Ponytail Hairstyle with Weave

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  1. Really cute drawstring ponytail. Just put ur hair in a bun, attach the pony and go❗️+++the hair feels really nice a lot like my natural hair texture

  2. Super realistic and soft, colour match was perfect.

  3. Loved it sm 😍😍, the definition is really good n was easy to put in once i knew how 2 do it lol

  4. Love this puff! Replaced all my synthetic puffs

  5. Purchased and followed the instructions from the Youtube video. I cannot wait to rock it! Bought another kind shortly after.

  6. I wanted an Afro kinky hair puff, which Seller sold in her store. Messaged Seller that I wanted to create the same style as the model, a high Afro puff. Received different item (ponytail) than advertised. Contacted Seller and was instructed to wet and condition the hair. Hair wouldn't shrink and hung down instead of puffing up. Reminded Seller of what I expected to receive. Seller quick to inform me that she was not a mind reader. She was more concerned about being right than making this right, and insisted that I should have known the different hair pattern and curl types. Seller was informed before purchase, that I wanted to create the same style that was posted, and this style required kinky coily hair instead of a looser hair pattern. I had hoped of purchasing other hair pieces from this Seller, based on her good reviews.

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