Best solar panels

Best solar panels

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  1. I brought this Bluetti Solar generator EG70S after reviewing the customer’s comments and they are right. We have had some blackouts in our area this past year and I was ready to invest in a solar generator, so when the prime days came up, I did. The results are awesome, the generator does not drain right away and it charges up really quick. I really like the way it delivers inside the house to power up equipment without the noise and it is great for camping.

  2. Renogy has always provided a quality (albeit pricey) product line and I have been a loyal customer for many years. A recently ordered kit arrived well packaged and undamaged but missing a minor 2-foot cable. It appears Renogy has gone to the dark side and outsourced their customer service to a third-party offshore vendor. Trying to get a replacement for this missing item (less than 10-dollars in value out of 1400-dollar kit) has been onerous to say the least. The list of reputable solar suppliers with excellent product and customer support is growing, but Renogy no longer seems to be on that list.

  3. I’m getting 75 watts out of the panel. This is my first portable solar panel but I’m impressed with the output.

  4. I like it!, charges my power block very well (own MPPT controller built in). Tried it on a 12V deep cycle boat battery and it is charging but the MPPT controller that comes with it only shows voltage no current info, so I can’t tell if it will take days oe over a week to charge the battery

  5. I purchased this solar panel 1 year ago and I have been very pleased with it. I use it camping with my overlanding trailer and keeps the batteries charged up as well as running the 12 volt ice chest.I would definitely buy it again.

  6. I use this for camping to power an electric fridge primarily. Plug it into the AC in the bed while driving and plug the fridge into the DC 12 volt. At camp use the Bluetti 200-watt panel on top of the roof rack to power it.Cons: I don’t like that the AC brick fan is always on instead of just when needed. Display should have the ACTUAL percentage of power left instead of 5 bars representing 20% ranges. If for some reason you’re on the last 20% bar you have no idea how long it will last.

  7. I wired the panel in parellel with my 120 watt suitcase panel and it charged my lithium camper battery to full charge on a few hours even with a 20 ft extension on charging wire. I like the lightness and the fact the panels fold inward so that the panels are protected when stored. I constructed a prop out of PVC but found it trouble storing it and moving it to keep a good angle to the sun. So after a while I just laid the panel flat on the ground in the sun. Much easier to move and it still was giving me a good charge. I only regret buying the other one because of the weight. So far I like it. I do have a small generator for cloudy days to keep my 12 volt Domatic RV refrigerator cold.

  8. The media could not be loaded.  This is a solid 100 W solar panels to get if you are looking to have something on the go or even in an emergency. The first thing I will say is that this is a strong set of solar panels. They are not flexible or flimsy. It is a solid piece. It does not have any USB ports to charge usb devices so be aware of that. This is a device that is meant more for charging power stations. Be aware that if you have multiple devices plugged into this, it will only pull 100W total so it will slow the charge down if you happen to plug in too many devices. I would recommend plugging in one device at full power to decrease charging time. It has three panels and can produce up to 100 W given there is direct sunlight. All three must be in direct sunlight to give you 100 W of power. It can still produce some energy on a cloudy day but not as much so be aware of that, but it is not impossible to use on cloudy day. I definitely would not leave this in the rain. You could use this at your window. This one actually does work through glass compared to other panels. I tried my power station which charges pretty well. It got about 60% on a full day in the sun. I could use that device for night time use which is great for saving power. I just leave the panels out during the day and it gives me a full batter by the end of the day. It is a great way to cut down a little bit on electricity plug in. It is definitely heavy considering the material. The cables are easily tucked away in the pouch. It does have a good length to it so you can reach your device. I opt to put the battery under the solar panel to keep it from extra heat. It can be collapsed and secured for easy transport. You could even keep this in your car for emergency you would also need to keep some kind of battery with it as there are no USB ports. Be aware that leaving this in the sun does cause it to get a big hot so careful when handling this after. Also make sure to clean off your panels after every use. Dust and such do get on it which can hinder charging. To avoid this, I normally just fold it up once the sun goes down and that way it is cooled and cleaned. The stitching around the panel has held. The only issue I have is that the ribbon that is keeping the stand from going too far from the panel is not very well stitched on. I can see it fraying in the future which worries me. The legs that you can extend to hold the panel up. Honestly the legs not bad but again the ribbon stitching is flimsy. It is not hard to tuck the ribbons back in when you collapse it. When you fold the panels they are just held to the panel via velcro and a ribbon which I feel could be easily broken. The panels do have handles on them as well so you are able to easily carry this around and there are two latches to hold the panels together. The zipper is pretty strong and you could technically store a few things you want to charge inside. You do not have to press anything when using this device. It will automatically start working in the presence of light and is charging something. Another thing I would say is that this is great for those long camping trips where you need a bit of power. This device only charges certain plug batteries and not USB devices. Also be aware that the more devices you have plugged in the less power you will get per device. It is just how it is. It does come with the necessary AC cable with adapter but again be aware each charger may use a different output and may not work. Overall this is a great solar panel to have and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to find an alternative and energy efficient way of charging their devices. It has pretty high wattage which makes it ideal for charging bigger devices and charging them efficiently.

  9. I bought Bluetti EB70 with 200W solar panels for $1068 minus $120 coupon. Panels arrived 1sr and I didn’t open box. When solar generator arrived I opened both boxes. The solar generator was perfect, but the solar panels had a broken handle on it. I was less than happy after spending all that money. I reviewed the experience on Amazon. I was surprised to get an email from Sarah from Bluetti asking how she could make me happy. She offered me some cash or I could return it for a new panel. I had a trip scheduled so didn’t want to send panels back but the cash seemed kind of low so I asked for more money. Again I was surprised when she got back to me and offered the amount of the refund to be what I had been thinking. Honestly the initial amount would have covered getting the panels fixed with lots left over. Sarah was great! Got back to me every day and this was solved in 3 emails. I tried calling Bluetti and was put on hold 3 times for more than 15 minutes each time, only to be transferred to a voice mail that literally begged for customer patience as they wee terribly busy. The the mailbox was full!Definitely contact seller through Amazon for any problems and hopefully you’ll get Sarah!

  10. These high powered solar panels are portable and powerful. They can deliver up to 100 watts of power, and even from unboxing them I was measuring power already being delivered. Since the panels are so large, and include a kick stand to get the perfect angle, it is easier to increase the efficiency of the solar energy collection by aiming them directly at the sun.The packaging is strong and high quality, the item arrived double boxed and there is cushion padding around both the solar panels (folded) as well as inside the cable pocket. Make sure to remove the padding from inside the cable pocket. There are three connectors, that can be connected to various batteries and devices. The panels are sturdy and include convenient carrying handles. They fold up to be very space efficient, great for storing under a bed and using in case of an emergency.These panels output enough power to charge up hefty battery packs, that will make longer term living off-the-grid much more feasible. The build quality is excellent and I really like the style, they are attractive looking with the gray fabric rear, and the front is orange to help them stand out and avoid hitting them while they are actively in use gathering power.As long as you have enough food and water, these foldable solar panels will surely offer plenty of power while out in the wilderness, or in the event of an extended power failure at home from a natural disaster or power grid failure. The panels are nicely paired with one or more power packs that can be charged up. Devices can be plugged into a battery pack once you have charged it up from these panels with sunlight. The sheer size and power capacity of these panels truly sets them apart, and can help maintain larger devices such as laptops and several phones or tablets, charged up sequentially.

  11. Cons: Expensive! Definitely paying a premium for these.Despite flexibility just as easy to break as any other cell.Look at them wrong and they break.

  12. Packaging arrived with no cells broken.Some cells had blemishes and scratches but that did not affect performance (in some cases higher performance)Keep in mind that measuring Isc of a cell directly from the pads using conventional multimeter is tricky, and you won’t get correct readings unless you have wire Leads that soldered correctly to the pads.Watch all videos on YouTube before soldering, it’s not just any pad to solder on and you might short things out.

  13. Works great and has keep my batteries charged ever since solar panels were installed. Without solar system the batteries would not start the motorhome in 2-3 days of not starting engine.

  14. I’m extremely happy with these and I will absolutely buy more in the future! These are exactly as described! Thanks! 10/10!

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