Curly Quick Weave Hairstyle

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    ALLISON L VAN DER VEER February 6, 2022 at 00:00

    Bought this for my wedding 'do but I know I'll be wearing it after that! Very cute, fast delivery.

  2. Beautiful color and curls are nice. 8 just wish it had a softer feeling after I fluffed it out. I cut n shaped it easil, it styled nicely. Delivery was fast. I don’t want y’all to sleep on the hair… I just want it softer but no guy has complained. It’s me I guess. Give it a try n I will again if I don’t find a softer feel.

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    Carolyn jefferies May 27, 2022 at 00:00

    I purchased this hair for a photo shoot and thought it would look close to my natural hair texture…it was easy to install but I would recommend buying two packs to make sure your hair is full. Cutting it to the style I wanted took a little more work but I was able to obtain the tapered look I wanted. After a week or two it started itching my scalp and I had to remove it. I would definitely buy it again and recommend it to my friends…I would suggest treating the hair prior to install with a leave in conditioner to prevent scalp itching. The color was great.

  4. The media could not be loaded.  I love it I would use it again but due to customer service I wouldn’t buy…..if u tryna get a bouncier look I suggest flexy rods 🥰 beware that the sellers will literally bug u and try n convince you to do a review with a video and offer to send u more hair… they will even let you pick the hair …yes they sent hair but not what they told me they were sending..they will send you free hair that absolutely nobody would want nor can they do anything with and after u leave the review they ghost you. Evern begged me to change my 4stars to 5 n I had to explain I’m a honest reviewer n the hair is not 100% human. It was frustrating but the hair is fine …I tried putting heat in it n that didn’t wrk out so no it’s not Brazilian however it’s ok for a quickweave.

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    Adyir Business Solutions LLC August 14, 2022 at 00:00

    The hair is very nice. Very good product. The package should have had a total of 6 – 7 packs instead of 3 packs. I had to purchase 3 packs of hair of a different brand to get the desired result. Could have been better with the same brand of hair.

  6. I didn’t like that the closure. The texture was course and no curl pattern was dull also. I will have to make my own. The rest was wonderful, will buy again.

  7. My hair came really quickly, which made it easy for me to get my install. I’m still wearing it and it looks beautiful. Very full, which is the only way to be.

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