stop the party soon. Also just learned that the ATT service is part of the NSA and all ATT and Comcast services are routed into the NSA calls texts internet we are being spied on all the time. Learn more on this , see YouTube, the Why File. He has some good stuff there that make you wonder is the government working for us or for there own benefit.

  3. superschöne Handyhülle, sehr hübsches Gelb,absolut empfehlenswert

  4. Fast delivery, quality is really good. Item as described. Happy with purchase.

  5. liked: received the phone quickly. Was packaged and shipped safely. Didn’t have to worry about breakage. Easy to transfer my old phones info and works well with my Verizon accountDisliked. The touchscreen is ultra sensitive to the point it is difficult to type with any speed without it changing from letters to symbols to numbers in the middle of the word or sentence. I have issues with it trying to default to Samsung apps (such as calendar) when I use a different calender app, so I get repetitive notifications. I remove the unwanted apps when I can and try to disconnect the others but everything the system updates the Samsung apps become the primary app.

  6. I had purchased the same phone for my husband a couple of months ago and recently replaced my Galaxy S10 Note with the Samsung A13 LTE. While it is a good quality phone I do think that it runs a little slower than my old phone. Only the first day so will have to keep tweaking to get all the settings I like but so far so good! UPDATE: Would buy the 5g model if I could. A little more money but can add devices more easily.

  7. Thought these were so delicate and pretty phone cases, and indeed they are! Phone feels slim with this on, which was what I was looking for! I actually wanted the purpley one, but as I said so pretty I didn't mind the grey one! Item arrived safely and packaged well, looks as it does in the image used! Would recommend as great value too!

  8. Considering the price, the phone is very good value. And as a whole I’m satisfied with the product. Keep in mind this is a budget line phone.The camera is fine, but won’t compare with some of the flagship phones. To me the biggest shortcoming is that the wi-fi distance on this phone is a tad bit shorter than I would like. My old phone had better range and it was nothing special. That’s something Samsung should not have skimped out on.Otherwise, though, the battery is very good. Gaming seems to perform well (though I didn’t try any graphically robust games). Appreciate the aux port as sometimes I do like to plug in my really good headphones as opposed to my bluetooth earbuds depending on what I’m doing. Vibration is strong enough, but I do miss having a little light somewhere on the phone to let you know if you have a text or notification that you didn’t notice. That’s something expensive phones forget too though sometimes. It’s useful to have and I feel phone manufacturers should consider that convenience.All things considered, good price for this kind of product.

  9. i loved that i replaced this with a upgraded version of my 3 year old samsung android with half the memory. i now have 64 gb not 32 gb This upgraded version has so so many more very very user friendly new items ,and i am not a techy person, but its easy to play around with it and get to use great new featureswho needs a $1,000.000 apple i phone when you can get the same 100%plus features with this phone for $199.00 or less on sale love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Good condition but not what I wanted

  11. I love this case! It's super cute, lightweight and I've had loads of compliments on it. The only thing I would say is that it isn't as clear as on the picture and is slightly grey on the background, however, this wasn't an issue for me

  12. I bought this phone to replace a ulefone note9p which stopped charging one day. I have MetroPCS as my carrier and was easy to transfer my apps and contacts to new phone 📱with no problems. Heavens it did it right the first time. Comes with finger print and face recognition but I don’t use that. I only use pin.Good unlocked phone 📱. MetroPCS tried to charge me an activation fee of $15 to use my Sim in this new phone 📱. I had paid $50 for unlimited everything for the month and told them I wasn’t going to pay extra for an activation fee when I had 3 days earlier bought the plan. Didn’t need to activate a Sim I already had working in a previous phone.Don’t let your provider do stupid things like that. Overall I am pleased with the phone 📱.Had to scratch off the screen to use the phone.Instead of a plastic piece over the screen was kinda like having a scratch ticket 🎟. But for the price I would have bought the $178 Samsung A22 but only needed to spend $159 for this model. Holds a decent charge and does everything I need it to. I have optimum internet for Wi-Fi and isn’t much different than 4g speed. Internet is 5g. I am very pleased purchase and would buy again.

  13. Be aware~ with iPhone 8+ and maybe other models, one needs to disable the Messages and Facetime apps BEFORE you take your service-provider SIM card out to transfer it or you might not be able to receive or transmit texts to your new phone. The texts will keep going to your old phone even after you put the SIM from your iPhone into your new phone. Damn Apple. I had to reinsert my teensy tiny SIM back into my iPhone to do this. What a pain! Go to your phones’ websites and read up about what to do when you buy or sell or trade-in your phones. Also, I think the SIM didn’t work right for the first 24 hours after I moved it from Apple to Droid. Probably some processing involved.So far so good with this Galaxy A13. Took me some fussing to get it going, but hey, I’m old, everything takes longer. The Galaxy was nicely packaged and came with a charger and cable. I’m amused that it came with a link to a Tehran radio station.Yayyy, now I can load my phone with my own weird music files that you can’t find on Spotify, etc.~live recordings of friends’ bands, for example.

  14. The phone is not bad it does the job. It takes good pictures. The calls are clear and has a Lot of good functions.

  15. This phone says it supports 4G LTE but it’s doesn’t its only a 2G phone. This phone sucks only can use WiFi with it.

  16. Great quality item, my phone is black but I just put some printer paper in the back and it fixed the issue 🙂 fit my phone perfectly and suited the model well, and it's a good quality case as well!

  17. Prior owner’s name appears when getting incoming calls..

  18. This is the first time I purchased a mid-range phone instead of a high-end model and I’m surprised how capable the A53 is. The screen is excellent, bright and vibrant and the battery life is amazing. I’m not a power user and I don’t game on the phone so it’s mostly used for texting, surfing and you know…phone calls. And it’s been a solid phone. Occasionally, you’ll see some lag moving from app to app. I turned off the screen animations and that stopped most of the lag. But for only $400? It’s a really nice phone. I don’t think I’ll ever buy another high-end phone. This phone does everything I need it to do. The photos look good and it’s fast enough for me. And Samsung will support it for years. Buy it.Now about Amazon’s trade-in policy…in a word…it sucks. I traded an S8 for $25. The phone was always in a case with a screen protector. For a 5 year old phone it still worked and the screen was in perfect condition, no scratches and not cracked. However, Amazon lowered the trade-in value to $11. WHAT THE @#$%. They said it was reduced because the screen was cracked (it wasn’t). So either the inspector is lying, the inspector dropped the phone, or the inspector reviewed the wrong phone. And there’s no recourse. After two chat sessions and two phone calls, not one person understood the problem. And they couldn’t refer me to whomever reviews the trade-ins.If you’re considering trading an item to Amazon, trader beware. They may short-change you, and if they do, you’ll have no avenue to dispute the trade value.

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    Fredric G. Rubenstein February 6, 2023 at 00:00

    Switched from Verizon to Xfinity Mobile (YES! Considerable savings for same service). Tried the Motorola Stylus 5g 2022 and was disappointed in its performance. I add seen the A53 advertised many times. And, as I could buy via Amazon with Free Return protection, figured I’d give it a shot.Bottom line: it does what it says it will do. Listen, I’m here to make calls, read/write emails and text messages. The camera is good – if I want a major league camera, I have my Nikon SLR in my study. I do not watch movies on a small screen, etc. I have an 75″ television with home theater sound to do that.It’s a device that is right for the average Jane and Joe – – and you don’t have to pay a ridiculously high price to own it.Straight Ahead!

  20. Bought this phone for Husband why? I love my phone and he definitely loves this one. He had a S10 before . Phone arrived promptly and was like new out of box. Took it to Verizon had them transfer everything and activate to account, no problems except wouldn’t transfer all contacts, did manually he doesn’t have many anyhow. Needed to teach him how to navigate, but he’s getting it. So far so good hoping phone holds up, first used one I have ever bought ,wish I had done mine that way. Price was reasonable ,graphic and camera are acceptable.Battery could be longer but he spends a lot of time on games so he has to recharge everyday. Think it would last for few days otherwise. Oh didn’t come with charger but his old charger works fine or mine lightning charger fits also.Have had the phone for a couple of months.

  21. Fue muy cuidadoso al poner la cajita las cámaras lo están viendo

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