Long Voluminous Curls

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  1. ***Update… I was contacted several months after I left the original review. I was surprised they contacted me but I was glad they did. They honored the warranty – it was some back and forth with the customer service rep but she did a good job and they did send me a replacement. Other than my original issue the unit is good.. I would recommend making sure you have the serial number on the unit in case you need it *** Original review – First I will say between the base and the barrel my husband spent $185 for this gift for me. . I never had any issues until the first time I forgot to shut it off. When I got to work I realized I forgot to turn it off but since it had the auto shut off I wasn’t worried until I went to curl my hair the next morning and realized my curling iron was still on. I contacted T3 regarding the issue. The first time I called the representative told me the base did not have auto shut off. I dug out my box and it clearly stated it had auto shut off. I called back and spoke to someone else. They approved the claim and told me to take a photo of the base with the cord cut showing the serial number on the base. I did not have a sticker on the base – I did however, still have the box with the serial number. Luckily, I was smart enough not to cut the cord until they confirmed that they would replace the base that does not turn off if accidentally left on with the documentation I had. They said because the serial number sticker was not on the base (even though I had the box and proof of purchase from Amazon) they would not cover it. I am a grown adult and would not have removed a sticker with a serial number on it. The separate barrel we purchased has the serial number sticker, so clearly when it was sent to me it did not have a sticker attached. And why would I even think to look for a serial number sticker to confirm it had one on the base when I opened it? When I received it, I opened it and started using it. So now, I have a $100 base that has a safety feature that is faulty (within the warranty time frame) and it doesn’t turn off by itself as it should. This is a SAFETY issue. I typically remember to shut it off, and have only had this one time I forgot in the year I have owned it. I feel that since the feature did not work, they needed to repair it or replace it under the 2 year warranty. But obviously due to a missing sticker it will not be covered for a SAFETY feature issue, even with the box and receipt from Amazon. So my advice, check to see if your sticker is attached and check to see if your auto shut off works. Or think twice before purchasing because what else won’t be covered under the warranty as it should be. I don’t want anyone else to get cheated out of their warranty as I was for such an expensive item where a potential fire could occur. I thought my husband was nuts spending this much money for a curling iron. I guess it really wasn’t worth it.

  2. I loved the idea of this wand, and actually just love it in general for curling my hair, but I found that if you curl each piece of hair individually by wrapping tightly around wand (which is how i did it on my previous wand) It doesn’t work well at all. curls come out super tight and are hard to remove from the iron…resulting in the burning of 1, my hair, 2 my fingers, 3 my ear, 4…i even burnt some hair because it got so stuck around those sharp edges! So THE TRICK I HAVE FOUND, is to take a large section of hair (I divide mine into 6) and wrap a section LOOSELY around the wand. This results in a much more natural looking curl, and can be shaken out well to make it a beachy look. So, first impression, i hated it. 2nd, with a little more technique involved, it can be a great wand. the curls really do last several days! I can curl after my shower and go 3 days until the next scheduled hair wash. Great product, once you know how to use!

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    PrincessMermaid93 April 29, 2021 at 00:00

    This is perfect for my Megara cosplay!


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    Amazon Customer May 3, 2022 at 00:00

    I didn’t know how to curl my hair and this wand made it so easy! The perfect size and heats up quickly. It is AMAZING! I have boughten it for all of my friends because they borrow mine so much!

  6. Doesn’t hold curls as well as the hero but really great volume curls brushed out beach waves, easy to use and way better than a round barrel would be!

  7. Makes my hair smooth. Doesn’t pull at my hair or get stuck in the clamp. Large clamp for your fingers. Works well, just curls don’t last as long as my other ones.

  8. Ok I loved the outcome but just know that this product can be very uncomfortable to sleep in. I put the clip to hold it in place while I wrapped my hair but when done I felt like if I took the clip out it was not going to stay in and the long piece I wrapped my hair around was not staying put. And the clip on top of your head hurts so I could not leave that on long. So I ended up taking the clip out and just wrapping a soft headband around my head to hold everything in place. I did not sleep well. Trying to lay in a way to keep the hair wrap in was super uncomfortable for me. But I guess the results in the morning made up for my awful sleep though as my curls were smooth and exactly what I wanted. I recommend this product if you can handle it.

  9. Love this and my teens have used it everyday since christmas. next day needs a curl or two touch up but this is amazing. Looks supper natural

  10. Easy to use great temp control. Will get better results the more I use it. Love the results

  11. Bought it as a gift for my daughter who has Long, Thick hair. This tool worked perfectly ~

  12. My favorite wand thus far.

  13. I am a professional hair and make up artist in New York and this is my absolute favorite curling iron because I can change out the barrel sizes and not have to carry around multiple irons. This heats up so fast and gets so hot so I would suggest leaving it on three or less dots but my clients swear this curling iron holds their curls far longer than usual. The cord is also super long but light.

  14. This came in used, opened box ( the tape was not sealed and the cord was just unwrapped and thrown in the box🥺. But I did try it on my hair and it gives really tight curls. I have medium length hair and I think it will be great.

  15. It makes beautiful curls

  16. I haven’t QUITE got the hang of it but I think I’m getting there. It’s taking some trial and error and watching a lot of tutorials. There is a technique to it. They make it look quite a bit easier to use than it is but that’s pretty typical of these hair tools. Over all I’m pleased as it was inexpensive, has held up to my experimenting and my cats thinking it’s a toy. It also came with a pink claw clip 2 satin scrunchies and a little floral hairband. The box was nice too. Pretty good value and a good option if you just don’t feel like blow drying. I use Paul Frieda sleek and shine on my damp hair, part it in the middle. My curtain bangs look best if I put them in a roller. If I wrap them around the item I don’t like how it comes out very flat but with a wave in it. I fasten it to the top gently with the claw clip and then I think it looks best on my hair if I section the length into only 2 sections per side and then BRAID them around. Something about having the twists go in opposite directions make it come out nicer imo.If you are easily frustrated skip it, if you find these things fun to work out like me, go for it.

  17. Thanks for this order. Great service!

  18. It works well, but the clip that is included, meant to be used to hold the giant roller in the center of your head while you wrap your hair, doesn’t hold/grip. My 13 year old became very frustrated, as she can do this perfectly without any clip, using a pair of leggings, but this satin rod shape won’t stay put. It took another set of hands to hold the satin rod at the top of her head while she wrapped hair on each side. That being said, it delivered nice results and the head wrap was a nice bonus for sleeping and keeping everything smooth and in place. The kit has everything you need to get started, but it’s definitely not as easy to use as a pair of leggings or a robe belt, but sure is a lot cuter! Just keep that in mind.

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