Quick Weave Bob with Jagged Bangs

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  1. I recently shaved my head to give my natural hair time to grow back healthy. I just wanted a cute wig to wear for any awkward growth stages. This wig was supposed to be 10” but it’s really long. It goes past my shoulders. It’s soft and I believe it is real human hair, so that’s nice. But the wig cap is SO BIG. Even on the smallest setting, it’s like my head is swimming in it. It’s lumpy and just unattractive with all that extra space. The sides of the wig cap have protruding pieces that go over my ears and it’s so awkward. I have costume wigs that fit better. I wish this wig fit like my costume wigs and then it would be perfect because the hair is lovely. I’m pretty sure I’m going to return it. It’s just way too big and clunky and heavy. And the pictures advertised isn’t exactly what you get.

  2. I have had a very hard time finding good wigs on Amazon and this one is pretty good. Most wigs have the hairline fall all at once so it’s obvious it isn’t actually your hair but this one wasnt and it hung well to my face without any pinning. It’s soft and thick enough if you move a lot it won’t instantly show. It’s definitely a more vibrant blue than turquoise, which is a bit disappointing but at least it has vibrant color. I would definitely recommend this wig for casual use.

  3. Nice quality easy to wear. Low maintenance. Only issue is naps towards the ends. Drys fast but will get frizzy without oil. Wore 3 times a week and never had to flat iron it.

  4. You really get more than you pay for with this wig. I just received this unit so I have not done anything to it, just tried it on and it’s not bad. The hair looks natural and a good find for what it cost. It has a natural looking part and lays flat on my head dispute my fat cornrows. I can’t really leave a full review because I haven’t worn it yet but so far I like it. Better so far than the other ones I bought for more money.

  5. i love this wig its soft

  6. Perfect wig for when I want to have hair (lost mine to chemo). The waves on this wig look a lot like my natural waves. The only thing I don’t like is that I feel that the part doesn’t look very natural. But to solve that, I just wear hats with it! Just makes me feel a little more normal until my own hair grows back! If you’re looking for something on a budget I highly recommend it!

  7. Really cute and plain Jane hair.,

  8. It was cute, but too synthetic- stringy, dry, hard and sheds.

  9. Let’s just say go buy it off top, perfect get up and go wig, I took it out the bag did a little flatiron and I was ready to go, it’s not thick nor is it too thin its perfect, mines didn’t have the hump at the top that I see some people say, don’t wait go get you a under $60 wig can’t bet it and it’s super soft.

  10. Actually looks and feels really good. Was expecting it to be like Barbie hair but is softer and doesn’t tangle as bad as barbie hair. Able to brush it out easily. Got ALOT of compliments on this wig. I wore it for an alien Halloween costume at work and every one loved it and wanted to try it on. I have a big head but still stayed on well and looked pretty natural.

  11. Very nice. You must trim it. However, if you mess the trim up it can be shaped into another style with no problem. Definitely full of versatility! I like!

  12. The wig is extremely gorgeous, but you CAN tell it’s a wig from the top. I purchased this to wear with a beenie, and thank goodness I did. I don’t think you can wear this without some type of head covering, but it does turn heads. So pretty!

  13. Very very thin I almost want to send it back but but it is soft an for the price I guess it’s far .it looks ok

  14. This hair is a dream come true. This hair is soft, curly, beautiful totally worth the money I purchased the black hair as well as the red. I didn’t feel like coloring my hair so this was perfect. I wore my black hair for a grown and sexy party and my red hair for an 80’s BMF theme birthday party. I love hair with curls and volume. The bangs and girls gave me life. You can also cut and shape the hair to your liking. This hair didn’t she’s either ❤️. I recommend this hair to everyone. Purchase this hair today

  15. the wig is soft and super bouncy the curls are big. I love it

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